Looking at the wall

The wall held all of NCIS's most wanted. Many already had red "X" marks through the photos. They were either captured or killed.

Tony was working at his desk, it was late on Sunday night and they were getting nowhere on the P2P killer. Taking a moment to look up from his computer monitor to stare at the wall of "MOST WANTED" he saw the directory himself walk over to the wall and stare a moment before adding a big red "X" over one of the photos. It took Tony and everyone else a moment to see who was caught or killed. Black was for caught and heading to Gitmo, red was for killed. The photo the director was putting the "X" on was red and it was on the picture of leader of Al Qaeda Osma bin Laden.

He's dead! Tony thought as the directory finished putting the mark on. He soon joined the loud cheer that resounded throughout entire NCIS building. At the same moment someone turned up the sound of the ZNN broadcast on the plasmas. People stopped working and gathered to hear the president speak about this momentous moment in history.

Tony had his arm around Ziva who was standing next to him as they listed to the president's speech and for a moment they both smiled. "He's dead Zi" "Yes he is Tony"

Once the speech ended even Gibbs was smiling as he said back to work people we have our own killer to catch.

A/N: kind of surreal the bastard is dead…