Young Justice: Arashikage

Hey folks I'm back with another chapter for Young Justice Arashikage. Before I get started I wanted to inform you all about Naruto. He'll be creating his own group that are similar to the Covert Group Batman creates with the difference being that killing is an option but only if it's necessary. Also The Light will be included in the story but their true goal will remain unknown until the next several chapters. The invasion part will be altered in the story and will differ. Also for those who were wondering about the villains like Harley and Ivy they won't be playing as villains in the story if anything they'll normally be grey or neutral.

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Chapter 8: Snake Hunt

Gotham City Docks

August 7th 8:35 P.M.

On top of a warehouse, a shadowed figure was silently stalking around the rooftop until he found a hatch. He crouches down and pulls it out but then stops to scan his surroundings for anything odd. He then hops into the opening and lands on the ground with a crouch. "Were you followed?" A figure asked in the darkness and his answer was a snort from the other figure in the shadows.

"Of course not, I've been doing this for a long time." The gruff voice replied back with annoyance lacing off his voice. He stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself to be none other than Lawrence 'Crusher' Crock AKA Sportsmaster.

He is a tall, strongly-built man, cutting an intimidating figure with short blond hair. His face is covered by a gray hockey mask, which only reveals his brown eyes. He wears what seems like a sleeveless blue muscle shirt, with a collar that covers some of his neck along with arm and elbow pads on both arms and fingerless gloves. On his left arm, he has metal plates attached that act very much like armor. He wears black pants with pockets that hold his weapons. He also has a belt that acts very much like the utility belt: holding various types of high-tech, sports-themed weaponry.

The other figure chuckles in the shadows. "My apologies, you are after all the best in working in the shadows, next to me of course." The figure walks out of the darkness as well, revealing himself to be none other than Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze who was in his civilian clothes. "So did you manage to bring it?"

Sportsmaster nodded and shuffles through his pocket, pulling out an External Hard Drive and tosses it to Naruto who caught it. "It wasn't easy getting this data kid just be sure it's put to good use." He informed his fellow blonde.

"Don't worry I will and I take it your bosses have no idea about your double crossing?" Naruto asked and got a nod from the man.

"They have no idea about this at all. I told you, I've been in this business longer than you've been born and I know the last thing I need is to get caught." Sportsmaster replied back before pulling off his mask, revealing his face. "So tell me how are my wife and kids are doing?"

Naruto smirks while he placed his hands in his pockets. "They're doing well actually. Artemis is excelling well in archery and to the point where she could pin a fly to the wall without killing it." He chuckles at the dry joke. "Jade is as sly as ever and still wants to kick your ass six ways till Sunday." The 18 year old ninja heard the man mumble a 'no surprise there' since he had to 'hunt' Jade down for running from the League of Shadows a few years back.

"And Paula? How's she handling things in her current condition?" Lawrence asked.

"Why don't you ask her?" The man raised a brow but then they both rose up as he saw Paula roll out of the shadows in her wheel chair and look back at the shocked expression of her husband.

"P-Paula?" He stuttered out as she rolled up to him.

"Hello Lawrence, it's been awhile." She said back to the father of her children. His expression went from shocked to angry but not at Paula. He glares back at Naruto who stares back in a stoic fashion.

"Why did you bring her here?" He growled in a low but angry tone.

"I asked him to bring me here because I wanted to see you." She answered in Naruto's stead. Lawrence on the other hand didn't looked too pleased at the response and still glared at the young blonde.

"Glare all you want old man. I may be The World's Greatest Ninja but I know better than to cross a woman especially one like your wife here." Naruto muttered with his arms folded, looking the other way.

A blank expression formed on Lawrence's face and couldn't help but inwardly agree with Naruto's logic when it came to women. "Lawrence," He looked down at his wife's calm form but noticed the pleading look in her eyes. He lets out a sigh and brushes his hair back.

