Hello, this is Kylie Max! My friend have totally fallen in love with the Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy and have decided to write a fanfic collaboratively. Hope you enjoy! The title is Whisper, and may have some components from the series!

Disclaimer: We don't own the aspects of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series! Credit goes to the wonderful Maggie Stiefvater!

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I raced through the forest, paws barely brushing the forest floor due to my speed. The wind whipped through my silver fur and leaves curled up into the sky, pressing at the open blue and the puffy white clouds. The honey-colored sun warmed the dark earth, and the world felt perfect, for once in my life.

Warmth. I hadn't felt it in a while.

I bounded effortlessly over a rotting log, the scents of the inviting woods flooding my nostrils. A happy yip burst from my chest, and I paused, taking in the beauty of my wild, exotic home.

And then I saw her.

She was vaguely familiar, as if from a dream. Her light brown hair was hanging softly around her shoulders, eyes the soft gray of heather. She smelled sweet and clean and most of all, human. Noises fell from her rose colored lips, and although I couldn't understand them, I found them interesting. So I sat and listened to her.

And then they came.

Snarling with hunger and rage, they crowded her, dragging her down into the grass. She started screaming, a high-pitched bellow of pain and terror and defiance. Her body writhed and struggled beneath them, fighting to stay alive. The wolves snapped at her hair and grazed her skin with their teeth.

It was all so wrong. And all so horrible.

As I prepared to spring forward and defend the girl, the warmth overwhelmed me. It burned in my flesh, scalded my pelt, blinded my eyes.

I toppled a moan of my own escaping me.

My form curled and bunched, muscles tightening and clenching with cramping spasms, desperate for relief. My bones took shape, twisting me into another form, another life, another being. I bared my teeth in a snarl of agony, feeling myself become something else.

And as I was powerless to help the girl, she was powerless to help me.

They attacked her, the need for food giving them strength.

And then I was Kylie again, stinking of wolf and human altogether. I screamed until I was human and sound poured out of my mouth.

I lay shivering and I sobbed into the leaves and mud, realizing who this girl was for the first time.

Brooke. Brooke Waters, one of my few human best friends.

Brooke saw me through the throng of wolves and her cries grew increasingly louder and heightened in pitch. "KYLIE!" she shrieked. "KYLIE!"

But then Brooke was gone, a chocolate colored wolf with matching eyes in her place.

I stared back at her, and she stared at me. Her beautiful heather eyes were set in a wolf's body. The wolves shrank back from her, growls echoing in their throats. I was Kylie, and she was a wolf. She was no longer Brooke.

And I cried bitterly because I couldn't save her.

Short chappie, I know, but there's more to come!

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