This is the final chapter. Is it sad that this story makes me cry a bit when I read it?

Thanks to WiccaChick for the awesome ideas. Guess what? I somehow managed to use all of them! I didn't think it would work, but here it is!

xxX Unknown POV Xxx

The chaos. He could FEEL it thrumming, pulsing through his ancient veins. Taking a deep breath, he reveled in it, then stopped. This chaos came from the pain of a child, not just from the blood of the wicked being spilt. Not just any child, either. His child. His werewolf son.

Snarling, he opened his eyes wide. Fiery red eyes gleamed with malice as he smelt the child's blood. The blood of warriors and wildness. Whispers in his ear as a wolf with familiar blue eyes looked at him sadly. I was hidden from you, my love. See what they have done to me, to our pups? Avenge me, my angel! With one last howl, Hannah vanished forever.

Red eyes glowed bright as he told of their crimes and awaited judgment. My lords and Lady, they have harmed and killed our little ones for far to long. No longer can we sit here and watch our people die, while we sit on our thrones and listen to their screams. To many have died, or been changed for another's evil. I speak not only because my love has died and my blood been threatened, but because of their fear. The fear of our children. What is your judgment, masters?

Three voices replied, two men and one woman. Neither the same, nor different. All were outraged by the child's pain and all had seen what the accused had done. Their feelings were a tumult in his head. Child, adult or baby, none were safe from their accursed hatred. The Lady spoke, her voice echoing powerfully in his mind. He could see her clearly, pale skin glowing with rage as black eyes sparked. White hair flying behind her in a chaotic wind, with a single raven wing tied in.

Let them burn, for 'tis time for them to die. Let them feel our children's pains a thousand times and send them to hell. 'tis time for Judgment.

He smiled with maniacal glee, already hearing their sizzling flesh as his hellfire ate them alive, bit by bit. Absently, the Avenging Angel wondered if they would agree, or if they would argue for another hundred years. He hoped they would agree.

Next to speak was the Lord with long brown hair, soft brown eyes harsh with the promise of pain. His dark skin sucked all the light from the area around him. Around his neck was a necklace of claws, rattling in the Lady's wind. His voice was as deep as the earth itself.

Let them be buried in their sins, for the earth calls them back. Let them see our children's death for as long as they suffer. 'tis time for judgment.

Last spoke the oldest Lord, but by far the cruelest. His form blurred, shifted and changed as the others watched his anger. Finally settling, a wild mane of red hair blew in the wind as yellow eyes glowed murderously. His voice was as hoarse and whispery as the wind, but it echoed just as powerfully as the others.

Let them bleed, for their lives slip away. Let them drown in our children's shed blood. 'tis time for judgment.

All three paused, then nodded in agreement. Together they spoke as one, and for the first time the Avenger was surprised. He was also delighted by their choice.

For their crimes, we decree no punishment is painful enough. Therefore, you may use all three. Go, our Avenging Angel, and show them their judgment. Save our children.

With one final breath, they were gone. Niall Cain, the Angel of Judgment, threw back his head and laughed. He would enjoy this.

xxX Kit's POV Xxx


Kit ran over to his son and murmured, "Hold it off a little while longer. I'm going to get you out."

Barely coherent, Derek nodded and slowly stood. Kit grabbed his arm and hauled him the rest of the way up. Half dragging, half pulling, he managed to get Derek into the hall. Looking around made him stop, then shake his head and walk faster. On the ground were the bodies of security guards too stupid to get out of Kayla's way.

Barely keeping Derek up, they staggered to the door. When they reached it, Kit gaped in horror. Against the wall, Kayla was bleeding fiercely. Seeing him looking, she whispered in a breathy voice, "Go, Kit. There's nothing you can do for me. Live for Simon and Derek, but remember me." With the last of her strength, Kayla got up and pushed them out the door just as the guards came around the corner.