"Fine, can you give us some time alone for a sec?" He requested. Naruto nods and steps back into the shadows and out of plane sight. The two couple look at each other for what seemed like forever before the man spoke. "How are you doing honey?" Lawrence mentally cursed himself for asking his wife a stupid question like that but he received a smile from his question on her well-being.

"I'm doing fine dear and despite my current 'condition' I am getting a lot of help from Artemis, Jade, and from Naruto. He takes a lot of time out of his day to make sure I'm doing fine." She answered with a smile and then her expression turned serious. "Though I am curious to know when you were going to tell me about your role as his 'informant' in the shadows."

Although Lawrence didn't show it, he inwardly grimaced at the serious expression on his wife's face since he hasn't seen that look in a long time and when she usually does, someone is either on the verge of getting hurt or killed. "Do you understand the danger you're putting yourself in?"

"Paula please I know what I'm doing." He said with a hint of annoyance in his tone. Paula on the other hand was trying not to roll her eyes at her husband's arrogant attitude.

"Really? Even after you nearly killed our eldest daughter a few years back?" She hissed in a low tone. "What were you thinking?"

Lawrence on the other hand narrows his brown eyes at hers, matching her glare to glare. "Do you honestly think I would actually kill my own daughter? I may be a lot of things Paula but I would never take the life of my own kid. I'm not a mindless killer like that Zsasz character and if I hadn't gone after her, Ra's would've sent someone else and when I say someone else, I mean White Tiger."

The retired assassin gasps out in shock when he mentioned that cold blooded killer who had it out for Jade when she joined the Shadows and easily rose up in the ranks. "I should get going, the longer I stay here, the more suspicious Ra's will get." He turned to walk away but after his third step, he stopped when he felt his hand being held in a pair of smaller ones. He turns around, his sharp brown eyes staring back in the dark grey eyes of his wife.

"Lawrence please, at least talk to me if only for a few minutes." She asked softly. Said man closed his eyes in thought for a few seconds and sighs, getting down on one knee to meet his wife's eyes.

"Alright" He agreed, "The kid told me you've been going to physical therapy for the past two months. Any signs of life?" He glanced at her legs and she noticed a hint of guilt and anger in his but not at her, it was directed to himself because during their last 'mission' the laser point of a S.W.A.T. sniper was aimed at him and he was unaware of it due to the fight between him and some bodyguards. Paula who was Huntress at the time noticed and instantly pushed him out of the way. The only thing the man heard at first was the sound of gun fire and when he recovered from his shock, he saw the unconscious form of his wife with a bullet hole near the area of her spinal column bleeding out on the pavement.

She smiled at the form of concern in his voice and nods. "A little, right now I'm able to move my hips around more efficiently and so far, I can wiggle three out of five toes on each foot."

A small smile rose one the side of his face, showing he was pleased with the slow but steady results. "That's good to hear, still conditioning?"

"Yes dear I'm still exercising. My kicks won't be as effective as they use to be but I still have my fists. That and my skills with a crossbow have improved and I keep a set of Kunai and Shuriken on my person just in case." She said and pats her purse, emphasizing she always left the house prepared for anything. Lawrence chuckles and shakes his head in amusement.

"And you wondered what it was that made me fall in love with you." He remarked before feeling her hands wrap around one of his.

"I have to be honest Lawrence I don't like what you're doing." Paula said. He was about to give her his reasons but she spoke up once again. "Working for Ra's is one thing but being a double agent is just as dangerous."

Lawrence placed his other hand around her smaller ones and gives them a comforting squeeze. "I know honey but this is the only way this whole thing can end faster. I'm still getting Intel on The Light's objectives since I'm one of the agents among their ranks and they don't suspect a thing."

"I understand that but still…" a wave of different emotions rushed through her and she closed her eyes in order to get herself in check since she didn't want to look weak in front of her husband. "…Promise me you'll be careful… if things start to look bad you get out."


