Young Justice: Arashikage

Hey Folks I'm back with another chapter for Young Justice Arashikage. If you're all wondering about Naruto's skill level he is on par with most of the members of the Justice League. When against someone like superman he'd more than likely use sage mode and the Onmyo Rinnegan (The True Form of the Rinnegan which I made up) if he has too. Now then here's the next chapter.

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Chapter 2: Birth of Arashikage pt. 2

Abandoned Power Station

Three humanoid combat robots who were wielding gun arms were stalking around silently in the power station, hunting for someone in the barely lit room. Bullets littered the ground as were the sliced and static emitting parts of the robots that have fallen by the unknown assailant. As the robots analyzed the wreckage, they noticed that they were sliced apart by a single edged blade. They made their way to a passage way with three areas to enter. They each separated and walked towards a different entrance, unknown to the fact that a figure was crouching down on a support beam with glowing red eyes was watching them and then flickered away.

The first COMBOT (That's what I'm gonna name them from now on) made its way into the middle passageway staying on full alert, scanning the area for any threat. As it moved passed some large cargo boxed a shadowed figure landed behind it. The COMBOT instantly reacted by swinging its massive right arm at the assailant only for the target to draw what looked like a katana (like the one Raiden has in metal gear rising) and simply hacked the arm off, causing sparks and machine parts to fly out.

It attempted to aim its gun arm at him only for the figure to perform spinning slash, cutting off the other arm and then kicks the bot hard into the chest, leaving a deep dent in it, and sends it crashing into the cargo boxes and reducing them to splinters. The figure flicks the oil off the blade and fades into the shadows.

The other COMBOT was walking on a large conveyer belt with red metal kegs in different areas. As it continued to walk forward, a shadow was leaping over it and the bot reacted by aiming its arm up and fired at the assailant. The bullets kit several of the red kegs and they exploded into a fiery blazed. The bot stopped firing and looked around for its target only for a volley of baseball sized shuriken (the ones used in Ninja Assassins) to ascend towards the humanoid bot and tore it to shreds.

The now shredded robot stumbled back from the assault while its attacker descended with his katana raised and slices the COMBOT in half. The robot falls backwards and hits the ground with a thud. The remaining COMBOT lands into the area and proceeds to fire at the target as well. The intruder reacted by easily deflecting the bullets with its blade with the slashes looking merely like blurs. The bot stop firing as bullets littered the floor in front of its target.

The figure's glowing red eyes were aimed at the COMBOT who was now charging at him and said unknown attacker dashes towards the charging bot. They both swing their weapons at the same time and were on opposites sides with the shadowed figure having his blade drawn out and the both with its enlarged fist sticking outward as well. They remained still for a few minutes until static escaped from the bot's armor and it fell apart into metal chunks.

"Level 5 training sequence complete. Disengaging Power Station Protocol." A female computerized voice said. The area around them started to de-digitize into small particles of data until a room covered in white appeared and a one way mirror that the observers can see through.

Standing in the room was the figure who was wearing what looked like an exosuit that was black, silver, and red (description of it is on my profile) wielding the same blade from last time. The figure lets out a sigh and presses a switch on the side of the mask which hisses as it deactivates. It is then pulled off, revealing the features of none other than a 16 year old Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze who then exited out of the room and headed towards the observer center.

Yuriko was currently inspecting the blue prints for the experimental exosuit that she was working on for the past six months. After the incident in metropolis, Gary had Yuriko transferred over to the Weapon's Tech Facility in Tokyo, Japan and requested that Naruto tag along with her. She wanted to protest at first but the CEO insisted on this since the League of Shadows was out to kill her and never know when they'd strike again.

Naruto agreed to be her body guard until this issue settled down since he was capable of being in more than one place thanks to the Kage Bunshin Technique. So from there on, Naruto learned more in how to use the advanced technology of his new home and had to admit he was very intrigued since the technology here was way more advanced than the tech in his world with snow country/spring country being the most advanced.

