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Marisol smiled at the redheaded man.

"You haven't changed since I seen you" she brushed his red hair out of his blue eyes. "You still look beautiful Marisol" his voice was rough and tired.

Does it hurt?" her smile became a frown "it does" he breathed through the pain. A tear ran down his cheek as he bit his lip as another sharp pain went through his body.

"Remember our first date?" she whispered trying to keep him awake and occupied.

This angel that had been kneeling in front of him was Marisol. Eric Delko's little sister. By the time they had met Marisol had already been diagnosed with cancer. But it didn't stop her from asking her redheaded angel out on a date.

She had asked him over for dinner. First he had declined, telling that it wouldn't be right, not only because he was Eric's boss and she was his sister. It just wouldn't be professional.

But with a little bit of persuasion, a sweet smile that had made Horatio melt at the knees he had accepted.

The memory of the next day floated into his mind.

He had been waiting for him in front of MDPD. He walked out without a sound seeing these dark-haired women he spent dinner with the night before. Smiling he had spoken her name. She turned unexpectedly to see him standing there.

She flashed that innocent smile that he had become to love. She had come to talk to him about the night before. How she enjoyed her time together and how they both enjoyed each other's company.

"I remember" he whispered trying to shift his wait and try to sit up. Horatio got himself to sit up still holding on to his stomach he didn't let go of the gun in his other hand.

He couldn't help but continue to look out into Biscayne Bay. The trunk of the car now was being swallowed up by the water.

"I know what you're thinking" Marisol followed Horatios gaze out to the water.

Horatio slowly turned and looked at her. "Natalia is going to be okay" trying to give him some hope, she watched him hang his head low. Not only feeling ashamed he couldn't help her but he didn't want to lose Natalia.

"No" he mumbled back to her. "Really Horatio she will be" Marisol nodded at him.

He looked at her confused. He didn't understand what she meant. The pain was increasing as the minutes went by her head was becoming fuzzy again he closed his eyes.

Natalia mentally began to prepare herself for the rush of water that was about to fill that tiny space she was locked in. She used her cell phone for light it was a small comfort for her. She found herself praying, thinking about her sister, the team and also worried about Horatio.

"Hey Nat" a man's voice echoed through the trunk. Grabbing her cell phone thinking she had got through a call. She shook her head and dismissed the voice.

"You got yourself in trouble again" the man laughed gently. "What?" Natalia looked around the trunk she knew she was alone, but where was this voice coming from?

"You always had my back, now it's time for me to return the favour" she looked over to her right. She saw a figure in a white dress shirt and dress pants lying next to her. She blinked her eyes, making sure they were adjusted to the darkness.

"What are you doing here" she shined the cell phone on the man's face to get a better look at him. He grabbed it from her. In a whining voice "man that bright!" He blinked closing the phone and handing it back to her.

"You can't be here, it's not possible"

"But I am, and it is" he smiled at her.

"You can't be real" she said in disbelief.

"Oh really" he raised his hand and pinched her on the arm.

"Ow!" Natalia cried out. Rubbing her arm "okay so I guess you are"

"How did you know I was..." she started to say.

"I've always been watching you guys, you need me here"

"But Horatio he's..." her sentence was cut off by the man again.

"He's fine, Marisol is with him"

"Marisol?" she repeated in surprise.

"Yes, he's going to be okay, your both going to be ok help is coming" he told her grabbing her hand and squeezing it.

Fade to black

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