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Chapter 28: New Problem.

That same blaring alarm of his had woken her up for 3 weeks now. He reckoned it was a new record. 3 weeks, 15 school days. Impressive. He stared at the 21 day old shiny alarm clock nodding in approval, maybe this clock was the one.

"Ughh…" she groaned turning the pillow over her head again, as each annoying shrill of the machine threatened to steal away her precious connection with this bed.

"Hey sleepy head," he said nudging her head with a coffee mug. He received another tired moan in reply. "You want coffee?" he asked her with a knowing smile, he'd long since perfected the art of waking her up. Beck shook the cup slightly, letting the aroma fill the room. No response. He grinned again, he could tell she was trying not to be tempted, but that would last oh, say another 7 seconds. 6, 5 she stirred, 4, she sat up, 3 she turned to glare at Beck, 2 she huffed, 1.

"Gimme that cup," she growled.

He just laughed eliciting yet another complaint from her girlfriend, but gave her the coffee anyways.

"You have 10 minutes," he informed her throwing her jacket on the bed, "And it's cold out."

"Mmmm," was all she said, still huddled in the blanket, clutching the mug with both hands.

"JadeJadeJadeJade!" Cat called out bounding down the school stairs to the school locker area.

"What?" she answered irritably, closing her locker as she did so.

"You're late again!" she scolded.

"I don't care."

"Guess what we did!" she yelled anyways.

"Sikowitz made you all speak like French people."

"Nope! We did accents!" she enthused.

Jade just looked at her for a long moment before conceding to her logic. Cat giggled.

"Coffee's here," Beck announced, slipping an arm around his girlfriend.

"Thank God," she said taking the cup. It was already her third cup today, but hey, too much coffee could never be a bad thing.

"Come on Jade! I want to show you this new app I got!" Cat grabbed her hand pulling her away from Beck.

"Show Robbie!" Jade tried, but Cat already had her mind set. She turned to give Beck a 'help me now!' look but he just shrugged helplessly. Honestly, what a hopeless boyfriend she had.

It'd been 3 months and 3 weeks since she last contacted anyone with the last name West. As far as she was concerned she didn't have a father or a mother. Only a distant younger brother she occasionally met up with for ice-cream. Secret meetings that neither West parents knew about. She never grieved much over the loss of love in her family, not after that day in the pool with Beck.

She had Beck. She had Cat and Andre and to a certain extent I guess Robbie was her friend too. Even her relationship with Tori was slowly healing. After she'd apologized and chiz of course. She'd long gotten over her crush with Beck too.

Things were sorted and normal. At least as normal as could be in Hollywood Arts. They still went on crazy adventures, did stupid things, and took on worthless bets with their favourite teacher.

Jade now lived permanently in that small RV. But neither one complained, and Cat always welcomed her to her house if she wanted to come. She'd bought enough clothes to make up for the ones she left behind in that house. There was practically nothing left for her there, and she wouldn't go back, not ever.

They had stayed away as well, no more texts or calls from her mother, no response for parent teacher meetings, no nothing. But it was okay. She was completely fine without them.

Things were supposed to be good from now on. No more worries, no more thick layers of foundation and concealers. Fights about her safety and his over protectiveness was gone. Arguments because of her jealousy and possessiveness were back, rocks were thrown, coffee was splashed, time outs were given and heavy make-out makeup had ensued in the janitor's room.

Yet things hardly ever went as they should in Hollywood Arts.

"What the hell is happening around here?" Jade yelled throwing her bag on the table and stamping her foot on the seat. Between her furious eyes, and her tightly clenched fist, the whole lunch table shut up. She waited a few seconds and with no response she slammed her hand down. "Don't try to act stupid, people have been staring and whispering at me the whole day. Don't. Deny. It." She turned to Robbie when he opened his mouth. He shut it abruptly. She looked around the table, glaring at each of them in turn and watching as they squirmed and avoided her gaze. She got fed up. "TELL ME!" she yelled, grabbing the André by his collar.

He almost squeaked as he dropped his phone on the table.

"Babe, babe calm down!" exclaimed Beck who'd finally reached Asphalt café, but it was too late, Jade had already snatched the phone scrolling through his recent messages, clicking on the link that had been sent to him, that had been sent to everyone in Hollywood Arts through a mass text. A link to an article recently published.

Her hand shook as she read the headline:

Judge George J. West Found to Be In Possession of Controlled Drugs

The article that followed went on about how they'd found the drugs in his house, his arrestment as well as the date of his court hearing. It then went on about how shameful it was for a judge to be violating such laws, especially such a well known reputable one that he was.

She skimmed through most of it, skipping minor details, and when she reached the end she calmly placed the phone back on the table, straightened up, took her bag and walked away, her shoulder brushing past Beck's as she did so.

He turned to spare an exasperated look at André before following her back into the building.

"Jade?" he stopped her in a empty corridor.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" she seethed. His eyebrows went up in shock. Sure Jade got mad a lot, but never at her father. Now though she was so mad that her fingers shook. He took them in his. "Does he know what this means for me? For my brother? He's even getting a court hearing!" Her eyes widened suddenly in realization. "If he's arrested… where's the money going to come from?" she turned to Beck. "My mother doesn't work. My brother's still in 2nd grade! This school isn't free either. The house. Electricity bills, water bills, taxes." She was breaking down.

"Jade," he started. She'd started pacing at this point.

"Beck, what am I going to do? I can't just camp at your place forever. University needs money too, I'll have to get a job or something. My mother will too, but can she even lower her own pride to actually find one? No, she'll have to. She has to. Oh my God what's wrong with him? Why is he doing this to everyone?"

"Jade," this time he placed a hand on her cheek, and she looked up finally. "We'll figure something out."

"There's no time! The hearing is next week! Everything the West family owns is listed under his name! We'll lose everything!" she hissed.

"Then your mother can do something about it! Get him a lawyer or something, you've got to have insurance or some shit." Beck countered.

"And how long will that last huh Beck? Did you read that article? If they find proof that those drugs are his he could be in jail for more than 20 years! That's how much friggin cocaine he had!" She snapped back.

"Jade you-"

"Wait, wait, wait… Beck!" she interrupted suddenly, like an idea had hit her.

"What?" he asked watching as she processed her thoughts.

"They need proof that this drug was his…"

"Yeah I got that," he nodded wondering where she was going with this. She hesitated.

"What if they weren't his?"

"What do you mean?" He asked his eyes narrowing, she couldn't possibly be implying that…

"I mean…" she took a deep breath gathering the courage to say what would no doubt piss her boyfriend to hell, "What if I told the court that those drugs were mine?"

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