So as I said before, we (my friend and I who are writing this story) have slowly stopped writing because school and other things are taking up our time to write (which is really bad). So we decided after looking over the chapters that we're going to terminate the old Whisper and rewrite it! So here is the second chapter, written by me, (which is a continuation of the first chapter of the old Whisper). I hope you enjoy! XD


"Mickey, shut up." I said. The cafe's bright florescent lights and the sun streaming through the glass did nothing to cover my blush. The muffled chittering of the surrounding people did nothing to stifle the words coming out of Mickey's mouth.

"Why? I can see you ogling at him." Mickey teased.

"Shut up, I said." I glared at him. I covered my hot cheeks with my frosty hands, which only made Mickey laugh harder. We were enjoying our last days as human together. Coffee seemed to warm us up all the time. Standing in line, we chatted quietly, or at least I was trying to.

The subject of Mickey's teasing and my attention, was the barista. The boy had fluffy (but neat) black hair almost as dark as Mickey's. It was swept across his forehead and eyebrows and came down around his ears. His eyes were a guarded blue and his skin was a caramel tan. He was fit and well toned and I felt myself starting to drifting into a day dream. He looked like he was the same age as I was, maybe older.

Snap, snap.

Mickey's fingers were shoved into my face as he snapped them. I jerked back but Mickey steadied me with a hand. He was older than I was, but only about a year. If we went to school, I'd be a sophomore and Mickey would be a junior. He was, however, several inches taller than I was and good looking. Several times during the summer when we were walking down the sidewalk, people would approach him and ask if he would be a model. His high cheekbones and square jaw were attractive. Several people would misunderstand and think I was his girlfriend sometimes. I'd see people do double takes or receive glares of jealousy and envy from passing girls.

"Can I take your order?" The guy asked. His name plate read COLIN.

"Sure I'll have a latte..." I said, wanting to make eye contact but ended up staring at his teeth. His teeth were absolutely white.

"And I'll have a hot caramel macchiato." Mickey said from behind.

"Of course. They'll be ready in a few. What's the name for the order?" Colin has a black sharpie poised as he lifted Mickey's cup from the dispenser.


"It's Kylie." I said quickly. Mickey looked surprised as he glanced at me but I tried to ignore him. "Kylie." I repeated. Colin's hand hesitated but then wrote down my name. I almost felt giddy as his hand muscles moved to form the letters.

We found a place to sit at a small table by the window. I sat with my body facing Colin so I could sneak glances at him. It was early afternoon and the day was beautiful. Not too hot but not so cool that Mickey and I risked shifting.

"What was that?" Mickey said when he sat down.

"Going for him," I smirked. "Wasn't that what you wanted?" Mickey scowled, but didn't argue. "Your face is going to stick like that if you don't change it." Which made Mickey scowl even more. Just then I heard my name from the counter. I shrugged at Mickey and stood to get our coffee.

Walking over to the counter where the warm coffee decadence sat was like walking to receive an Olympic medal. Colin pushed the the latte cup over to me and I spied something amazing.

Instead of the usual leaf deco made from the milk and the expresso, there was a cute little wolf face with a paw. Oh, the irony. Colin saw me admiring the latte art.

"Do you like it?" he asked. He cleaned up a few drips of other drinks as his partner manned the cashier. His long sleeved white shirt was rolled up to his elbows, giving him a very clean, artistic look.

"Of course. You might say I have a special... connection with wolves," I smiled mischievously. If only Colin knew my secret.

"Ah, don't we all," he gave a stunning smile back. He was referencing Riversteen's history. This town had an odd connection with wolves. Riversteen was located in Minnesota and had a particularly large forest that was home to one of the largest wolf packs. Many scientists come to observe the pack however, this particular pack has been elusive and sighting are rarely reported. The town's main profit was from tourism and exclusive photos of almost ever member of the wolf pack. The town had even given each identified pack member their own name. There was even a museum for the pack!

Before my face heated up again, I thanked him for the delicious coffee and made my way back to the table. Mickey had a mixed expression on his face. Something between amusement and annoyance.

"Have fun flirting with the pretty boy?" He said, his chin leaning on his palm.

"You're one to talk," I shot back and smiled playfully. Setting the caramel macchiato, Mickey took it and sipped on it. He spied the latte art and smiled.

"Cute," he mused. But then a flicker of concern crossed his features, his voice became really low as he leaned in. "Do you think he knows?" I raised an eyebrow and gave Mickey my 'are you kidding' look.

"Of course not," I said sipping the latte. I was reluctant to ruin the wolf, but the latte had to be sipped. It was asking for it. I closed my eyes to savor the tastes, noting the hints of vanilla and the deep coffee flavor. When I opened my eyes, I smiled contentedly.

"What?" Mickey frowned. He was asking about my coy smile.

"Oh, I was just thinking about what a shame it is."

"What is?"

"How Colin," I jerked my head towards him, who was now serving another customer. "Is a human. About what a shame it is that I'm not." Mickey sighed and scratched the back of his head.

"But that's what I'm here for," he blushed.

"l know..." I shrugged. "But I'm a girl. I can look at other guys."

Mickey looked uncomfortable, but eventually eased out of his bad we finished our coffee, Mickey and I got up to leave. I went back up to the counter to give the porcelain cup and saucer back.

"Thanks for the latte," I called out to Colin. He looked up from the drink he was making and nodded, giving a slightly lopsided smile. He held up a finger to tell me to wait. Mickey stood by the door, the scowl returning to his face.

When he finished with the drink he took the sharpie in one hand and held out the other.

"May I?" he asked. Very gentlemanly. I chuckled and held out my hand. He took my hand and wrote his number down. When he was done, he mouthed the words 'call me' and held his thumb and pinky to the side of his face. I smiled back and winked.

When I returned to Mickey, he gave me a pointed look and shook his head. We finally exited the coffee shop and walked back to the pack's house.

It really was a shame that Colin was human. After all, I was part of the Riversteen pack, and the warm summer air was fleeting.

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