Hello readers! This is a rewrite of my original fan fiction NARUTO RISING STORM. The reason for the rewrite is that I got some new ideas to add to the story. So don't go saying that it is stupid to do a rewrite. The basic plot remains similar to the original fiction.

Chapter 1 – Graduation

Today was the biggest day in the life of one Uzumaki Naruto. The twelve year old was currently sitting in an empty classroom as he waited for the arrival of his classmates and teachers. Today was the day when he will be giving a graduation exam which will make him an official ninja of Konohagakure. He would be a step closer to his dream of being the greatest Hokage of Konoha.

Slowly and steadily the class started to fill with the students that he had studied with for the past five years. Throughout the years he had only made friend with a couple of students only because they had shared the same interests which were sleeping, eating and pranks.

Finally the two teachers entered the class who had been the ones that were conducting the exams for the past two days. One was Iruka while the other was Mizuki. Naruto for his part only liked Iruka of all the academy teachers that had thought the classes so far. The said man was the only teacher that was actually concerned with Naruto's learning. Most of the teachers saw it fit to ignore the blonde and some even went as far as trying to sabotage it. But even through all this Naruto was doing well in the academy.

The first day of the exams was the on the theory knowledge for one to be a ninja from mathematics to chakra Knowledge and also likes of History. The second day it was on physical aspects of ninjas which included taijutsu and weapons. Naruto had barely scored a passing grade in the theory exams while he was among the top ten in the practical exams only beaten by a few Heirs of Konoha's most revered clans.

Today's exam consisted of the nin-gen-jutsu aspects of shinobis. Each student was to perform the henge, bunshin and kawarimi no jutsus. In Naruto's view only the kawarimi no jutsu was something that could actually used by ninjas in a fight since his mind always wondered of the cool fights he would have when he would be a ninja. But also the blonde never denied the usefulness of henge no jutsu since it had helped him in some sticky situations and also while playing pranks. He felt that the bunshin no jutsu was one of the most stupid jutsu ever created since a trained ninja could easily spot the difference between the original and clone but the main reason was he still couldn't form a bunshin of himself.

He watched as Iruka gave a good luck speech to all the eager-to-be-ninjas and then entered the room adjacent to commence the exams. One by one students were called upon into the room to perform the said jutsus. Until now all the students that had entered the room had come out wearing Konoha's hitai-te be it on their forehead, waists or arms signifying they had passed the exams.

"UZUMAKI NARUTO…" spoke the voice of Iruka from the speaker loud and clear.

It was finally his turn as he quietly got from his seat and walked towards the room. On his way he watched most of the class glaring at him and sending dirty looks towards him while some called him 'dobe (dead last)'. The glares and dirty looks were something Naruto was familiar with as he could remember such looks given to him by mostly all of Konoha as young as he could remember. But till date he could never understand the prospect of almost everyone in the class and also the entire academy called him a dobe. The only thing he was a dobe was the theory section but still they needed a reason to laugh and tease him.

He entered the adjacent classroom in which the two examiners were sitting and the exams were being conducted. He silently listened as Iruka went into what he had come to describe as 'Lecture Mode' and spoke of the usefulness of the three jutsus. He somehow was able to keep his complete attention to the said lecture even though he had heard it about a hundred times by now.

"Good Luck, Naruto!" said Iruka with a smile on his face.

Naruto first went onto perform the henge no jutsu and was really tempted to use his special version of the jutsu. He finally decided on the Sandaime and transformed into the said old man.

Iruka checked on to the transformation and found no flaws in it and he didn't think there would be any since in front of him stood the blonde creator of the most dreaded jutsu. The transformation earned Naruto full points in the register.

The second jutsu Naruto used was the kawarimi no jutsu as he substituted himself with a plant in the room.

Iruka went on to check on the minute details of the jutsu and this one also earned Naruto a full points.

It was finally time for Naruto to perform the third and the final jutsu and earn his hitai-te. But this same jutsu caused a concerned look to pass on both the instructor's face. The blonde in front of them though not the best in the academy was still an above average student if you look past his theory results and the use of the bunshin no jutsu.

