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"Hey, Evangeline. It's Kit. I need a favor.

xxX Kit's POV Xxx

There was silence on the other end of the line. Kit held his breath nervously, hoping she wouldn't hang up. Seconds later, the woman shrieked, "Christopher Bae, you have some nerve calling here you lying, manipulating, bastard! After all I did for you and for that ungrateful brat, you never told me you were a monster." Her voice was glacier cold and Kit shuddered and prepared to ask for help.

Cutting off her tirade, he said, "Eve, I never lied to you. I loved you. I didn't think it would matter. But listen, if you do one thing for me, I'll stay out of your life for good. You'll never hear from me or see me again. I swear."

Sighing in annoyance, she snapped, "What do you want? Drugs, money, I'll do anything if you just leave. Me. Alone."

Feeling his heart lift, even if she thought of him that way, he said, "I need you to find the werewolf that was taken that raid and tell me the coordinates."

"Why do you want that? Do you need an attack dog or something? Because, honestly Kit, I might hate you, but I want to be the one to kill you, not a mongrel." Kit barely bit back a retort.

Taking a deep breath to calm his anger, he said, "No. The raid was on my house. That werewolf is my adopted son."

Evangeline was stunned into silence, then murmured, "I don't get it, Kit. Why would you bring him into your home, adopt him, even, when you already have Simon?"

Whispering brokenly, he answered, "When you left, Simon was missing something. He'd cry himself to sleep every night after you left. He couldn't understand why, but he did. Derek made him feel safe, like he had a purpose. He filled the spot you left. Do you understand?"

Evangeline whispered in surprise, "Yes. I do understand." As a child, she, too, had been without a mother. It was the most painful experience in her life. She didn't know why, but she was determined to inflict that pain on Simon. Eve had just realized how selfish she truly was.

Then she realized she didn't care.

Clearing her throat, she spoke in a business-like manner with her infallible rottenness laced in her tone. "Look in Canada. There's a building called the Lakeview Mental Institute, but it's really an Edison Group lab. You should find him there. Oh, and Kit?" (AN: Not a real place. Trust me, I live here. There's a Riverview, though!)


"Never call me again." She hung up.

Calling Eve wasn't as painful as Kit thought it would be. Sure, it had brought up memories, but what can you do?

Phoning Kayla, he said, "Kay, we're going to Canada."

xxX Derek's POV Xxx

Tears ran down his face as he gazed at the corpses surrounding him. All were no more than bones. He'd eaten them… he was just as much a monster as his mother. Shuddering, Derek fell to the ground, unable to believe that he could do something like this. But the blood, it called for him. He wanted it, more than he'd ever wanted anything.


This wasn't him, couldn't be. He would never… would he? The door opened. Simon and Kit walked through, blood pouring from their slit throats, blood gushing as they opened their mouths to scream.

Derek couldn't move. He just stared at them. He knew then what he had done. A light grey wolf with glowing eyes looked at him softly. Little one, this is why you must Change, murmured his wolf gently. If you break, you'll lose your humanity. Don't be like I was. Your pack needs you strong and you can't BE strong if you're fighting. So, little one, when you Change, keep what you love close. Love is humanity. Use it well.

"How can you…" Derek whispered in awe.

All those years of torture and at least I got something out of it. I have Shaman blood, my darling. This is the only time I can visit you. Use my advise, love. Don't give up hope. No one can break you. A boy raised by Kit has got to be stubborn.

Smiling a bit, Derek asked hopefully, "So this is a dream?"

Yes, Derek. It's a dream. Now wake up and hold back the Change. Kit is coming, and he's bringing help. Remember, I love you.

Sighing in contentment, Derek opened his eyes. Just as his mother had said, it was a dream. Not good or bad, just a dream. He didn't notice Mitchell Dag creeping up on him with a needle. He didn't notice the needle slip through his skin. Derek DID, however, notice the burning, shooting pain that ran through his body seconds later.

Mitchell Dag whispered, "For my sister," then plunged a needle through his own skin. Choking a bit, Mitchell's heart stopped as the drugs did their work. Derek was in to much pain to see the last of Samantha Dag's children die.

Choked screams built up in his chest, but he found he couldn't make a sound. Barely coherent, he remembered his mother's words. Because now, she wasn't just Hannah the insane man-eating werewolf. She was his mother. Fighting to remain conscious, he held on to the hope that Kit was coming.

After what seemed like years, a familiar scent reached his nose. Kayla. But there was something… off about her. Something wrong. Seconds later, heavy footsteps raced down the hall, accompanied by the clicking of loading guns.

Derek struggled to hear what was happening, trying to distract himself from the pain as shudders wracked his body. No cracking bones yet. More footsteps raced down the hall and Derek tensed, ready to fight. Another scent reached his nose. A comforting scent that eased his writhing muscles and made him whimper in relief.


xxX Kit's POV Xxx

The drive to Canada was the longest, most painful journey of his life. Not just because he was stuck listening to the twins argue in the back, but because moments ago a soft voice had murmured, Hurry, Kit Bae. Derek can't hold back any longer. Save him. Startled, he'd whipped around only to see the rest of the gang staring back at him in surprise, except Kayla. She'd taken her own car.

The voice had made him nervous. Whoever that was had been watching Derek. For all he knew, it was a trap. But Kit would have to take that chance. If his son truly was Changing, he'd keep his promise. He remembered Hannah, what she'd told him. If the wolf takes control, there is no turning back. But love… love can fix a soul, no matter how broken. He hadn't been surprised to learn she was Derek's mother. They had the same way of sounding older than they really were.

If he could save Derek and bring him home, it would make the danger worthwhile.

Stopping at the gates, the group had decided against storming the building. Instead, Kit and Jason cast an illusion spell over them all, making them look like the guards Kayla had knocked out on her arrival. Walking into the building, they didn't attract much attention. Until a witch looked up and yelled, "Sorcerers!" Then, there was panic.

"Go, find Derek," Kayla screamed as she changed into a panther. Leaping at the security now pouring through a door, she latched onto a man's arm. He fell, screaming as he went.

Kit ran through a set of doors, looking for a tech room. Finding it, he quickly booted up the computers, only to have them shut off seconds later because of a protocol. Cursing, he kicked the machine. Hearing a sound from behind him, he turned to find a woman holding a gun at his head.

Thinking quickly, he shoved her into the wall with a knock-back spell. She slid to the ground, completely out cold. Kit knew more people would come. He could only hope his little group could hold them off long enough for him to find Derek.

Racing out into the hall, he began checking the rooms manually, setting free the experiments he found on the way. He ran into Kayla, who was bleeding from the shoulder and hip. Panting, she murmured, "You have to hurry, Kit. Ezekiel is already dead and the others are getting ready to flee. I'm pretty sure that coward Jason already did," she spat. "Leave me here. I'll keep them off you're back."

"Kayla, they'll kill you! Why would I leave you here? Especially like this!"

"Because I'm already dying!" she spat. Through the tears running down her face, she explained. "I have brain cancer, Kit. I went to Zeke to see if he could heal me, but he said he's not strong enough. There's nothing anyone can do! I don't have long to live, and I want to make my life worth something. This is all I can do," she choked. "Go, Kit. Save Derek. He's in room 116. Don't worry, I'll be okay." Kayla turned and raced away.

Kit stared after her, stunned. She was almost like a sister, and she was giving up her life to… ending that thought, he raced to room 116. Slamming the door open, he froze. Lying on the floor, convulsing continuously, was a familiar face.


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