Authors note: this is based on the scene from Swan Song. When Tony and Ziva go into the morgue. Chapter two is based on the elevator scene.

Ziva tried to keep her composure. She thought she could handle it.

So she faithfully followed Tony to the morgue. She tried bracing herself for what she may see.

She wanted to stay strong for Gibbs. "Gibbs needs me, I have to stay strong for him" she thought to herself as the elevator descended down.

Tony looked at her, he worried for her, and she hadn't expressed how upset she was. The whole team was shocked. Tony didn't see it coming either, out of all the people the port-to-port killer had targeted it had to be him.

Before he could let the words slip from his lips the elevator stopped, the doors parted and Ziva started to walk. Tony stood in a daze for a moment, and then started to pick up his pace to follow her to the doors.

Ziva stopped a few steps away from the morgue doors. She knew she had to go in there and report back to Gibbs. Tony caught up with her, and stopped and stood beside her. He waited a moment then said in a low hush voice.

"Ziva, you sure you want to come in here" his voice was full of concern. Unsure of it all Ziva replied "no, but I know I have to Tony" she shook her head and let out a sigh.

"You don't have to come with me, you can stay here" he turned to look at her. His partner was becoming anxious and upset she was playing with her hands, tugging at her shirt. He could see the thoughts turning in her mind. But it wasn't the time to ask questions.

"I will come, Tony" Ziva looked up at Tony. She was trying to hide the tears and the emotion she carried on her face since she had received the news.

Tony stared down at her dark brown eyes. "Okay" he agreed as made the first step to walk towards the morgue doors. He could hear footsteps beside him; he could feel Ziva's hand gently holding onto his arm. It was a clue, she just needed him there.

Ziva didn't realize it but she had grabbed onto Tony's arm as they walked into the morgue. The Ziva the team knew always held up in trying and emotional situations. She always stayed emotionless to get the job done. And if she could let herself, she would alone in her apartment let her tears fall.

There was Gibbs hovering over the body. Ducky stood on the other side they had been discussing something. They soon stopped as they saw the two agents make an appearance.

Tony kept his focus on Gibbs. He was explaining to his boss what the latest information they had acquired.

Ziva tried following the conversation, but her gaze kept shifting towards the body that was lying on ducky's metal table.

She had to see for herself. "So it is him" she couldn't believe it without seeing it. She had just seen him the morning of. He had walked through like he had owned the place.

He greeted her with a wave, and she returned it back with blowing a kiss at him.

He was something that she enjoyed having around. She considered him a special part of the team. They all had a connection to him; even though his main connection was to Gibbs it didn't matter.

Emotions built up, she felt the tears stinging her eyes, and she couldn't stop looking at him. She tried remaining poise and listening to Tony and Gibbs talk. Something in her snapped.

"Excuse me" she turned and rushed out of the room. Tony looked at Gibbs concerned; he knew she would get upset, he couldn't stand looking at her breaking down right there and then.

Gibbs looked at his agent "go" he ushered him to follow Ziva to make sure she was alright. Right now Gibbs couldn't help her. He was emotionally distant himself; he had a lot to work through. He wanted to be there for his team, a part of him of course just wanted to shed all the heavy burden away. He was a marine he couldn't just stop and cry he had to catch the port-to –port killer first before he could stop and grieve.

-fade to black

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