Iruka was genuinely concerned for the blonde with hi inability to use the said jutsu but that was not the case with Mizuki. Though on the outside he showed concern on the inside he was smirking at the prospect of the blonde's failure.

Iruka and Mizuki watched Naruto as he focused his hand in the Tora (Tiger) hand seal instead of performing the required three hand seals.

'IDIOT! Even though he knows he is unable to perform the jutsu he decides to skip two seals. Well that is surely good for me…' thought Mizuki as he was laughing inwardly.

'Naruto what are you thinking!' thought Iruka has he had come to expect surprising things from the blonde.

Both their thoughts were interrupted when they heard the blonde called out the jutsu and what happened after that. While one was smiling the other mouth was wide open and was seething in anger inwardly.

The jutsu that Naruto had performed was the mizu bunshin no jutsu and had created three perfect water clones of him. After coming out of the shock Iruka went on to check upon the clones and found no faults in them which earned Naruto full points.

"I applaud you for passing the exams, Naruto…" said Iruka as he handed the blonde the hitai-te.

"… But if you wouldn't mind telling me where did you learn the jutsu from?" asked Iruka.

Naruto knew that he was not obliged nor asked to tell the two in the room where he learned the jutsu from after all ninjas were allowed to keep their secrets. But who was he kidding; the person asking him was the person who had helped a lot throughout the years at the academy and also the one who treated him to FREE RAMEN.

Flashback to a month back…

Currently Konoha's number one prankster blonde was sitting in the sofa in the Hokage's office. Today was one of the few days that the blonde was not here to be reprimanded for the pranks he pulled nor was here to force the Sandaime to take him to eat ramen at the Ichiraku ramen. The boy was unusually quite today and looked to be thinking about something.

"So what is that you need of me, Naruto-kun?" asked the Sandaime as he took a seat on the sofa next to the boy.

"I was here to see if you could help me with the problem of the bunshin no jutsu which Iruka-sensei said would be in the graduation exams. I know u said you are Hokage and can't help me, you can't be bias and all that stuff. But I really tried hard, I even asked Iruka-sensei and did all what he told me, but I still can't perform the jutsu. So I came to ask your help", said the blonde as he looked a bit dejected.

The Hokage was in deep thought; he had known of Naruto asking Iruka to help him with the said jutsu. Iruka had given all possible pointers he could to the blonde to help with the jutsu. But the Hokage knew for someone like Naruto with huge chakra reserves, a jutsu likebunshinwould be impossible unless he had perfect chakra control and Naruto's chakra control was the worst of all. Thinking for a few minutes, the Hokage took out two blank papers and started writing on it.

"Choose one Naruto-kun…" said the old Hokage as he handed the blonde the two pieces of paper.

As Naruto took the papers and found both of them containing a version of the bunshin no jutsu. One paper contained information on mizu bunshin no jutsu and the other contained information on doseki bunshin no jutsu. He didn't even take a second to think as he grabbed the one with the water variant.

The Sandaime was surprised to see him choose the water variant without a second thought. At first he thought of asking him why but let it slide. But unknown to the Sandaime there was indeed a reason he chose the water variant. The Sandaime decided to give the blonde both the jutsus as he had obeyed and chose only one.

Flashback end…

After explaining it to Iruka, Naruto walked to in the classroom where the other students were presents only to find the glares and dirty looks to be intensified. But even among those looks there were a few happy while about a couple of curious looks.

After the end of the exams, Iruka walked out of the class and congratulated all for passing the exams telling all to file in their ninja registration forms and be present three day later in the this classroom for team assignment.

After class Naruto was currently sitting on his favorite swing in the academy grounds as he watched on students being congratulated by their parents for passing the exams. It was not like he was missing his parents – oh hell! Who was he kidding! He was missing them being in his life even though he knew they would be proud of him for doing his best. He was missing the part where he could hold their hands, to have a celebration with them and see them smile when he would proudly speak how awesome he was in the exams. A tear drop made its way from his eyes down his cheeks as he thought of it. He decided that it was better to walk back to his place which he could now call his home.