Naruto actually had a prototype chakra armor he got as a gift from Koyuki after defeating Dotou and saving her country and let Yuriko and the other scientists use it for their projects in making exosuits for the special ops divisions in the military in order to lower casualty rates and said former Kage assisted in testing the projects through combat simulations test in the VR Training Modulator.

As Yuriko continued to look at the schematics of the suit the slide door opened and Naruto walked in with the HF Blade sheathed and his helmet under his arm. "So how did this one do Naruto?" Yuriko asked as she turned around in her chair with one leg crossed over the other.

"Better than the last two since it's more comfortable and doesn't chafe. Remind me to thank Takashi for adding the cybernetic cells since it doesn't put a lot of pressure on the body like the others do." Naruto answered as he flexed his gloved hand. " Functions worked properly too. No sound emitted whatsoever when I was moving and the same with the helmet." He said and spun the head gear around on his index finger.

"That's good to hear. Normally it would taken us 4 years to get the designs, blueprints, and countless testing completed but thanks to that armor you gave us, we'll be able to start making the first sets in less than a year." She said back with a pleased expression on her face.

"Hey I aim to please. There have been a lot of raids lately and mostly from members of the Yakuza since they've been trying to ransack the trucks and sell them off to the lesser gangs on the streets." He stated while folding his arms. Yuriko sighs and rubs her temples in a frustrated manner.

"Yeah but they have lessen thanks to you dealing with them. I don't think they want to bury anymore of their men after you were through with them." Naruto on the other hand scoffs and sits down in an empty chair.

"Too true. Well I'm gonna go get out of this suit before I go explore around the city for a little bit."

"Okay but be sure to keep your comm. link on." She instructed.

"Yes mother." He said sarcastically which made her chuckle until the slide doors closed behind him.


It was now night time in Tokyo and Naruto was in the same outfit he wore when he first appeared in S.T.A.R. labs, wearing his kage hat, and crouching down on a lamp post, watching the people and vehicles moving about. So far he's already had to take out a couple of thugs and some Yakuza who were attempting to get protection money from store owners and stopped a few bank heists though it wasn't anything too major since it wasn't any of the major banks.

" 'Sigh' great now I'm bored. Taking down street thugs and Yakuza's is not all that cracked up to be. At least during the safeguards I had to avoid being bullets and blow up cards." He muttered to himself until his comm. link beeps. He clicks the blue tooth on his right ear. "What's up Yuriko?"

"Bad news Naruto. Someone manage to break into the facility and stole some blue prints to that exosuit you were testing for us as well as some disks that have the schematics for COMBOTS. The intruder manage to knock out all of the guards and disable the COMBOTS without raising the alarm."

"Really well who it was couldn't have gotten away too far since I'm close to the" He suddenly caught something out of the corner of his eye and saw a figure leaping from the rooftops in a quick manner. "Never mind, I think I found our assailant. I'll contact you back once I've caught this person." He clicks his blue tooth off and flickers away.

Said assailant was sprinting across the rooftop looking left and right to see if anyone is following her but then she was forced to leap back due to the fact that a kunai with a tag on it landed in front of her. She turned around to see Naruto who appeared a few feet away from her. The person was dressed in what appeared to be a sneaking suit that hugged her figure with a silver utility belt, grey boots, and gloves (similar to the outfit Slade wears in teen titans). She had two katana strapped to her back in an x formation. On her head was a mask that was autumn orange on the right side and black on the left side and covered half of her face. Long white hair that stopped to the middle of her back stuck out from behind of her mask and she had a single blue eye on the orange half of her mask.

"Nice night for a stroll huh? Or in your case, steal secret technology from S.T.A.R. Labs." Naruto said while tilting his hat a little. The thief's eye widened in surprise but then narrows wondering how he knew she paid a visit to one of the top companies around the globe. "So how about we make this easy and just hand whatever you stole back and I'll forget this ever happened." He suggested.