"Promise me!" She snapped back, surprising her husband, but what surprised him the most were the tears that formed in her eyes and the anger in them. Never in his life had he seen her shed one tear except for when she had Jade and Artemis but that was due to her conceiving them. "I've lost too much in my life and I am not going to lose the only family I have left in this world. It took me 6 years in prison to realize that." Her expression softened and tears flows down her cheeks as she gazed into her husband's eyes. "You have no idea how much I worry about our daughters and you Lawrence and to lose any of you now would break my heart greatly."

From the shadows, Naruto watched the ordeal and inwardly smirked as he saw the man's eyes soften if only slightly. "Promise me you'll get out if things start to look dire for you Lawrence, promise me." She begged in a chocked voice, sobbing a little.

Lawrence sighed softly and proceeded to gently brush her tears away. "Okay Paula, if things get out of hand I'll get the hell out of dodge. I promise." He answered. Paula looked up to see him smiling. She knew her husband would never lie or deceive her in any way unless it was absolutely necessary.

Paula then places both hands on the sides of his face and gently rubs his rugged features. "Thank you Lawrence, I love you."

"I love you too Paula." He leans forward and they engage into a passionate kiss for a few seconds and then part. "Wow it's been awhile since we've kissed liked that." Paula blushed at the teasing grin etched on his face and giggled before hearing a cough.

"Are you two quite done or do I need to leave the warehouse so you two can 'catch up'?" Naruto asked from the shadows, causing Paula to blush at the implication but Lawrence glared at him.

"Shut up brat." Lawrence growled before checking his watch. "Time for me to go dear and Naruto you better look out for Paula and my little girls or there will be hell to pay." He warned the blonde ninja.

"Sure thing old man." Naruto answered back, resulting in the Agent of the Light to mumble about 'brats showing no respect to their elders these days' before giving Paula one final kiss, pulling his mask on and heads out of the Warehouse.

Arkham Asylum

"Alright Harleen Quinzel, Pamela Isley starting today, you two will be on a three week probation period and if you both show progress then the parole will be lifted and you two will be free women." The Parole Officer, Henry Thompson informed the two as he shuffled some paperwork. Harley had a megawatt grin on her face while Ivy looked impassive. Harleen was wearing a white sleeveless buttoned dress shirt with a pair of dark red pants and shoes with her hair in a single ponytail. Pamela wore a simple sleeveless dark green dress that stopped above her knees with a red rose on the right side of her chest with a pair of green sandals.

The door behind them opened up, revealing none other than Naruto and Rose who had her hair covering the left side of her face. "Hey ladies." Naruto greeted and once again was glomped by Harley, much to Rose's ire due to her brow twitching and her arms folded against her chest. Pamely on the other hand looked intrigued and amused at the sight. "Hello Rose." Ivy greeted, getting a nod from the white haired girl.

Harley stopped hugging the 18 year old ninja and smirks. "Hiya Rosie." Harleen greeted and got a glare from her.

"Rose, you promised to be nice to Harley-chan today." Naruto reminded his girlfriend. Harley waved happily at the daughter of the terminator with a bright smile on her face only for Rose to turn her head sharply away from her. Henry stared at the scene in wonder but didn't dwell on it for too long.

"Okay… Mr. Namikaze if you would be so kind as to sign these papers…" He suggested. Naruto nodded and signed the release forms, handing them back to the parole officer and then receiving another copy. "Okay then that is all and good luck, God knows you'll need it." He said the last part as quietly as possible getting a chuckle from the blonde.

"Don't worry I think I'll manage." He said before Harley wrapped her arms around his left arm.

"Come on Whiskers time's a wastin." The former sidekick of the Joker said as she pulled him out of the officer's office with Rose mumbling to herself and Ivy following behind.