On his way as he was jumping from rooftops, he felt a familiar chakra presence behind him and stopped on one of the roof. A few seconds later the person that had been following him for most of the duration walked towards him.

This was the moment of truth for Mizuki as the boy in front of him already spoiled his long thought plan. He was sure that the boy would fail the exams because of his inability to perform the bunshin no jutsu but the blonde had also seen his inability and had asked the help of the Hokage. He knew the reason behind the blonde's inability to perform the jutsu and so did Iruka, the boy just had too much chakra and horrible control over it. He had seen the boy ask Iruka to help in the jutsu and saw Iruka do his best to help him but he along with Iruka knew it would need perfect chakra control. Iruka could had given him the similar jutsu he performed but couldn't since it was not in academy list and he was an academy teacher but that didn't stop the Hokage.

The reason Mizuki needed the blonde in his plans was because he had seen his ability to avoid the ANBU and jounins of the village when he would prank someone/something. He knew well enough that only someone of the boy's caliber in stealth could do the job but he had to pass the exams. Mizuki had thought over how he was going to convince the blonde to work for him and had finally come up with a good reason (after all even if the boy was better good at practical stuff he was a still an idiot in his eyes).

"Good I finally caught up to you Naruto! I had to talk to you about the test…" said Mizuki as he approached the blonde.

"Ah! You are here to congratulate me for the tests, aren't you Mizuki-sensei! –ttebayo…" said Naruto.

"Indeed you did great! But because of the use of a jutsu other than the standard academy one you are supposed to pass a supplementary test…" said Mizuki.

Naruto looked at Mizuki in confusion 'what is he thinking! Is he taking me for a fool! There was no such thing as supplementary test for such a stupid reason. The one who gave me the jutsu had said and that was old man Hokage' thought Naruto but still he decided to play.

"Indeed sensei! I will also pas this supplementary test, -ttebayo", said Naruto with enthusiasm to which Mizuki smirked.

...Later that day in the Hokage's office…

Currently sitting in the Hokage's chair was the old Sandaime as the young Naruto stood in front of him behind the desks. Currently the old man was massaging a huge headache as he was rubbing his forehead because of the information he got from the young blonde in front of him.

Apparently one of the instructors of the academy – Mizuki had asked Naruto to steal the forbidden scroll of sealing which was kept in the Hokage's library in the Hokage tower itself. The chuunin had even given the boy a layout of the tower along with information on the guards. He couldn't understand how the man had come to know of the said scroll since it was only known to the jounins level and higher ranked ninjas also the ANBU patrols.

The second reason was that it seemed Mizuki was intending to use Naruto to steal the scroll from the start since he thought that the boy would surely fail. But still somehow he had made Naruto steal the scroll and surprisingly to the Sandaime the boy had seen through the lies.

The third reason was that even after the detailed information where the scroll was kept and the guard over it, it still should be impossible to steal it. But the boy always seemed to do the impossible! He was standing in front of him with the scroll on his back and no one knew until he showed himself knew the scroll was missing.

Naruto had given the old Hokage the recount of the things that had happened after he left the academy and watched the old man think over it. He first stole the scroll before he appeared before the old man because he didn't wish to be handed a fake scroll. The scroll was supposed to have AWESOME jutsus and he was asked to learn a jutsu from it.

"Naruto-kun this will be your first B-rank mission to see what Mizuki wants with the scroll. Also you will be accompanied by one of the ANBU-nin from he shadows…" said the Hokage as he made a special seal.

Naruto looked behind him as he sensed a presence behind him to find himself facing an ANBU. The Anbu wore a porcelain mask resembling a cat with three red stripes – one vertical stripe on the forehead and two horizontal stripes, one on each cheek and purple violet straight hair.

