Derek Souza watched as Simon and Kit Bae walked to the van. Poor dad, he thought in amusement. He'll get a step-by-step replay of the game… before it happens. With a snort, he remembered all the times his father had tricked him into listening to his brother's replay. But not today, he thought with a slightly evil grin. Today he was staying home to pack up their stuff. He'd do a better job of it, anyways.

He sighed. Simon would hate their father for this. Always moving after he finally fit in. He'd made friends quickly and was even captain of the basketball team. He had a girlfriend named Kara and dad had given in and let him have an insulin pump. Derek knew he shouldn't make friends. They were always moving. Besides, no one wanted to be friends with a 6'4 emo-looking teen with bad acne and BO.

When the doorbell rang, Derek didn't give it a second thought. Kit was forgetful. He was always losing his car keys. But then he stiffened. The scent wasn't one he recognized. With a growl, the young werewolf began sprinting to the front door. All that was running through his head was, at least Simon and dad aren't here. He never made it. With a crash, the door gave way and twenty people…Supernatural's, had stormed into the house. He felt a sudden pain in his arm. Looking over, he saw a red-tufted dart sticking out of his arm. He felt dizzy, but kept running, now out of the house and nearing the woods. When at least ten more darts hit him in the back, his last thought was, dad's not going to be happy.