Said thief smiles as she pulls out a smoke bomb and throws it to the ground. It explodes and smoke forms around her, blocking Naruto's vision and said blonde smirks. "The old smoke bomb trick? How original." He said sarcastically as the smoke dissipates and she was gone.

The thief slides down a metal wire and then hops off of it, landing on another rooftop. "What took you so long?" Her eyes widened once again as she spun around and saw Naruto sitting on a telephone wire reading an orange book but then flips a page. "Don't you know it's rude to keep your guest waiting?" He chastised. She snapped out of her stupor and throws several shuriken at him. Naruto hears the projectiles whizzing towards him so he simply tilts his head to the left and catches the remaining three with three fingers.

"A fellow shuriken user huh? Your aim was precise and had I been a normal person I'd be" He didn't get to finish due to the fact that she leaped towards and aims a spin kick at his head. Naruto leans back and watches her pass over him. "Dead." He finished and then flips off of the wire and lands back onto the rooftop.

She freefalls towards the ground but grabs a flagpole and flips onto it in the crouching position and then jumps into an open window of an abandoned building and runs into the darkness. Naruto leaps in as well and looks around only to see the rest of the place darkened. "Blending in with the shadows. This should be interesting." He said to himself and he too makes his way into the darkened room.

During the game of cat and mouse, the thief looks around for any sign of her pursuer and moved around in a stealthy manner, keeping her senses sharp and on full alert. She approached an area that had bricks and cement scattered everywhere and looks left and right a few times with her right eye roaming around for any signs of movement. She suddenly sensed something behind her and spun around in a fighting stance only to see no one and frown.

"I know there was someone behind me." Shethought. The sound of bricks tumbling down the pile of rubble made her twist her body and fling a shuriken at the place only for some rats to scamper out of the rubble. Suddenly out of the darkness three large hissing black snakes lung out at her and she is forced to leap backwards and they hit the area she was formerly at and she landed on a metal beam.

One of the snakes rise out of the rubble, hissing and lunges at her once again. The female thief pulls out several kunai and throws them at the reptile but said serpent evades them and opens its maw wide as it ascended towards its prey. She leapt off the beam while it chomped down onto it and lands on another. The snake dispelled in a puff of smoke while she took a step back. She felt something tug on her and looked down to see a line of wire and heard some tug and release something. Her eyes widened when Kunai and Shuriken descended towards her with deadly accuracy so she back flips off the beam while the projectiles get embedded into the beam.

She landed on the ground and skids back a little until she comes to a complete stop. She feels the ground underneath her shift and once again she jumps as a hand comes out of the earth and attempts to grab her. Naruto emerges from the ground with a smirk on his face. "Impressive. You may not be a ninja but your sensory skills are very good. Whoever trained you knew what he or she was doing." Naruto said smiling under his hat but then gets serious. "Look we've at this game of cat and mouse for almost an hour. Either hand over what you've stolen or I'll take it."

Said assailant scoffs and gets into a fighting stance while Naruto raised a brow under his hat. "So it's like that huh? Fine, but don't get upset when you're on the ground face first eating dirt." Naruto then grabbed the tip of his hat and jacket and threw them off, revealing his Jounin outfit which is a dark green Konoha Jonin vest with a black shirt under it as well as black ANBU styled pants and boots with silver arm bracers (like the ones Kakashi wore during the third war) along with a pair of black fingerless gloves with metal plates on them and carved into them was a symbol of a whirlpool and covering the lower half of his face was a mask (like the one Ryu Hayabusa wears in ninja gaiden). Lastly, he wore what appeared to be a black headband with a metal plate that protected his forehead and had the symbol of a whirlpool on it as well.

"Oh don't worry I won't." She stated. Naruto got into a stance where he stood straight up with his left arm behind his back and his right arm out and in a 'bring it' jesture. The thief raises a brow at this stance as she has never seen this fighting style before but still stayed on her guard. "There's no openings in his stance. It may not look like it but he is completely guarded. I'll just have to fight him long enough to get a good match on his fighting style." She thought as her feet shifted a little on the ground.