"You would be seeing that no harm comes to Naruto-kun throughout this ordeal but you will mostly remain in the shadows…" said the old Hokage with a serious face as he addressed the ANBU.

"Hai Hokage-sama", the ANBU said.

"… And now that all is ok, I think I should make it look real that I stole the scroll…" said Naruto as a grin spread across his face.

The Sandaime and the ANBU didn't like the grin as they both knew it was the grin which the blonde had when he played a prank.

"Sorry ANBU-san…" Naruto said as he looked at the ANBU which confused the ANBU.

Naruto brought his hand in the Hitsuji (Ram) seal and said, "Oiroke no jutsu". As Naruto performed the jutsu he was covered by a cloud of smoke and when the smoke disappeared in his place was a girl a couple of years older than him. The girl had blonde long hair which were tied in two pigtails and was completely naked with a cloud of white smoke covering the two important assets of woman. The said girl winked and blew a flying kiss at the old Hokage.

Looking at the girl in front of him, the Sandaime lost his consciousness as he flied backwards of his seat with blood flowing out of his nose. Meanwhile the ANBU just looked at the girl in horror and if it wasn't for the mask the boy and the old kage would have seen the ANBU's face red with anger.

Naruto undid the transformation as he looked at the ANBU and bowed low and said, "this was the only jutsu in my arsenal that could take down the old man. I know the jutsu would offend any woman and I know you are angry too, hat is why I am sorry again."

The 17 year old Uzuki Yuugao knew the young man in front of him was one of the biggest prankster and from what she had heard so far he didn't have much in terms of manners. Well that was something she would accept from him knowing him as he was not only an orphan but the most hated person in Konoha. She had just joined the ANBU ranks about for six months and had encountered the boy on number of occasions when he pulled of his pranks. She had no hatred for the boy for what he contained as it was the Yondaime who did the sealing and even the Sandaime trusted the boy. But now seeing the boy use such a jutsu which could be called a disregard to any woman she was really angry at him. But he went on to apologize which caught her off guard and his apology seemed truthful so her anger disappeared.

'Seems there is more to the boy than it meets the eyes…' she thought.

"Very well! But we should take our leave and don't worry I will around you in the shadows…" she said as he came out of her thought process.

"You don't need to worry about me I'll be fine –ttebayo…" said Naruto as he jumped out of the window followed by the Yuugao in his shadow.

In a clearing in the forest…

It had been about five hours since the time Naruto and Yuugao had left the Hokage tower and arrived at the clearing with the scroll along with Naruto and her in the shadows. Meanwhile in the village a huge uproar had taken place when the news of Naruto stealing the forbidden scroll of sealing. The present ninjas all wanted Naruto to be punished severely for this act while some called out for his death. The Sandaime ordered everyone to find him and bring him alive while he asked two of his ANBUs to trail Mizuki. Iruka had also heard of the news of Naruto stealing the scroll and was looking all over for him.

Meanwhile with the duo in the clearing, Yuugao couldn't believe the boy in front of her. The blonde had opened the scroll the moment they had arrived in the clearing and started learning the first jutsu which was written in it. At first Yuugao wanted to stop him but didn't as that would blow up the cover for the mission. But looking at hi now he couldn't believe her own eye with the progress the blonde had made so far. Suddenly she felt a chakra signature approach them and she readied herself. It seemed that she was not the only one who noticed the signature as she saw Naruto's change in behaviour.

"There you are!" Naruto heard a familiar voice call out to him.

Naruto looked up and saw Iruka stomping up to him. The blond grinned as he jumped up and pointed a finger at him, "Hah! Found you Iruka-sensei!"

"Baka!" Iruka shouted as he stopped in front of his blond student, "I found you!"

"Hehehe, I guess you did sensei", Naruto replied as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Meanwhile in the shadows Yuugao decided to see how things play out. She aw that Naruto completely trusted this person named Iruka. But she didn't intend to take any chances as Mizuki and Iruka were teaching accomplices.

