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Emmett and Rose were hunting near Forks. It had been over one-and-a-half years since Edward forced them to leave.

They weren't even allowed to say goodbye to Bella. That was especially hard for Emmett, Esme and Carlisle. Surprisingly Alice had absolutely no problem with it.

Three month after they left Bella, the Cullens found out that Edward and Alice had an affair. Everyone was shocked and hurt. But mostly they were angry since this affair had been going on for a couple of years now. Which means that they just played Bella and put her through all of that trouble for fun.

They were also very shocked when Carlisle simply kicked Edward and Alice out and took the family crests from them, saying they weren't worthy of the name Cullen.

It had hurt him to do so, yes, but he couldn't forgive them that they did all of that to their family and someone as innocent as Bella.

She was like a daughter to him. A daughter, he lost because these two idiots got tired of her as Emmett had put it.

So all in all, they lost three family members in a couple of months.

Alice had seen the paper cut at Bella's birthday and she had told Edward. They decided not to interfere. It was the perfect opportunity to get rid of that pathetic human. Either Jasper would kill her or – if she somehow survived – Edward would tell the family that it would be too dangerous for Bella if they stayed. Jasper would be the bad man both ways and no one would think Edward and Alice had something to do with it. In the end Edward had to interfere because it would have been very strange if he didn't.

Their plan went perfectly fine until Rose and Esme found them making out.

According to Jasper, neither of them regretted anything. They left the next morning and nobody had heard anything from them ever since.

The rest of the family, meaning Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Rosalie stayed with the Denali-Coven for a while and moved to Dublin about two months ago. Well, actually they moved into a big, old, beautiful house in the forest just outside of Dublin.

Rose, Emmett and Jasper (who was now officially divorced) were going to college, Carlisle was working in the local hospital and Esme was an interior designer.

They, of course, thought about going back to Forks and Bella but decided against it because

a): the town people would ask questions and get suspicious about their reason for moving and the whereabouts of Edward and Alice

and b): Edward had been right in one point. Bella was probably better off without them and the danger they brought with them. They had put her through enough already.

So, why were Rosalie and Emmett in Forks?

Well, there had been a problem with the house and they were to take care of it.

They stilled their thirst and went to the meeting with the estate agent.

After the problem was solved (which could have been done over phone or via e-mail, by the way), Rosalies mood had been really down. All she wanted was to be back home with her family. It wasn't easy to be in Forks for her, as well. She may not have showed it that much, okay she hadn't showed it at all, but she liked, loved even, Bella just as much as the others. She just has a hard time to let someone in and now she really felt bad for the way she acted towards her.

The thought of checking on Bella was very tempting but they knew that their appearance would very likely do more damage than good. They didn't want to hurt her any more and they also had no idea if Bella was still in Forks. High-school should be over now and she was probably at college somewhere sunny and warm.

So the two vampires made their way back to the airport while using a shortcut that let them over the cemetery of Forks.

While they passed the graves (in human-speed in case someone with a beating heart was around), Emmett saw a relatively fresh grave, four to five weeks old. In front of the grave was a picture frame with a photo in it. On this photo was someone, he hadn't seen in one-and-a-half years and his heart would have stopped, would it still be beating.

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