Locking the door, she slowly turned to face them. Turning into a bear, she lunged for them. With her final breath, she took a bullet aimed for Kit. Looking at Kit and Derek, she smiled and slid to the floor. With tears running freely from his eyes, Kit urged Derek to run. Looking back, he saw Kayla's body being dragged away.

Reaching the car, he shoved the seats down and helped Derek into the back. Laying him down, he hastily wrapped him in a blanket and jumped into the driver's seat. Kit didn't know if Derek could last the drive, so he drove for half an hour then pulled over. Leaning into the back, he reached out a hand to measure his fever, but quickly pulled back when he felt the heat radiating from his son.

Cursing, he reached for a water bottle and held it to Derek's lips. He licked his lips a little, then drank deeply. Kit chuckled a bit, and murmured, "Easy, Derek. Don't want you getting sick." Derek seemed to have heard him because he slowed down, then stopped. Moaning, he turned onto his side as his muscles wrenched painfully.

Wincing, Kit tried rubbing his back in soothing circles. It must have helped, because Derek relaxed slightly. Panting, he looked at Kit and grated out, "Can't…hold, b-back, dad." With a slight whimper, he curled up in a ball, panting and gasping for air. Kit was speechless. He had no idea what to do. He'd always looked forward to having more time so he could research the Change, but if it was happening now…

Fighting his panic, he ruffled Derek's sweat-soaked hair and said gently, "I'll figure it out. Now get some rest." Derek growled a little and gave him the look, but did as he was told. Seconds later, he was in an uneasy sleep. Kit sighed and started the car. Time to look for a forest.

xxX Niall's POV Xxx

Spreading his wings never felt so good as he soared through the trees. Holding his glittering scythe, Niall thought of Hannah. If she appeared to him, she had to be dead. But he hadn't seen what they did to her…first chance he got, he was going to pick someone's brain.

The second he burst through a window, people looked at him. And screamed. They all tried to get to the door at the same time, trampling each other in their haste. Laughing gleefully, Niall, began the bloodbath by cutting open a scientist's throat. He sank through the ground, blue flames spiraling around him as he descended. The building rumbled and shook as he took his revenge.

Remembering Hannah, he took woman by her throat and ripped open her mind. Behind the haze of terror, he felt a heart black as night. But it was what he saw that made Niall see red.

xxX Flashback Xxx

Niall watched as the woman, Dana, looked on in pleasure as the werewolf jerked and screamed in reaction to the virus. It seemed like the Malaria was taking a toll on her. Niall watched in horror as his beloved writhed on the cold metal slab. Laughing, she made her way over to Davidoff and murmured seductively, "She seems to be taking this quite well, What do you say we…go out for a drink?" Then she purred, "Or maybe we could stay in…" she trailed off, smiling as she saw the interested gleam in his eyes. Niall promptly gagged.

"Why, miss Montoya, are you trying to seduce me?" she laughed huskily as she sauntered up to him and pushed him against a table. She was about to kiss him when the subject flat lined. They quickly straightened their clothes and rushed over to restart her heart. Niall felt the blood pounding in his ears and immediately snapped her neck

xxX End Flashback Xxx

Niall screamed in rage as he crushed her spine, then snapped her in two. In a blood rage, he sent out a wave of hellfire as he flashed around, slitting the cursed ones throats. Reigning in his temper, Niall grabbed a dead man and ripped his way into his already fading mind. This was a happier memory, but also one of the worst.

xxX Flashback Xxx

Niall watched in interest as scientists gathered around their catch. It had been nine months since they'd taken her, so… His eyes widened as he realized just what he was seeing. He quickly made his way around the scientists and stood at her side.

Kayla screamed as the contractions shook her willowy frame. Already Niall could see two pups had been born, and she was panting with the effort. As another of his pups were born, Niall couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. They were his and they were perfect. Again, she screamed and finally, it was over. Four perfect children.

