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Two weeks later and Gibbs was staring at the wall of the NCIS most wanted, thinking of all they had lost. Good agents and military personal they lost trying to track that bastard Bin Laden down. He had mixed feelings about the death of the Al Qaeda leader. He was glad he was dead but fearful of who would take his place.

Instead of focusing on the remains of the Al Qaeda terror network, he is thinking about the P2P killer and the loss of his friend. Catching the P2P killer is now his number one priority. With a name and a face to go with the P2P killer, Lt Jonas Cobb, created as an assassin for the CIA. Damn spooks! DAMN F-King spooks… He thought as is fist clenches and unclenches.

Cobb's capture has suddenly become NCIS's most important case. He is now numero uno on the NCIS's most wanted. That bastard killed Mike it suddenly is personal for Jethro and he wants vengeance for his friend. He wants the bastard dead.

Gibbs was stared at the wall a little longer thinking about his friend and mentor and friend. He missed him already. Now that they had laid him to rest, all he could think was how Mike died made him realize that he came into this world on his own terms and this is just how he went out.

Just as his thoughts were turning to Amira and her mother, his phone rings. "Gibbs"

"Boss we have a lead" said DiNozzo over the phone. "Grab your gear" and he sets off to catch the bastard.