Fate's POV

"Okay, I spoke to your mum; you're staying at mine for the night." Frank told me, not really giving me much choice in the matter. "Mikey, you're going to go home, tell Gerard what happened in the morning and get to my place as early as you can, yea?" He nodded and turned to leave but Frank very quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back with some force. Frank was so stressed you could see it with every breath he drew in. "Don't be fucking stupid! You're not going by yourself; he's looking for you, remember?" Mikey looked down as he realised his mistake. Frank was being harsh but he had a reason to be, he was scared. Just like me and just like Mikey.

We got in through Frank's front door after assisting Mikey home and crept into his bedroom. I basically collapsed onto his small, sock covered sofa, ignoring the smell of the three-weeks-without-a-wash clothing and let myself fall into the black vortex of sleep. Ah, bliss sleep.

"Fate, Fate? C'mon, get up." I felt a hand rock my body back and forth, trying to break the sweet spell of sweet. I groaned. My head hurt and I really didn't see any benefits to being awake at that moment in time. "Gerard's here to see you." Franks voice whispered to me. Excitement flooded through me and forced a smile onto my face but it quickly disappeared and was replaced with dread. I shot up and looked around, a quick sigh of relief when I saw he wasn't actually in the room.
"What's up?" Frank asked, looking concerned. "I thought you meant he was actually in the room. He can't see me looking like this!" I exclaimed, not even knowing what I looked like. Well, I knew it wasn't good. "Oi, you look perfect. Like always. I'm only friends with pretty people; I wouldn't be seen dead with an ugly fucker." He smirked. "Shallow." I teased him and stuck my tongue out although I did gain confidence from his words. He got up and I followed suit. I took a step and my headache suddenly came back with such power it knocked me off balance and I had to reach out for the wall to keep myself standing. "You alright?" Frank asked, taking a step towards me. I nodded and pushed myself off the wall again. The feeling of dizziness was starting to take over but I continued to the door none the less. I was so close, only two small footsteps away but my vision clouded over and I no longer had any control over my limbs, my arms fell limp at my sides and my legs suddenly couldn't support the weight of my body. I collapsed midstride.

Frank's POV

I dashed to catch her as she went down but wasn't fast enough and the side of her head collided with the door handle before her body hit the ground with a sickening sound. "Fuck." Was all I muttered out before shouting for Gerard. He must have heard the panic in my voice because he was in my room within seconds, Mikey in tow. "Oh crap! What happened?" His scared tone matched mine. "She just fainted!" I stated and add "She hit her head pretty hard on the way down." Mikey was kneeling besides her and looking at her closely. "I know what happened." His voice was quiet and you could hear the fear.
"Well what!?" I urged.
"Can't you see? Look at her! There is nothing to her. She's not eating, Frank. This is serious, we need to find her help!"
I looked down at Fate's unconscious body and sighed. She told me she was better. I believed her but I secretly knew she wasn't fine. I should've said something. I'm so fucking stupid!

Gerard was now sitting next to her, looking at Mikey for an answer. "Call an ambulance!" He belted out. "Are you idiots? Get some help!" Mikey clicked a finger in Gerard's face, prompting him to get up and find a phone. Gerard got up into a knee and hit his sides to locate the mobile in his pockets. He wiped it out and dialled 999 and after that my world turned into a blur. Fate, was she going to be okay? How could I let this happen? I felt angry. I needed to get out, get air. I ran down the stairs and outside, suddenly feeling a lot less trapped. Maybe the Way brothers had called my name as I dashed out of the house but I didn't know. I wasn't listening. I couldn't hear anything yet all sounds were intense and right inside my skull. I looked around and red filled most of the picture. The ambulance wasn't there yet. Why weren't they there? I bet they where slacking off. Wankers! I stormed off, each heavy footstep leaving a large mark in the grass. I punched a wall and kicked some plants to death. It made me seem a little better.
"Someone's on their period." An unknown boy about my age said. A group of his friends laughed at his comment. Laughed at me. I growled and stuck my middle finger up but he wouldn't let me go without one last comment.

I didn't even hear it but before anyone could blink I had charged for him.

Blood dripped from his noise and his hands patted me in a pitiful attempt to fight me off. I climbed off of him, gave his friends a hard look and walked away, suddenly feeling a lot more relaxed and a lot more guilty. Fate hated me getting angry and that was why.

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