The Safe House

The safe house Naruto and Rose took Harley and Ivy to was a two story building that was located outside the city of Gotham in a forested area. "Here we are ladies, home sweet home." Naruto said as he pulled out a key and unlocks the door. After opening it, he lets Harley and Pam enter first and when he switched the lights on, they gasped at the sight before them. The place was well decorated with fine furniture, pictures, antiques, etc. Hanging on the wall was a 55 inch LCD Toshiba Smart TV with a surround sound Blue Ray theatre system that was perched onto a TV stand.

There were also two computer desks each with a Gateway Mac Desktop complete with speakers, a mouse, and keyboard. "My god…" Pamela whispered while Harleen simply gawked at how beautiful the place was. Even Rose was impressed at the place and whistled lowly.

"Wow Naruto this place must've cost you a fortune." She said, getting a chuckle from her boyfriend.

"It barley put a dent in my account. I've been sprucing this place up for the last couple of weeks." He replied while the female duo looked stunned beyond words. "And if you think this is awesome just wait until you see upstairs." Naruto then lead Harley and Pam up the stairs with Rose following.

Second Floor

"Oh…My… God…" The two said at the same time as they gazed at the site before them. On the left side of the room it looked like a mix between a circus and miniature amusement park while the right side looked similar to a greenhouse complete with a large variety of plants and flowers as well as outdoor accessories like fountains, three small ponds, etc.

"I take it you both like it?" Naruto asked, grinning at their stumped expressions.

"I LOVE IT!" Harley squealed and once again pulled Naruto into a hug, pressing his head against her bosoms with said blonde flushing slightly at the hug. Rose's brow twitched as she witnessed the Ex- Criminal smothered her boyfriend and if looks could kill then Harley would be dead by now. Said female blonde paused in her hug due to hearing animalistic laughter and paws padding on the floor. "Bud? Lou?" Harley asked and from the shadows, the two Hyenas were running towards their master panting happily.

Harley's face lit up and unknowingly dropped Naruto on the ground, face flat, getting a snicker from Rose and an amused chuckle from Pam. "My babies!" She cried as she knelt down with her arms wide opened and embraced the two Hyena's who laughed happily and licked her face, getting a giggle from her. "Mommy missed you too." She cooed as they licked and nuzzle her face.

"Ow." Naruto manage to get back up, rubbing the back of his head but smiles as he saw Harley sweet talking to her two Hyenas. Pamela went over the garden side, inspecting the flowers and other plants and gently brushed her hands against the petals of a Red Rose.

"They're so beautiful and healthy." She said with admiration in her voice and smiles at the blonde sage.

Naruto on the other hand grinned at her compliment on the vegetation. "What can I say? I'm gifted" He said, "That and due to my unique energy source, the plants here are not only stronger but can live in any climate." He explained to the former botanist who took a whiff of the rose's scent before releasing a sigh of approval.

"Hey foxy quick question" Harley called out, getting his attention "This place is only known to us right?" Naruto nodded at her answer. "So there is no way Batman can find this place?"

Naruto pondered on it and shook his head. "Nope, I personally created this place and no one except for me, Rose, you two, and a few close friends whom I can trust with my life know about my safe houses. That and as a precaution a barrier forms around the place that is undetectable and impenetrable to the humans, meta humans, and aliens. Not even Superman's vision or strength could penetrate the barrier."

Harley was confused for a moment but simply nodded before scratching bud behind the ear. Rose pulled out her iPhone to see what time it is and slips it back into her pocket. "Naruto," She called out. He turned to her and saw her tap her wrist and nods.

"Got it, sorry to cut this short ladies but we've got to meet up with a contact of ours in a little bit so feel free to explore the rest of the place but stay on the premises because the seals around the house activated automatically every hour or so and only I can deactivated the defense understood?" They both nodded at the blonde ninja and he along with Rose headed out.

"Bye foxy, by Rosie and tell Mister D I said hi." Harley said, waving her hand in a goodbye gesture. Rose on the other paused in her walk and gave Naruto a blank look.

"Mister D?" She questioned and wondered if the psychologists in Arkham were sane when they considered Harley to be 'cured'.