"But still you found me really fast as I was only able to learn a jutsu from the scroll…" said Naruto to which Iruka looked confused while Yuugao raised an eyebrow in annoyance.

'One jutsu he says…' she thought.

Iruka took a look at Naruto and found him to be exhausted and also saw the surrounding to be ruined. 'He has been training hard that I can tell…' he thought.

"Naruto why in the world did you steal he scroll?" asked Iruka trying to sound irritated.

"What do you mean I stole the scroll…" said Naruto making an annoyed face. "Mizuki-sensei said it is a supplementary test since I used a different jutsu which was not in academy list to pass."

Naruto than went on to tell how he met Mizuki as he was heading home. He talked about how he used something which was not in the academy list to pass so he had to give a supplementary test for stealth.

Yuugao couldn't believe her eyes as she saw the blonde act. If she didn't know all about this before he would think it was all real. The boy was a natural actor which would come in handy in hi shinobi life.

Meanwhile Iruka's mind was processing the information that Naruto jus gave him and came to a conclusion – Mizuki was using Naruto for his own benefit.

Suddenly all three members in the clearing heard whizzing sound heading their way or to be more precise towards Naruto.

Before either Naruto or Yuugao could react Iruka pushed Naruto out of the way and took the attack on himself. Several kunai came out of the trees and impaled Iruka in the leg and arms. The chuunin instructor looked up and scowled, "I see so that's how it is."

"Wow you got here pretty fast!" everyone heard the voice of Mizuki from the branch of a tree. "Give me the scroll Naruto", Mizuki commanded holding out his hand as he looked at Naruto.

"No Naruto, don't give the scroll to him!" Iruka shouted.

Meanwhile Naruto just stared at Iruka in shock because it was the first time in his life he saw someone protect him directly from an attack. He knew Iruka didn't hate him like most people but he never wondered he would go so far.

"W-what's going on?" Naruto asked though he knew what was going on it was a part of mission he was supposed to play.

"Mizuki used you to get the scroll!" Iruka said, "That scroll contains Konoha's secret and forbidden Jutsu. He lied to you so you would do his bidding!"

"Oh I'll tell you who's lying Naruto", Mizuki said with a smirk.

Iruka looked over at Mizuki and saw the smirk on his face, it was then he realized what the white haired traitor was going to say and his eyes widened. "No Mizuki don't say it, you know it's forbidden!"

Naruto looked back and forth between his two senseis in confusion as this was the first time in the night he was truly confused, "what do you mean? Who's lying?"

Meanwhile Yuugao understood what Mizuki was about to say when Iruka said it was forbidden. She was about to move in when she looked Naruto and saw it in his eyes asking her to stay hidden so she reluctantly did so.

"They've been lying to you your whole life, ever since the degree of twelve years ago", Mizuki looked at Naruto with an insane grin.

"Twelve years ago?" Naruto shook his head, "I don't understand."

"No! Mizuki don't!" Iruka shouted.

"Haven't you ever wondered why were you hated?" Mizuki questioned making the blonds eyes widen. "Why you were ignored? Why people treated you like you were worthless! Like less then dirt!"

"Mizuki stop it now!" Iruka shouted to no avail.

This was too much for Yuugao; the man in front of him was breaking the law and intended to tell Naruto the secret. The secret could destroy the blonde from inside and she didn't want that as she had already seen his potential and didn't wish to go it in waste. Her eyes again traveled to the blonde's eyes and the thing she saw shocked her.

'It couldn't be… he knows…' she thought calming herself before she did something stupid.

"I'll tell you why Naruto", Mizuki sneered, "you see what they don't want you to know, was that the Yondaime did not actually kill the Kyuubi. Instead he sealed it away inside of a new born baby…"

Naruto began to tremble as he thought 'so that is why he asked me to steal the scroll. It was about killing two birds with a single stone…'

Mizuki gin widened as he spoke, "you are the child he sealed the Kyuubi into! You are the nine tailed fox!"