Naruto on the other hand looked intrigued. "She's probably thinking of a way to analyze my fighting style so that she can find a proper way to counter it. Too bad for her I've mastered several fighting styles to the point where I can switch them instantaneously." After that train of thought, Naruto sprints towards her.

"Fast." Was all the female thief could think about before she ducked from a spin kick that would've struck her across the skull had she not dodged it. She then plants her right hand on the ground, rears her right leg back, and swings it at his face but luckily Naruto stopped her ascending foot with his palm and flips over her, landing back onto the ground.

That was when he saw a flash of steel from the corner of his eye and on pure reflex and instinct he pulls out what appears to be two trench knives (the ones Asuma uses) and blocks the attack. "Looks like I'm not the only speed demon in Japan." He commented as their blades grinded against each other. "But you should remember to mind your surroundings. The thief looked confused until she sensed something behind her. Her eyes widened when she saw another copy of Naruto behind her with a kunai in a reversed position and swings at the area where her kidneys would be. She then twists her body avoiding the kunai and then delivers a spin kick to its head, dispelling the clone, she then breaks the stalemate with Naruto and leaps back, getting into a sword stance.

"Wow you're full of surprises." Naruto comments as he puts away his knives and opens up one of the pouches in his flak jacket. "Let's see just how good you are with a blade." He pulls out a small scroll with the kanji for white fang on it which got a look of curiosity from the female thief. She saw him unravel the scroll and in a puff of smoke, a sheathed ninjato came out (anyone who can guess this right gets a cookie). He straps it behind his belt and unsheathes it, revealing a silver single edged blade that from the looks of it had appeared to be glowing white.

Before she knew it, Naruto was upon her unleashing a series of slashes and thrust combos, making her go on the defensive in blocking and parrying them. "I can't believe I'm putting up a defense against him. His skills with a blade are practically on par with" She never got to finish due to the fact that Naruto twisted his blade upwards and disarms her, making her eye widen in surprise. He then twirls his blade a few times in a thrusting position and pushes it towards her torso.


The thief grits her teeth as she blocked the attack with the flat end of her extra blade. Naruto pulls his blade back, ducks, and does a sweep kick, knocking her off her feet but she manages to plant her hand on the ground and flip back onto her feet while Naruto rushes at her. She brings her blade back and swings it at his head only for him to duck and lose a few strands of hair but then they both twist their bodies and swing at each other at the same time only for them to pause as their blades met their necks. A single blue eye staring back at to pair deep blue ones, waiting for the other to make a move that would decide this fight.

Naruto however eye smiled at her and moved his blade away from her neck and she did the same. "I've got to admit that pretty fun." He replied back and she smiled in return.

"I was about to say the same thing. You're skills with a blade are very impressive." She said as she sheathes her weapon. "I heard a rumor of someone wearing a white cape and a conical hat, taking out some of the criminal activity for the past six months."

"Yep that was me. Beat up some street punks who thought they were all that, stopped some bank heists, and how do you say 'off-ed' some of the crime lords." He quoted which made her intrigued.

"You mean you killed them?" She asked and got a nod from Naruto.

"They were scum. Selling drugs and illegal weapons I can handle but whoring women to brothels just to make a quick buck is one of my most major set offs. That and rapists." He answered in a dark tone. "Anyways I didn't get your name by the way."

"Ravager. Sorry but I don't give out my real name to strangers." She answered back.

"Understandable. For now call me…. Arashikage." He answered back.

"Hmmm…. interesting name. Storm Shadow…. It seems to fit you for some reason." Ravager replied back and pulled out what seemed to be two discs. "I believe you were looking for these." She simply tossed them to Naruto who caught them.

"Let me guess? You raided the weapon tech facility of Star labs in order to get me to come out and see if I was really the real deal correct?" He asked Ravager who smirks. "Cunning Vixen" That remark made her smirk grow. "So is there another reason why you went to all of this trouble to see me?"

