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No mans land

Misaki Ayuzawa, the demon president of Sekai high. A girl who was feared by all men. No men dared to look her in the eye, let alone touch her. Except him, of course. He did what no man dared to do.

It was just like any other boring day Usui thought as he strolled through the hallways, ignoring the whispers and heart-shaped stares from the girls. His mind drifted to plans on what he should do with his cute little maid that day. Speak of the devil, he thought as he spotted the girl who had been on his mind.

He flashed one of his famous smirks at her, in return, Misaki only looked away avoiding his intent gaze as her cheeks heated up. Then a sudden cheeky idea struck him as Misaki passed him, and his eyes flashed mischievously.

And that's when you know nothing good is going to happen next…


Misaki widened her eyes on the impact. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at the commotion. Heat crept up Misaki's face, turning it a tomato red. Whether it was from embarrassment, or from anger was unknown.


And all hell broke lose. Usui Takumi, just did what no man dared to do and entered no-men's land. He just slapped the demon president's butt.

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