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Many mortals and immortals alike define their early memories as 'hazy' and 'not quite there'. Such was not the case with my earliest memories. For me, there was the certain point where I remembered, separated cleanly from the instant before as unable to be remembered at all. This is not as good as one might think; you remember all the unpleasant details in life perfectly, and any forgotten good moments are gone, not even the memory that something good was there. And my extremely early life was not exactly the best. But it was for the best, I know now. It all worked out in the end. But enough about my memories, you're here for my story, yes? Good, let's start at the beginning then.

I couldn't see anything. Not a single thing. I was small too. I had just developed my conscience. I was curled up tightly, I was in some sort of fluid, all around me. I felt like I was floating in an endless sea of darkness. Somehow I could breath. I never got hungry, or thirsty either. Days passed like this, and I grew. My wings developed. I wanted to stretch them, but I couldn't, I had some sort of paralysis around me. My thin eyelids became thicker, not like there was any light to block out. I slowly and slowly grew until I could feel myself bumping against something hard. I wanted to break out, to see if anything laid beyond this. I pecked at it lightly; I could move somewhat, the paralysis was weakening, but as soon as I did I heard a voice. A deep, motherly voice that I now know belonged to my brood-mother, Calestrasza.

"Not yet, not yet. A few more weeks, just wait." I listened, and went back to resting. Those were the good days, growing, resting, never feeling hunger, or thirst, or fear, or pain. And they were drawing to an end, very fast.

One day I woke up from a resting period, reflecting on what little information I knew about the world for the umpteenth time, when there was a great commotion. It sounded like there was something rushing through the air my brood-mother sometimes spoke about outside, sounds like hssssss, diiing, haaaup. I didn't know what was going on. I heard a voice, the deep, motherly voice that sometimes called out to wait, but not always to me. Why was that? I didn't know, my instincts had not yet developed. But all the other times the voice was calm, relaxed. Now, it was panicked, filled with a strange urgency, like it felt it didn't have much time to speak.

"No, no! Not mine, please!" Another woosh of something through the 'air'. I wondered what the air felt like, but now I felt a sickening feeling in my crop. What was going on? A flash of light exploded, and I saw for the first time what colors were. My tough-coating shell was red. Tough, with black dots that seemed to extend beyond, and red. I saw a glimpse of the world around me. Colors beyond my imaging. Green... grass, purple and blue... flowers. A giant red behemoth that filled me with a sense of calm. It would've been the most beautiful thing I had ever seen- not like that's much coming from somebody who, until then, had only pitch black darkness- if it weren't being destroyed. Red and orange spread along it dangerously. The light faded, and I had my blackness again. And the blackness was good. Nothing dangerous here. Not in my shell. Or so I thought.

My world tilted to the side dangerously. I felt my liquid slosh around me, and the currents bumped me into my shell painfully. The first pain I have ever felt. I wanted to shriek out, cry for help, but I couldn't in this fluid. Maybe I could scream in air? The other voice always could, and she, I think it's a she, was in the air. But I couldn't move to peck my way out. The paralysis had returned! A greater clenching in my crop, I wanted to double over, which is hard when already curled up as tightly as possible, and regurgitate... what? I had nothing to regurgitate, and no room for it to go back out into. I just needed to... hope. Yes. My shell kept swinging sickeningly, it wasn't stable. Was the world rocking? Or was it me who was moving? I needed to hope I would be... safe. More words started to come into my mind. Fear, panic, love, life, death, mate, defend, attack, my instincts were slowly trickling in. And they told me I wasn't supposed yet to... hatch. After what felt like an eternity, but which was likely only days, the world stopped moving. I felt warmth around me, like a fresh... fire, the kind red dragons like myself produce, burning around me. But I knew there was no fire, right? I heard voices outside, male voices, and these weren't comforting, they weren't peaceful. Filled with malice and spite, everything I was now against.

"Well, see we got a new batch of eggs?" This voice was dark and gravely, as if it had crawled out of whatever was below me right now. A smooth, silky, accented voice answered.

"Yup. Got most all of them. That red dragon got away though" My brood-mother? She got away? Got away from what? The silky voice continued.

"Just moved the last batch to the twilight infirmary- aw shit here they come. Act... natural. Remember, they can smell fear." Then I felt a wave of fear roll through me. Something was here with me, and it was not normal. Not natural. Evil. Everything about these new whatever-they-ares was just, just wrong. I felt one of the wrong-things come closer to me. A cold chill ran down my spine, up and down my curled-up wings. These wrong-things were making splashing, gurgling, snorting sounds. I felt the one next to my, what had the first voice called it? Egg? The wrong-thing near my egg got even closer. I wanted to scream at it, No! Get away! Leave me alone! But I couldn't make a noise. Then I felt it.