"Actually there is. After my training with my father I've been doing missions where I had to take out a couple of people like you did with the Yakuza. Well during my last one I had an accident that I barely escaped from." She answered while rubbing the black mask for emphasis while Naruto cringed. "So I've been searching for a partner after that even and sadly no one has met up to my standards and I'm not a real fan of the Justice League since most of the members don't like my 'methods' of taking down bad guys." Naruto raised an eyebrow at this.

"The Justice League? You mean those guys dressed in tights always going around stopping bad guys, saving people, etc.?" Naruto asked as he has heard about them from Yuriko during his time at S.T.A.R. labs and how they have saved not only the world but the universe a few times which in his opinion is very impressive especially when he heard about Superman who could lift a skyscraper with one hand or Flash who could move faster than the speed of light as well as the other few. Luckily he hasn't met any of the major villains like Joker, Two-Face, Ras Al Ghul, or Deathstroke the Terminator.

She lightly chuckles and nods at his answer. "Yes them. Anyhow would you be interested in being my partner?" She asked Naruto who pondered on her offer for a few seconds and shrugs.

"Why not? I don't have much to due on my free time." He answered back.

"Great. I've got some intel on a shipment of stolen weapons from Lexcorp being held in a warehouse near the fishing docks but are being guarded by Yakuza and a Metahuman they hired named Brick who is gonna smuggle these weapons on a cargo ship. I can easily take him on but with those gangsters wielding the company's firearms, I'll be in a really bad situation and I really done want to lose another part of my body for it." Ravager replied.

"Can't you get a replacement for your missing eye? I mean tech wise your hospitals do have the equipment necessary for an eye transplant?" He asked the daughter of the terminator.

"I would if I wanted to but I like keep this as a reminder to not let my guard down and in honor of my father. He lost his eye when he was a black op for the Marine Corp and I learned everything from him. He said going on my own would be a good experience for me so that I can learn from my past mistakes." She explained while Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Wise words. So shall we get going? I haven't nailed any Yakuza or meta humans for a while so I'm itching to bust some heads." The young sage said eye smiling while she chuckles.

"I think you and I are gonna get along just fine."

Fishing Docks

Several members of the Yakuza were loading large crates onto a cargo ship while being observed by the Meta Human Brick. He was wearing a black business suit with a white scarf draping over his shoulders. He had a brownish orange complexion with white cornrows tied into a ponytail and a white short beard.

"Come on people let's get a move on. Time is money and my contact will have your heads should that merchandise get damaged." He ordered as they along with his crew were moving crates. Watching from a metal beam were none other than Naruto and Ravager who were crouching down.

"So I take it that big, orange and ugly is the boss right?" Naruto asked Ravager who nodded.

"Yep that's him. Brick is a meta human that is wanted for the smuggling of illegal weapons and drugs from one country to another as well as stealing alien equipment and selling it to the highest bitter in the black market." She explained to Naruto who was taking in their surroundings.

"I see. So how should we do this?" Naruto asked and saw her smile.

"How about a divide and conquer tactic?" She suggested. You take out half of the Yakuza and Brick's crew and I'll take out the other half. Winner gets to fight brick." Naruto grins under his mask.

"You're gonna regret that Ravager. If there's one thing I'm good at it's not getting caught because back in my old village no one except for my teacher was able to catch me even when I wore that god awful orange jumpsuit. Those were the days." He suddently noticed that she was gone and a tick mark formed on his face. "That little minx, I can't believe she pulled a Jiraiya on me. Oh it's on now. No pulls a fast one on Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." He then vanishes into the darkness.

Two Yakuza were pulling a footlocker full of weapons out of a barge and once they made it halfway to the ship they both set the cargo down. "Let's take a break man. We've been hauling footlockers for the last 2 hours." The first Yakuza stated and got a nod from his buddy.

"Yeah let's. I gotta take a leak anyway." The second replied getting a snort from his ally.

"Do that behind the Barge or Brick will turn your bones into powder." The first grunt stated.

