"I'm telling you he is back on the demon blood!" Dean exclaimed with a throw of his hands as he paced the most recent motel room the Winchester brothers were staying at.

"He is not drinking demon blood Dean." Castiel calmly replied.

Dean swerved dramatically towards the Angel with a look of pure disbelief. "Oh come on Cas what else could it be. He is out all night, he is always off in some sort of dream like state and he is constantly happy. I mean it's not normal!"

"It is not normal to be happy?"

"No not for us. I mean what else could he be doing that would be keeping him away and causing him to sneak out all the time?" Dean began his pacing again. "I cannot believe this!"

Cas forcefully grabbed Dean by the shoulders to stop his pacing and made Dean face him.

"HE. IS. NOT. DRINKING. DEMON. BOOD." Cas drew out each word slowly like he was speaking to a four year old. Which he kind of felt like he was doing at the moment.

"Then what is he doing Cas?"

The Angel rolled his eyes in a very Dean like manner, and replied in a matter of fact tone "he is dating Gabriel."

Dean's face went from pure shock from Castiel rolling his eyes at him in a very human manner (he obviously spends way too much time with Dean) to pure disgust.

"No he is definitely on the blood. Demon Blood I can deal with, my little brother banging Angel I cannot deal with that! He cannot be having sex with one of those dicks Angels."

"You do."

Dean looked at Cas with a serious look on his face. "That is not the point."

Cas sat down on the nearest bed with a confused look on his face. "I do not understand you humans sometimes."

Dean just continued to pace and pull at his hair to remove the disturbing images of Sam and Gabriel going at it.