Authors note: based on the season finale of CSI: Miami 'May Day'

Horatio stood only a few feet away from Natalia she was standing next to the old white car.

"You were supposed to help me!" the man cried out waving a gun around "my kids got taken away from me!" he looked over at Horatio.

Horatio had his gun drawn, ready for a fight. All the sudden in a blink of an eye. He heard a pop. Then a sharp pain in his stomach, he looked down.

There was blood on his hand. "What the hell" he whispered to himself. He tried remaining staying on his feet. But the pain over came him, falling to the ground all he could hear now was Natalia.

Natalia was being put into the trunk of this car. Her voice was loud but muffled. With all his energy Horatio tried to get up on his knees and he took a few shots. Trying to aim at the man who was causing all this.

The pain shot through his side and Horatio laid back down. All he could hear was the rumbling of the car moving off the dock.

Natalia was screaming. Inside the car she banged on the trunk "help, somebody help!" Splash.

The car hit the water.

She pulled her cell phone from her side. Not only wanting to use the light but call for help. She had tried calling. "the number you have tried calling is out of the service area, please hang up and try your call again' the voice prompted on the other end.

Natalia tried re-dialling the number. Busy signal. "What the hell, this cant be happening'. A rush of water filled the front of the car. She could feel the front of the car slowly sinking.

"Help help!" she screamed. As she felt the cold water hitting her back.

Horatio rolled over enough to be able to pick his head up. "Natalia" he whispered looking out. The car had vanished trying he looked for the car he saw the trunk of it visible in the blue water of Biscayne Bay.

"Natalia!" he cried out.

Reaching for his cell phone he called for help. He tried crawling towards the tip of the dock to have a closer look at where the car was.

The pain overcame him. He closed his eyes, trying to regulate his heartbeat, his breathes became slower and slower.

"Horatio" a women's voice called to him. "Horatio" it repeated. He thought the pain and the shock was playing games on him. Looking up he saw something. Or someone he hadn't seen a very long time.

Someone his heart wished he could have one more day with.

"Don't you close your eyes on me" she smiled. The women in the long white dress smiled at him.

He blinked his blue eyes at her. He couldn't believe it. Was it really?

"Marisol" he mumbled. She was casted in a white shadow; to him she was happy she looked exactly the same as she did on their wedding day.

"Yes, it's me" she kneeled down beside him looking at his wounds. He tried reaching for her.

"Your time isn't over yet" she said as his hand reached for his. She smiled at the gesture.

"I missed you" he whispered to her. "I've been with you the whole time" she reassured him.

Fade to black

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