As Naruto heard this from Mizuki's mouth he closed his eyes as a single drop of tear fell from his eye. Mizuki was his sensei for the past two years and still the man though of him as the fox. 'What is it going to take to make People realize that I am Naruto and not the fox…' he thought.

Again he heard the whizzing sound as he opened his eyes to find a fuuma shuriken heading towards him. But before he could act to dodge the weapon, Iruka jumped in the path of the projectile which was now stuck in his back.

Naruto just watch in shock and muttered, "Why?" Even Yuugao was shocked at this.

"Because we're the same", Iruka said with guilt lacing his words. "I was just like you, back when I was in the academy I was so lonely, so I played the fool. I know what it's like to feel that kind of pain, it hurts doesn't it? I'm so sorry Naruto; I should have done more to help you."

"Hahaha!" Mizuki laughed behind them, "That's a good one Iruka! But we both know you hate him more then anyone! After all, it was the demon who took your parents away!"

Naruto was completely shocked at what he heard both Mizuki and Iruka say. He got out of his shock as he gently laid Iruka to the side as he smiled at him and then turned towards Mizuki as he glared at him. Meanwhile Yuugao also came out of the shadows as she let the other two know of her presence.

Iruka looked at Naruto and than at the ANBU as he thought 'what is going on here?'

"I'll handle it from here…" said Yuugao as her hand made toward the sword on her back but was interrupted by Naruto's voice.

"No he I mine…" said Naruto.

Yuugao looked at Naruto and once again was amused gone was the prankster and hi place stood a shinobi. She had watched him put his point in front of the Sandaime and later watched him learn those jutsus but watching him now caused a small blush appear on her face. She was really happy that she was wearing a mask right now.

Mizuki at first was completely shocked with the events that had happened so far. The Kyuubi-brat had not reacted has he had thought were he would have a nervous breakdown at the news but he looked more resolved than before. Second was the sudden appearance of the ANBU which had caught him off guard. Finally he composed himself knowing that in front of him stood an average academy student and what looked like a young ANBU operative.

"I don't what happened to Iruka-sensei's parent or he hates me or not. But if you lay one hand on my sensei, I'll kill you!" Naruto declared giving Mizuki a defiant glare.

"Hah! I'd like to see you try demon!" Mizuki shouted with an insane grin.

Naruto put his hands in the specific handseal for the jutsu and began amassing his chakra for the advanced version of the jutsu he learned that he had seen in the scroll and called out, "Tajuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!"

Both Iruka, Mizuki and even Yuugao gaped as hundreds if not thousands of Naruto clones appeared within the forest. They were every where, a literal see of orange that almost blocked out all of the green of the forest.

"What's wrong Mizuki-teme? I thought you were going to kick my ass!" one of the clones shouted.

Another cracked his knuckles, "well if your not coming to us, I guess we'll just go to you!"

The clones all jumped up and headed towards the terrified traitor.

Naruto grinned as he looked down at the mass of black and blue flesh that had at one point been Mizuki.

"Hehehe, maybe I went a little too hard on him", the blond said with a sheepish grin.

'Unbelievable' Iruka thought in awe. 'To have learned such a powerful kinjutsu in less then a few hours! He said that he wanted to be surpass all the Hokages and watching him now I'm beginning to believe he just might do it.'

Meanwhile Yuugao who was busy tending the wounds of Iruka was barely holding her surprise. She had seen Naruto master the Kage bunshin no jutsu in a matter of an hour and saw him skip the jutsus related to it just giving it quick glances but here she watched him use the advanced version of the jutsu to the level at which even the Sandaime couldn't.

Naruto walked towards the injured Iruka who asked him and the ANBU to know what exactly was going on here. Yuugao went on to explain how Naruto had come to Sandaime and explained to the Hokage his doubts and was asked to take it as B-rank mission with her shadowing him.

If at first Iruka was amazed, now hearing these entire events he was truly proud of Naruto. He exchanged his hitai-te with that of Narutos calling him a proud shinobi of Konohagakure.

End chapter

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