I felt my world spin away from me. I was back in the earliest of my days, floating in a seemingly endless ocean of liquid darkness all around me. I didn't know what was going on, but I knew that it was wrong, it was evil, it was malicious, and it was putting me in danger. Then it ended. I felt like I'd been battered. Pain was everywhere, seeping through my liquid. The wrong-things went away, and I must have slipped into unconsciousness, but I didn't have any way of telling, my 'egg' was still completely dark inside. For what seemed like forever the wrong-things would come back time to time and cause me pain, but something didn't add up. Each time they did, the pain decreased. My instincts had kicked in to full bloom, everything a red whelp needed to know to carry out our charge of protecting life. But the pain was ruining my mind. One day the two voices came back. By this time my egg was foul by the pain the wrong-things inflicted on me. Small lumps of solidified liquid floated around me. My egg was clear, and it... wasn't red anymore.

My egg was a dark violet, and it had no more black-circles-extending-out. Just a smooth, clear tough shell around my lumpy liquid. I had no darkness anymore. What I saw terrified me. Other eggs like mine. Dozens, scattered around me. In the distance, somewhere far below was a vast red light. This was wrong. I wasn't safe here. I should be safe, I hadn't even hatched yet! Where was the rest of the red flight? They were supposed to protect life! Hello, LOTS of life here needing protecting! The foulness of my liquid seemed to whisper to me, Yes, yes! I suddenly felt myself moving. I was swaying, the way I had so very, very long ago. My egg was placed in a dark room. Darkness was good. Darkness was the best- no, why was I thinking that? I am a member of the red flight! We burn the darkness away!

But I found that the accumulated pain from the wrong-things had made me weak. I know I passed out now, because there was a dim light for me to contrast against.

The following days, weeks, I don't know how long passed in agonizing slowness. Agony, something one should never experience before even hatching. Yet that's what happened to me. The foulness of my liquid seemed to pump hateful thoughts into my brain. I wanted to be out in the air more than ever now! Just to be free of the liquid. But who could free me? It was the job of my brood-mother to protect me! Where is she? She abandoned me! Why? Why would she ever do that? NO! There's the hatred again. She did NOT abandon me! I was taken! She's probably looking for me right now! But she isn't. You've been here so long, she would have found you if she were looking. No, no shut up! I'm too young for this! I haven't hatched yet! LEAVE ME ALONE! What's happening to me? I would never have thought these things before! Why now? Because your brood mother abandoned you. NO! I wanted life to be simple again, just rest, no pain, no foul liquid, no wrong-things, no light, just an endless sea of dark liquid I was suspended in for all of my existence, that's all I want!

You can never have that again. Not with the reds. What, what do you mean, voice in my head?

Join US! NO! I shake the thought from my head as much as I can while unable to move. I've grown so much. I take up nearly my entire egg. My instincts are telling me that I need to hatch soon, and that this voice is evil.

If your instincts were right your brood-mother would not have left you to this life of pain. She didn't leave me. I was taken from her. And, and I have no clue as to how big the outside world is! She could be looking for me right now for all I know!

Ah, little whelpling, how wrong you are. Do you truly think she would care about you? A tiny, insignificant whelp not even of her own flight? The reds do not care about other flights. Other flights? Wha-What do you mean?

Have you not noticed it? Your egg is no longer red. If you could look at your scales you would know that you are NOT red. You are not a member of the red flight anymore. No... no lies! Lies! But, it wasn't a lie. Red eggs weren't like, like this, this was all wrong. I really wasn't part of the red flight anymore. No... no. How could this have been? If I'm not part of the red flight, then who am I? What am I? And, no, the red flights DOES care about others! You're lying! GO AWAY!

Oh, am I? What about the blue flight? They could have sent the aspects to calm Malygos, but instead, they killed him. They killed the leader of the blue flight. When Neltharion went mad, did they try to pin him down and free his mind? No, they have declared war on the black flight! Extinction! When Ysera fought the nightmare, when the bronze fought the Infinite, did the red flight lift even a CLAW to help? No! The red flight cares about none but itself, and do not even fight in the mortal wars to preserve lives that would perish without their interference! They did not do anything against the Scourge except defend themselves! No. No that was wrong. All lies! All... lies. I don't... want to think about it. I don't want... to think... about... anything. My eyes shut again.

When I next opened my eyes, my situation had gone from bad to worse. I was curled up tight in my shell, hardly any room at all. Most of my liquid was gone, drained into my body. I saw the other eggs around me. Were they all feeling the same voice from the liquid? No, no it couldn't be. I was the only one the wrong-things touched, the only one who's liquid they... changed. But, then how did their eggs get to be like that. Was it possible that eggs like... mine, could come from a brood-mother?

