So… This came to me tonight while I was reading another Faberry fanfiction called 'Glee RachelQuinn' by canyouseewhatisee (which you should def check out!)

It wasn't so much the fanfic but the song that caught my eye; it had also caught my eye during the episode (Lea Michele, you are absolutely amazing), but I didn't really have an exact fic in mind during it. I was a bit too blinded with disgust at the Finchel-ness and my hate of it, Fuinn, and Quinn hatin' on Rachel. Though I did love the episode.

I'm digressing… ANYWAYS. This fic came to mind and I acted on it, spending roughly an hour and a half on it.

(P.S. It happens to be 1:13AM, I'm a complete nightowl, but if this sucks, blame it on that)

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I'd possibly suggest listening to the song while reading, though I may just be saying that because I think you should listen to the amazingness that is Lea singing said song. Here's a handy-dandy little link: www. youtube watch?v=x7IcgmaaEjw



Rachel took a deep breath as she stepped into the choir room. Nerves weren't anything new to her (it would've shocked most people, but Rachel Berry was not immune to being nervous); but this was something else entirely. Even the moments before performing 'Get It Right' hadn't been as terrifying for her. That song had forced the brunette to open up, but this performance would be soul bearing on a whole other level. Rejection was inevitable, but it would still probably break her.

's assignment of the album 'Rumors' had seemed easy to the singer, until she re-listened to the album and came across this song. She couldn't stop listening to it; her Top 25 playlist on iTunes showed that it was about fifty plays ahead of every other, even 'My Favorite Things'.

It had shattered the barrier she'd placed around the feelings she'd been harboring since freshman year, when she'd locked gazes with hazel eyes filled with regret, before having a grape slushy thrown into her face by the eyes' owner.

She knew it was messed up, falling for the person who proceeded to make her school life a living hell. Chasing after the boyfriend simply to have a reason to interact with them. Each argument and insult had been welcomed pain; loving the attention, even as the negativity of it cut deep into her heart.

Now Rachel's actions were about to boarder on masochism. Showing her feelings, though she knew they were one-sided.

"So, who's ready to present their 'Rumors' piece?" The brunette's head shot up, she had been so lost in thought that she hadn't noticed the Spanish teacher entering the room.

Another deep breath was taken as she tentatively raised a hand.

pointed towards her. "Alright, Rachel, show us what you've got."

Crossing to the front of the room slowly with her head bowed, she missed everyone staring in shock at the diva's lack of her usual confidence.

"Um… This doesn't exactly follow the assignment of rumors, though it will confirm a rumor before it can even start." She nervously tucked a piece of hair behind her ear before nodding towards the band. As the intro played the singer closed her eyes, forcing her body to relax and flow with the beat.

Lovin' you...isn't the right thing to do

Whipping her head up, she shocked everyone in the room again by looking straight past the boy they thought the song was dedicated to; instead once more locking chocolate orbs with hazel counterparts.

How can I ever change things ...That I feel

She shook her head self-deprecatingly as the expected shock and confusion shown in the other girl's eyes before they became blank, blocking all emotion.

If I could ... Maybe I'd give you my world
How can I ... When you won't take it from me

A familiar ache built up in the singer's chest. Her teammate would never share her feelings, so why was she setting herself up for further reason to be ridiculed?

You can go your own way Go your own way
You can call it ... Another lonely day
You can go your own way Go your own way

Rachel shrugged; acknowledging the fact that the girl didn't feel the same; that this wasn't some hopeful attempt to win her affections, but simply something the brunette needed to express.

Tell me why ... Everything turned around
Packing up ... Shackin' up's all you wanna do

If I could ... Baby I'd give you my world
Open up ... Everything's waiting for you

You can go your own way Go your own way
You can call it ... Another lonely day
You can go your own way Go your own way

As the instrumental played she glanced around the room, taking in the expressions of the other students. Stopping on Santana, the diva took in the longing gaze directed at the blonde sitting on Artie's lap. Looking towards Finn, she saw his disbelief and confusion. Glee was one big soap opera, filled with love triangles, heartbreak, unrequited love, longing and so much more. It was a mess of hormones that left permanent emotional and mental scars. Rachel wondered if school wasn't really there to teach, but rather to try to contain the insanity that was adolescence.

Turning back to the object of her own unrequited affection, she proceeded to give an example of what she'd explained to Sue Sylvester about being a diva. 'Being a diva is all about emotion. In fact you feel so much emotion that it cannot be physically contained. Sometimes you have to close your eyes, and turn your head! And push! Push your feelings away they're that big!'

You can go your own way Go your own way
You can call it ... Another lonely day
You can go your own way Go your own way

You can go your own way
You can call it another lonely day
You can go your own way

Finishing the song, she quickly grabbed her bag and walked out, not bothering to stick around for her club mates' reactions.


So… I actually don't know whether to make this more than a one-shot… I guess leaving the ending semi-unresolved left me considering more. It'd probably only be like… A two shot (I do have two fics I am in the midst of attempting to write chapters, and get over my writer's block, on). What do you think?

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