This is written for my friend Stephanie who loves Death Note, but hates Harry Potter. For being so awesome, I wrote her this. :)

Set after Deathly Hallows, but before epilogue. And set sometime after Light finishes school, but before he starts college.

Enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor do I own Harry Potter.

London, Light surmised, was just as boring as Japan. He had gone to receive an award for his outstanding grades throughout his entire school life, the award was tacky, but the glory and recognition was wonderful. He along with another kid named Luke Smith (what a boring name) received accommodation and free meals for their stay in London, even though Luke lived there anyway.

With his notebook in his bag and Ryuk following him he felt a sense of safety, he wouldn't be mugged or anything, because he would just kill the mugger.

The streets were fairly empty, emptier than he thought they would be anyway, but he supposed, the weather was pretty terrible. A boy around his age was walking in his direction, he looked jumpy and suspicious.

"What?" Light almost turned around when he heard Ryuk's yell, but instead subtly glanced behind him only to see Ryuk staring at the boy coming steadily closer with absolute shock."His death day is completely messed up! I better get rid of him before someone realises he is already meant to be dead."

As Ryuk got out and started to write the name of the boy, Light hoped that the guy was a criminal, even if he was already meant to be dead, he didn't want to watch an innocent guy be killed in front of him.

As he passed the boy he noticed that he was muttering to himself under his breath, Light picked up something about the 'wand' and something about a 'teddy'. None of this made any sense to Light so he assumed that, maybe, the guy was on drugs.

In the distance Light heard a screech from some sort of vehicle turning corners at a high speed. Seeing it approach, Light edged further away from the road, in hopes of avoiding any splashes as it passed. People on the sidewalks stopped, watching the car zoom forward at a crazy speed. They all stopped, except for the guy, he seemed to be completely lost in him mumbles and thoughts.

Light held his breath and shut his eyes as the guy walked infront of the car.


Screams surrounded him as people watching in horror of what had happened, and Light backed away. He didn't want to have to talk to anyone as a witness, not when he wasn't even in his own country.

Walking away from the scene Light heard Ryuk chuckle, "That was most definitely interesting!"

Light nodded absently and continued his day as planned.

AN. Now are you wondering some things?
1) Light obviously wasn't being very smart when he thinks that he could just kill the mugger, because he doesn't have Shinigami eyes, therefore, he cannot know the name of the mugger. So, Light was being stupid.

2) I think maybe Teddy has run off with a wand and Harry is kinda freaking out about it.

3) Did anyone pick up my Sarah Jane Adventures reference? No? Oh... Okay...