"Would you have preferred if she called your old man Mister TT?" Naruto asked the daughter of the world's greatest mercenary and again got a sigh from her.

"Knowing my dad he'd probably kill just for even thinking of the name." She muttered but Naruto heard it and chuckled.

Santa Prisca

Venom Factory

Kobra stood over a balcony with an arrogant smirk on his face as he heard his subjects chant his name. The reason why is because not too long ago his group manage to take over the island as well as round up Bane and his men in a factory where they created the Neo-Steroid Venom. After the takeover Bane was given a chance to gain freedom and reclaim the facility if he defeated their champion.

He agreed to it and was given his Venom power up device while Shimmer, his right hand had injected her brother Mammoth with an experimental serum called Kobra-Venom which was a mixture of the Neo Steroid and the Blockbuster formula developed by Cadmus and somehow required it under unknown sources. The effects resulted in Mammoth transforming in a muscle bound behemoth and was stronger and faster than Bane. The mutated human took bane down consecutively despite the man being enhanced with Venom.

Kobra is very tall, towering over many people. His eyes are red with black rings around them, high cheek bones and coupled with his muscular build, he is an intimidating figure. His skin is very pale, almost grayish and his head is completely bald, though it is only revealed when he takes off his red cape, which features a snake-like hood, with two fangs and sharp, orange eyes. He sported a pair of black pants with a yellow belt that features a snake symbol on the buckle.

He also wears long red greaves has with padded red gloves that cover most of his forearm. The gloves are red but they have a yellow streak encircling each end. On the back of his hand, the gloves have small yellow "eyes" and yellow fangs at the ends of each glove very much like the fangs of his hood.

"It would appear that the test is a success just as you predicted my Lord." Shimmer said getting a nod of agreement from her master.

"Indeed Shimmer. Our buyers will be most pleased with the results." The pale name said as he watched his subordinates remove Bane and his colleagues out of the factory. "Are the ampules ready for transport?"

The 18 year old girl nodded. "Yes sir, the case is ready and we also have several large shipments ready for transportation." Kobra's facial expression went from stoic to pleasing, knowing they were on schedule.

"Even more great news as I have other buyers who would be very interested in our product. Once our buyer comes to retrieve the sample, prepare the shipments to be transferred to our other bases of operation." He instructed.


From the shores of Santa Prisca, a giant emerald snake slithers out of the shallow water and descends into the dark jungle. It stops and coils up before opening its vast maw. Naruto was the first to exit out of the legless reptile's mouth followed by Ravager, Cheshire, and Artemis. The serpent then disperses back to its realm once everyone was out. "I'm never gonna use to that." Ravager commented as she stretched her limbs in order to get the kinks out.

"Maybe but it was a lot faster than taking a jet or a boat to the island." Cheshire reminded the daughter of Deathstroke. Artemis in the other hand was rubbing her arms.

"Speak for yourself I feel slimy." Artemis complained with a look of discomfort on her face, earning a chuckle from Arashikage.

"Don't worry it takes some getting use to when using my summons for transportation Artemis," He looked around the area to see nothing in particular "Any idea when the master thief will show up?" His response was a figure landing before them in a crouching position before standing up to his full height. From his appearance he seemed to be close to Kage's height. He was garbed in what appeared to be a black full body suit with what appeared to be laced with Kevlar. Attached to the suit were thin pieces of grey shoulder guards, arm guards, and shin guards over the boots that had steel-soles as well as ash grey like gloves that stopped around his forearm. Around his waist was a grey utility belt that contained a variety of weapons and tools.

On his gloves were two X's that were red and also one on his left pectoral muscle. He also wore a black cape that was red on the inside of it and in the same style as the dark knight. Concealing his entire head was a black mask that looked more like a protective helmet in appearance and over the eyes was a pair of built in red visors.