"Yeah yeah keep your pants on." The other mutter as he went behind the barge to relieve himself unaware of the black blur was hoping over the barges. The one that stayed behind sat back down on the footlocker sighing as he waited for his partner.

"Man this place creeps me out at night. Feels like I'm gonna get jumped by Batman or one of his sidekicks." He thought. Naruto landed behind him silently and gave the man a karate chop to the neck, knocking him out. Said blonde then threw him into a pile of garbage and leapt into the darkness once again.

The first Yakuza was behind the barge, wuth his pants unzipped and pissing on the concrete sighing in relief. "Ah now that's bette-guah!" He was struck hard in the back of his neck by an elbow and fell over, while Naruto stood over him with his elbow out.

"Nighty night. Enjoy the urine bath." He said to the knocked out man and vanished once again. Two of Brick's crew members were patrolling the area with a pair of M16's on their person. They came to a pathway the lead to the left and the other to the right and each took a different direction. From the shadows, a chain flew out and wrapped around the man's neck.

He gurgled out as the chain squeezed his throat and was pulled into the darkness, struggling to get out until the sound of fists striking flesh was heard and then silence. The other thug was walking across a dock until he reached the end of it and looked around. Afterwards he started to turn around and head back until an arm reached out of the water and grabbed him by the back of his collar. "What the-"


He was pulled into the water by Naruto for a few seconds while air bubbles appeared on the surface until they died down. Naruto slowly rose out of the water with the unconscious thug over his shoulder and tossed him into an opened crate. One by one each Yakuza and member of brick's crew were silently taken down by Naruto and Ravager until only a few remain.

"What the hell is going on here? Where is every one on a tea break!" Brick yelled at the small group that was left. "I bet this is Batman and that bird brat that are doing this." He snarled ou and looked at his subordinates in anger. "Snuff them out and smoke 'em good!" He ordered that was until a Kunai appeared in between him and the crew. They all heard the sound of something sizzling and looked down to see the projectile with confused looks on their faces. "What the fu-"


Brick didn't get to finish because the Kunai exploded into a fiery blaze and the force behind the explosion sent the remaining member flying in different directions and crashing either into the footlockers, crates, or in the ocean. When the smoke cleared, Brick was covering his face with his arms but his suit was torn and burned.

"Wow Ravager you weren't kidding when you said Clay Skin here could withstand an explsion of that magnitude. Too bad I can't say the same thing for his crew because I think some of them died when that happened." He looked up to see some blonde teenager and a white haired girl wearing a mask similar to Deathstroke's sitting on a barge.

"I told you. And his name is Brick." She corrected and got a nonchalant-like shrug from him.

"Clay Skin, Brick, Blockhead, whatever. He looks likes he stayed in the tanning booth too long. I don't think that even lotion can help him." He replied back.

"Hey!" They looked up at Brick who was now pissed. "Do you brats have any idea how much it cost me to get a suit like that in my size. Who the hell do you think you are busting my operation?" He yelled. Naruto decided to pull a Kakashi and look at brick in a lazy fashion.

"Huh? Did you say something Building Blocks?" He plainly asked while Ravager snorted in order to stop from laughing. Brick on the other hand was not laughing.

"You think your funny you blond haired punk?" He growled while pulling out a pistol. "Let's see how funny it is when I put a hole in your head!" He started to fire red bolts at them and the two scattered as he fired at them randomly.

Ravager leapt behind some metal crates while her new partner appeared beside her. "Do I think I went a little overboard with the name calling? I think I hurt his feelings." Naruto asked Ravager.

"No he's always been like this. So what now?" She asked Naruto who was thinking up a plan and smirks.

"Simple. Divide and Conquer again. You distract him and I'll nail him when he isn't looking."

Now she was annoyed. "And I'm the target why? You blew up his suit." She suddenly saw only a plushy version of his eye smiling and doing the victory sign with his hand. "That is so immature." Ravager muttered as she pulled out some incendiary kunai grenades (like the one's from Ninja Gaiden) and leaps over the metal crate.

