Authors Note/Summary: Just because parts of it seems like it, THIS IS IN NO WAY BASHING DAMON. I love Damon, and I love Stefan, and I love Katherine. This is from the point of view of Katherine, so I am trying to show Damon through her eyes and she's conflicted on him. The last line (which you shall have to read) is meant to be a bit confusing, because she does love both of them after all, so it's however you want it to be about that it's about. Haha.

Warning: Spoilers for 2x22 and mild spoilers for and 2x12.

Katherine wasn't sure how to feel. A part of her was loving what Stefan was going through, rejoicing in the fact that evil Stefan would choose her over Elena, no doubt about it. Only problem was, Evil Stefan would be like Damon. And Katherine didn't love Damon, did she? Not like she loved Stefan.

Stefan who was good and pure, even when it came to matters of the heart. If you were evil, he tried to fix you. She'd come to adore that sense of wholesomeness, something which Damon lacked. Love clouded him, and Katherine didn't very much like it.

The fact of the matter was, she liked what Stefan was doing. Sacrificing himself in order to save his brother. If Stefan had been bitten would Damon have made the same choice? Would Damon have even looked for a cure? Katherine didn't think so, after all Rose is dead, and she was with Damon.

Suddenly, no part of Katherine likes what Stefan's going through. And right when she feels utterly selfless for the first time in years, Klaus whispers of leaving. She'll be free. Katherine snatches the blood, and runs. She never thinks of Damon.

But then, as she runs outside she freezes, and Stefan comes to mind. His sacrifice for Damon, and the look in his eyes when she ran outside. The look of defeat. He's giving up everything for him, and if Damon dies…

She hesitates, contemplating. She can lie to herself, say she doesn't care but she loves both of them. Not to the same extent, but enough. She loves Stefan enough, and that was isn't a lie, no matter how hard she tried to make it.

So she runs to the Salvatore house, and once there she'll lie and say she owed Damon one, when she'll know, that she's being selfless for Stefan.

Besides, after all, she loves him, and theres a chance he might die.

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