Yes, quite possible. Unlikely, but possible. Who knows, one day you might have your own brood! I mentally snarled at the voice. I don't know why I did that. I was supposed to be peaceful! What was happening to me? Every voice of reason in my head was going off, telling me to hatch right NOW and fly as far away from this place as I could, but ever single one of my instincts told me to stay here and, and trust the voice.

Yes, you can trust me. Have I led you astray yet? I wanted to scream at it that yes, it had, that everything it had told me about the red flight was a LIE! But I couldn't. It was... it was right, wasn't it? No, NO! That's what it wants you to think? Don't you get it? The wrong-things changed the egg and liquid, and the liquid is changing your instincts and now, your mind! Don't let it. Don't... let... it. As I thought this my strength left my mind, like the liquid was taking it away from me as punishment, and I fell asleep again.

How long have I been here, listening to the irate ramblings of the voice? I don't know, I don't care. I have all but run out of room in my shell, I need to hatch soon. I need to hatch soon. The voice was right. It showed me... visions. Of the War of the Ancients, how the reds refused to help Neltharion. The Nexus war, how they were so quick to abandon diplomacy. How the bronze and green toiled by themselves, unaided by the queen of the dragons, a red dragon. Slowly my thoughts twisted. I tried to fight it for so long, but you can't argue the truth. The red flights allowed the mortals to sit back and end more lives than if they had simply been eradicated. I saw all this, it was all true. My instincts had solidified into their final form. I opened my mouth, a small bit of nourishing liquid entering my mouth, rushing over my fangs. I licked my tongue over my teeth. Soon. Very soon.

NOW! I twitched at the intensity behind the liquid's voice. I smashed my face into the hard sides of my egg, teething and clawing at it. The paralysis had let up. I wasn't weak. I was strong. Scratch marks started to form. I could feel myself seizing up in anticipation. What would this new world be like? To be in the air, away from this liquid, which while enlightening, is still simply foul, to be able to move, to see how big the world is? I clawed and bit and smashed my skull into the egg's shell. I had to get out. I wanted to get out. Every fiber of my being was screaming at me to hatch. My egg is cracking. Streaks of dull gray light are inside, highlighting me. I can see myself clearly. The once no-doubt red, hideous scales were now a lovely deep indigo.

Small black flecks circle around me. I close my eyelids to prevent one from hitting my eye. I keep clawing furiously. I was so close. So close! I felt the cracks merge. The light exploded into my egg, and a new force took hold of me. I felt solid, right, and I was moving straight down and out with my fluid.

I flowed out onto something hard like my shell, but it stretched infinitely, it didn't move around my body like my shell did. Small bits of liquid were around me. I tried to get up, flap my wings into the air like my instincts told me, but my body failed me! Why was I so much weaker out here than in the liquid? I should be strong! I noticed the other whelps hatching. They all seemed weak. I tried desperately to move my wings. Eventually, blood started flowing through them. I could move them. I tried to get up and grip the air. Oh the air! I hadn't even noticed it!

The air was the most wonderful thing ever! I felt it flowing in and out of my body like some cleansing fluid, but so smooth, and none of it remained behind! Each breath I felt brought strength. The fear that had been resting like a stone in my crop since that faithful day my brood-mother abandoned me evaporated on the spot. I flapped my wings. I could move. I could fly. I could grip the air and soar. Then me eyes rested on the other whelps, still struggling to move their wings from the atrophy of being in their eggs for I don't know how long. My instincts flared up; the first fight I'd ever have. The strong survive on, the weak die early so as not to hinder the others. But not yet, I thought. Let them get up. Let them fly. I'll have a blast ready for them. I brought dark blue flames rolling into my crop. Bring it on, sisters and brothers. I'm ready.

The first five took to the air. Three of them instantly took to each other, clawing and blasting and winging each other, the other two making a beeline for me. I chuckled darkly in my mind, and fired my first blast, true to my aim, the spit of twilight energy shot a hole clean through their wing, and the weakling soon found themselves grounded, unable to do anything, while the victor from the other three-way brawl came to finish them off. The other whelp smashed into me in a flurry of fangs and claws, but I wasn't going to be beaten. I threw my sister off and slashed through her throat scales, the dark purple blood spilling out as fast as I had out of my egg, a fatal wound, exhilarating. I looked at the dozens of tiny fights going on.

Maybe I was supposed to be a red whelp originally.

I fire another blast at a whelp, hitting my brother square in the chest as his unusually weak chest-scales caved in, a failure that I would not allow to spread to the rest of our-my- flight.

But being twilight is so much better.

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