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Prologue: Beginnings, Part 0

Author Note: Alternate Universe Fic (Obviously). Guardians don't have their powers – there's been about a week's worth of time before the actual plot for them begins. Expect a few other differences the writer of this note can't think of at the moment.

"Haruka-papa, Michuru-mama, I got a letter in the mail." Hotaru spoke, approaching Michuru, who stood at the kitchen counter, and Haruka who was nearby getting coffee, a letter in her hand.

"Who is it from Hotaru'chan?" Michiru responded while preparing breakfast. Idly, she wondered when Setsuna would show up. The time guardian had been even more reclusive than usual recently.

"Will Vandom. The return address is a town called 'Heatherfield' in the United States... I haven't read it yet. The letter looks personal, her name is signed on." Hotaru replied, pointing out the girl's English signature when it became relevant. In addition, also written by hand, was a note that said, 'If you are not Hotaru Tomoe, please pass this to someone who might know her.'

Haruka and Michiru looked at each-other before Haruka spoke up, "Hand it here..." Haruka took the letter and opened it, before reading aloud.

"Dear Taru, Where are you? Are you alright? I haven't received a letter from you for several weeks now. All of my previous letters ended up back in my mailbox. I've been worried – Mom too. She's been pulling her hair out on mail day because, far as we can tell, you've vanished off the face of the Earth. I'm not even sure if this will reach you... if it does, then you know how much we're worried about you..." Haruka's and Michuru's faces shifted through a variety of emotions. From confusion, to shock, to suspicion, and around again as the letter continued. Hotaru herself was just confused.

"On a more positive note, life in Heatherfield is going well... I've already made some friends. Taranee, Irma, Hay-Lin, Cornelia, and several others. After being introduced to their group I've been managing to get by... I haven't forgotten what happened, but it's not as potent a memory as it was before... I hope you're doing fine too. Don't let those kids get to you."

"...Who is this? How do they know me?" Hotaru asked, thinking aloud.

"They probably just got the wrong address..." Haruka assured her, only for Hotaru to counter it.

"-But it says 'Hotaru Tomoe.' Is my name really that common? The kanji are the same too..."

"Not so uncommon that it's impossible..." Michiru assured her, though the argument didn't seem to be convincing Hotaru very well. "We should probably pass it on, as instructed..."

Hotaru shook her head, "No... I want to respond to it."

"But-" Haruka started, only to be cut off by Hotaru.

"The person who wrote this letter deserves a response."

Haruka knuckled her forehead and sighed while Michiru averted her eyes before speaking. "Alright, you can respond... But we're still passing the letter on."

Hotaru nodded, before fetching a pencil and paper and beginning to write...

Meanwhile, Setsuna watched from the Time Gates, trying to figure out where the time-line changed. "Well... it shouldn't effect things too much... At least, not in a bad way..."