"Heh where's your boyfriend little girl? Did he bail out?" Brick taunted and started firing red bolts at her. She easily avoided them by a combination of flipping and twisting her body. After the eight shot hit the ground she leapt into the air and threw three of her kunai at him and each hit the surface of his chest. They then exploded, making him stumble back a few times and Brick chuckles at the attack. "Is that it? So much for The Terminator's reputation if his daughter is this weak. He shouldn't sent a child to do a man's job." He jeered until she threw another one that missed his head.

"You missed." Ravager on the other hand smirks. Not I didn't, look behind you." She stated. He did so and his eyes widened when he saw that she hit a red keg with flammable oil in it.

"Krud" Was all he got to say until he was engulfed by a large explosion. Ravager covered her face with her arms to black the small debris and looks back up as he walks out of the blazing inferno. "You bitch you destroyed my alligator shoes! They cost me over 20 G's!" He roared. That was when the ground underneath him cracked and erupted into dust. A black fist shot out and struck him hard under the chin and sent him flying into the air. Naruto jumped out of the ground with a ball of swirling chakra that was rotating in different directions in his right hand and the sound of static emitted from it.

"Raiton: Seitekigan (Static Sphere)!" Naruto slammed the attack into Brick's torso making the man skid back a little. Brick eyes widened as he felt a large amount of pain tear through his gut and cried out in pain as he was sent flying backwards from the force of the attack and hitting the ship hard enough to rattle it and leave his indent on it. Brick slumped down due to the amount of pain he felt, fell from the dent in the ship's bow, and hits the ground hard, while cracks formed around him.

"Impressive. Very Impressive. I guess I was right to pick you out." Ravager praised while folding her arms until the sounds of sirens were heard and she frowned. "Looks our celebration is gonna be short."

"Yeah too bad. I was gonna ask you to join me in raiding one of the Yakuza's HQ." Naruto said in a mock hurt tone.

"Maybe some other time Arashikage but now let's make ourselves scarce." She said.

"Good idea." He placed a hand on her shoulder which made her wonder what he was gonna do. "Brace yourself as this trip will make you lose your lunch." They suddenly disappeared in a flash of yellow while Police cars appeared at the crime scene.

A yellow flash appeared on the rooftop of the S.T.A.R. facility next to a tri pronged kunai. Ravager blinked a few times but then her face turned green when she felt her stomach churn and ran to the side off the rooftop and heaved. Naruto on the other hand sweat drops at the sight.

"I told you to brace yourself or you'd lose your lunch Ravager." He stated.

"Shut up. How did you do that trick anyway? Are you able to teleport?" She asked the blonde who picked up the Hiraishin Kunai.

"In a way yes but not the way those sorcerers or magicians do. My version is a little more effective and advanced." He answered.

"I'll take your word for it." She then looked at her watch and sighs. "Well I have to head back to my hideout. Let's team up again Kage and who knows. Maybe the next time we spar I'll fight you for real." She said eye smiling while walking backwards and leaping off the roof.

"I look forward to both." He paused for a few minutes but then his eyes widened. "Oh crap Yuriko's gonna skin me for not calling her back about the stolen discs. I am so grounded." He muttered. "Oh well at least I got to meet Ravager. She was kind of hot and that outfit… oh great now Kakashi-nii-san and Ero-kyofu (Perverted GodFather) have rubbed off on me. Damn perverts."

Ravager landed in her hotel room through the opened window and she suddenly sneezed. "What the? Someone is talking about me. Probably the blonde ninja though I don't blame him." She said with a smirk on her face and started to remove her mask.

And Cut! Here's the next chapter folks just as I promised. Now the next chapter will be a timeskip where Naruto and Ravager are both 18. During the timeskip, Naruto decided to travel around the world for a while and during his travels encountered a few hero's and villains. The next chap will also be the start of when Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad break into Cadmus. Until Next Time Peace out folks^^.