"What took you guys so long? Did Ravager get sea sick again?" Red X asked though his voice sounded more deeper and mechanical. Ravager rolled her eyes in annoyance at her brother's remark before realizing something.

"Say where's Jericho? I thought he was coming with you X?" She questioned.

"He had a date with that brunette he's been crushing on for the last 3 months and finally asked her out." A snicker escaped as he visualized his brother's embarrassed state when he asked that hot brunette out and was sweating bullets "I thought the poor guy was gonna faint when she said yes and dragged him off."

"Figures, why join his siblings on a recon mission at a tropical island where a super villain is smuggling neo-steroids when you can go on a date?" Rose remarked in a joking tone. Grant AKA Red X chuckled at the remark and then noticed Artemis.

"So who's the blonde chick with the bow and arrows? Arrowette?" Jade smiles at the jab but her sister wasn't amused at the name the master thief gave her.

"The names Artemis, I'm Cheshire's sister." She remarked.

"Oh so you're Jade's baby sister? You any good with that bow or are you just a Green Arrow fanatic?" He teased. Artemis looked miffed especially when she's being called a superhero fangirl.

"No I'm not a Green Arrow fanatic I just happen to like the color green and yes I am very good with a bow. I could pin a fly to wall by its wings without killing it." She stated as she prided herself in her skills with a bow and arrow despite the fact that her dad taught her how to wield one when she was younger.

Arashikage on the other hand coughs to get their attention. "As interesting as this is we do have a mission to do. So X what info did you get on this place?" The former Kage asked the master thief. Red X pulls out a circular device and clicks a button, causing a holographic screen to appear, showing the map of an island.

"Santa Prisca is an island that was once the location of a prison called Peña Duro which held the most vicious criminals on this coast before being shut down for illegal experimentations used on the inmates. The abandoned prison was later turned into a factory by a man named Bane," An image of a muscular masked man of Spaniard descent appeared "From what I gathered he was once a prisoner of the island for most of his natural life as well as a test subject for the Vemon formula and has made the island his base of operation for the neo steroid drug."

"Any possibility that we can fast forward through the history lesson?" Artemis asked and got a chuckle from Grant.

"Sure thing Archer Girl," Cheshire chuckles at the nickname her irritated sister was given and glared at the former shadow "Apparently the island was taken over by group of cultists we know as the Cult of the Kobra." He finished.

"Oh great the self-proclaimed living God has taken over the island. I knew I should've finished him off back in Blud Haven when he was recruiting new members and performing ritual sacrifices." Naruto muttered since the man set the underground cathedral to self-destruct after taking the man's arm and cutting his forces down to a minimum.

"Yeah and let's not forget he placed a bounty on your head for nearly taking his head off buddy. I just wish I was there to see you lop his arm off." Red X commented. Arashikage grinned under his mask and eyesmiles.

Oh don't worry I got the arm hanging on my mantel as a trophy," He joked before getting serious "Do you have any idea why he's interested in the Venom?"

Red X shook his head. " No clue but whatever it is it can't be good so I suggest we get a move on."

"Yeah but first big brother how do you know so much about Santa Prisca's history? I thought it was classified as top secret?" Rose questioned and knew her brother was grinning behind his mask.

"I didn't learn hacking just for the fun of it sis and Dad was one hell of an instructor." He answered "So what's the plan mister super ninja?"

As he placed the portable projector on the ground, the map grew and revealed a more distinguished form of the island while Naruto studied it for a few seconds. "Since the factory is located right in the center of the island it's possible Kobra's security would be guarding the front and the sides and leave several small squads to patrol the routes around it as a precaution and alert the base should they spot any intruders."

"And by doing that, they'll be spreading their forces out with a few guards patrolling the major key points in the factory." Artemis surmised and got a nod from Rose.

"And let's not forget the possibility of Kobra hiring heavy hitters to protect the factory and the Venom so we may encounter some mercenaries or meta-humans who are under his payroll." Ravage stated.

