Burt parked and locked the Navigator in the lot outside Kurt's dorm at Dalton. As he walked towards the school, he got a few nods and waves from the friends Kurt had made over the past couple of months. And, although he loved having Kurt home, he loved that Kurt felt safe and happy hanging around with these guys – most of whom, in all honesty, seemed like pretty good kids – just as much.

As he entered the dorm and moved towards the stairs to pick his son up, he was waylaid by two extremely amusing characters. Burt chuckled to himself. Kurt sure knew how to pick them. First, there was Artie, who Burt though was just so G (Kurt had forbidden Burt from saying that, ever), and Mercedes, the sassy proud black girl who was a complete hoot to have around. Brittany, well, Burt had never figured out exactly how she dressed up as a peanut allergy for Hallowe'en, but if she managed it, good for her. Tina had scared him at first, but once he got to know the girl he knew there was absolutely nothing scary about her.

He still wondered, though, how after making no guy friends the first fifteen years of his life, he'd managed, in a very short period of time, to (kind of, anyways - it was more evident after the whole football thing) become 'one of the guys' with the Glee kids. He knew the Glee boys weren't always the best behaved (Noah and Finn), but that when it came to the people they cared about, there was nothing they wouldn't do (Noah and Finn). Burt had taken a quick shining to them, and them to him, seeing a lot of themselves in the other. The other glee boys were alright too - that asian kid could really bust a move – but none of them, none, had anything on these two crazies.

"Mr. Hummel!" cried one, hooking his arm through Burt's.

"Hey Mr. H!" called the other, taking Burt's other side.

He laughed. "Boys, how many times do I have to tell you to just call me Burt?"

"Oh, many, many times. We're rich prep school boys, we're not allowed to call adults by their names. It makes things awkward," said Wes.

"And very, very, very uncomfortable for us," finished David. "But anyways, how's the shop? Kurt was going on and on and on about some fancy-dancy car you had in the shop he wants to get under." David laughed, shaking his head as though someone had told him a really funny joke.

Burt smiled. As a kid, Kurt's Barbies were fixing cars when they weren't on the runway. "It's good. There's a 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago up for repairs, that's probably the one he was talking about. I haven't touched it yet, I knew Kurt would never forgive me. I called him as soon as the owner drove it in."

Wes' jaw dropped. "You mean he was SERIOUS?"

"Kurt knows how to fix cars? No freakin' way, man!" replied David.

"Fix cars? He could build one with his eyes closed!" Burt chuckled.

"He gets down and dirty under the hood?" (Burt shuddered a little mentally, he didn't want to think of Kurt getting down and dirty in any way.)

"I don't even-" started Wes, but he was cut off by a taupe blur.

"Bye guys!" he yelled, whilst bursting through the door with his duffle.

Burt turned back to David, Wes, and Blaine, who was sporting an amused expression after having followed Kurt down the stairs.

"Well boys, it was nice-"