"So our best option is to keep to the shadows and avoid confrontation for now." Cheshire finished and got a nod from X.

"Correct so just to be safe, we'll spit up. Cheshire you and Artemis will take the eastern sector since the jungle fauna is more dense and larger you'll be able to easily blend in with your surroundings without being noticed and keep an eye out for any patrols. Ravager and X will take the western sector and take down any squads in order to minimize the security." He instructed.

"What about you Kage?" Ravager asked.

"I'll be searching for a clear route directly towards the factory and once that's done, I'll contact you all and we'll regroup at my location and X are you positive no one can hack into our wireless frequencies?" Kage asked and got a nod.

"Positive, I tested these babies and they are full proof and can't even be shut down by radio jammers if there is one inside the factory." He assured the ninja who nodded in satisfactory.

"Good, now move out." Artemis and Jade took off into the east section, Red X and Rose teleport away and Naruto leaps off in the middle of the forest.

Eastern Sector

Cheshire was on top of a tree branch scanning the area with the built in thermal scanners in her mask, searching for any forms of footprints or body signatures. Artemis was blending in with the fauna and moving silently on the ground with her bow and arrow ready. She goes behind a large tree and peeks over it before looking up at her older sibling who does a gesture saying the coast was clear and they could move ahead, getting a nod from her and they move forward.

Western Sector

The Wilson Siblings were watching a small squad of Kobra goons patrolling the jungle wielding Famas machine guns. Red X pulls out a round circular device and brings his arm back, waiting for the group to get closer to the middle. Ravager glances at her brother and nods, resulting in him throwing the smoke pellet towards the cultists.

A smoke screen exploded around them, causing the goons to cough out as the smokescreen blocked out their vision. The master thief watched as his sister leapt into the smog and beats the group down before the smoke cleared revealing their fallen forms and Ravager clapping the dust off her hands. "Nice work sis, couldn't have done any better." Grant commented as he landed next to her.

"Stop kissing up and help me tie these clowns up before more come around." She says but smiles at the small praise her brother gives her.

"Sure thing."

With Naruto

Arashikage was dashing through the forest like blur, stopping every few seconds to check if the route to the factory was clear. He was about to dash off again but stopped when he heard gunfire. "That's not coming from where Jade or Artemis are or near Rose and Grant's location."

"Kage do you hear gunfire?" Ravager asked through the communicator in his ear which he taps and nods.

"Yeah but it's far from where you and the others are located." He replied back.

"Should we regroup?"

"If possible meet up with Artemis and Cheshire. I'll catch up after finding the source of the gunfire and who else is on this island aside from us." Arashikage answered.

"Looks like the Snake Hunt's been put on hold for now bro." Red X commented and got a chuckle from Naruto.

"Seems that way X. I'll contact you guys once I find the source of whatever's causing chaos without inviting us to help out." Afterwards Naruto shimmers away in a gust of wind to his next destination.

And Cut! I know what you guys are thinking. Sportsmaster being Naruto's informant in the activities of The Light? It's crazy! Well not in my fic because from the Young Justice fics I read a few involving Sportmaster or Lawrence Crock not being a conceited and arrogant ass like he is in the Canon and if possible read the fic called knight or put in paring for Lawrence/Paula C and you'll understand.

Also regarding Naruto's abilities in the fic, he's not going to reveal all of his skills in the ninja arts and does hold back a great deal of his strength unless he's facing guys like Darkseid, Doomsday, Brainiac, Ultraman, or even Amazo. Basically he's doing what Nadara did in the manga when fighting the five kages, only revealing a small minimum of his true strength as he fights the strongest leaders of their respective village.

Aside from that Naruto is powerful but shows restraint since he's the successor of the Rikudo Sennin and vessel for the newly reformed Jubi (Oh Spoilers LOL!). Now if anyone has any suggestions for who else should join this group Naruto is forming I'm all ears and until then, Read Review, and have an awesome day^^.