But as he watched, the scientists sneered at his kin in disgust. His sons were carried off as his mate screamed for them. In her grief, his dear Hannah wept as she was wheeled away. When one of them brought her food, she ripped him to shreds and escaped, only to be brought back drugged, like some kind of beast. Niall screamed and the man's mind was gone.

xxX End Flashback Xxx

Dropping the body, Niall took a deep breath and detached himself. He was completely emotionless as the remaining cursed ones screamed and were sucked into the earth, still burning with hellfire. Snapping open his wings, Niall began following the child's scent through the air. He had to make sure his son was safe, even if he couldn't see him.

Flying over the highway, he spotted a van that housed the boy's scent. Swooping in, he went right through the roof an landed next to the boy. Suddenly, the van pulled over and the man driving got in the back. Murmuring to the boy, he called him Derek and helped him drink. His heart broke when his son called the man his father, but he was happy the boy was being cared for. After one last look and a soft brush against Derek's cheek, he disappeared.

XxX Kit's POV Xxx

After hearing a pained whimper from Derek, Kit glanced over and realized that he truly couldn't hold off the Change any longer. When Derek turned to look at him pleadingly, he knew he had to stop soon. Taking off, he drove to the nearest gas station to call Simon from his cell.


"Simon, I'll be a little late coming back. Something came up."

"Dad, what the hell? What do you mean something came up? You don't sound hurt, so… Derek. It's Derek, isn't it?"

Sighing, Kit whispered, "Yes, Simon, Derek's Changing. He's panicking and honestly, so am I. I don't know the first thing about how a werewolf Changes, or how to comfort them. I can't…"

"Dad, listen. First off, it's Derek, the son you raised, not just a werewolf. We know him, and we can help him."

"Simon, I don't think I have time to pick you up for this."

"Well, damn. Let me talk to him?"

"Sure. See if you can calm him down." Derek was currently curled up near the door, panting and shuddering. His muscles writhed continuously and the twitching was getting worse. The terror in his eyes was the worst part. Giving him the phone, he whispered, "It's Simon."

Derek listened, and what Simon said obviously worked in making him relax. He even smiled a bit. Holding the phone back to Kit, he looked calmer. Taking the phone, he asked, "How?"

"I reminded him I still had to tell him about the game and that not all werewolves were as gory as the movies. Bring him home, dad."

"Don't worry, Simon. We'll be back before you know it." Hanging up, he began driving to the forest he'd found on the way to the institute. Derek suddenly tensed and the trembling got worse. He was apparently in pain because he started panting again and the whimpering was worse than before. Kit reached back and laid a soothing hand on his arm. It didn't help.

Parking the car haphazardly, he rushed to the back and helped Derek out. By now, he was sweating heavily as his muscles spasmed and shifted. Leading him deep in the forest, Kit kept a hand on his shoulder, telling him silently that he wouldn't leave. Rubbing between his shoulders, he got Derek to sit down. Bringing out a water bottle, Kit held it up for Derek but he didn't drink.

Derek convulsed and he let out a deep moan. Falling to all fours, his Change began.

Kit sat beside him, hoping to keep his mind off the pain. It didn't work. Convulsing again, Derek's back shot up impossibly high as dark fur sprouted on his arm. Derek gagged and saliva dripped from his lips. He had nothing to throw up. Whimpering loudly, he dug his fingers into the earth and hid his face. After a few seconds of shock, Kit snapped out of it and murmured soothingly in his ear.

Whimpering and moaning, Derek's muscles danced beneath his skin. Kit rubbed his back and noted absently that he'd have to work out the knots if Derek wanted to be able to move in the next few days. Finally, after a few more shudders and convulsions, the Change stopped and reversed itself. That scared Kit the most. Werewolves are supposed to transform fully the first time.

Feeling a little worried, Kit got a semi-conscious Derek to his feet. Swaying dangerously, they got to the van and he decided to put him in the passenger's seat so he could keep an eye on him. As soon as he was in the seat, Derek was out. Chuckling, Kit got in and started home.

xxX Simon's POV Xxx

Hearing a car pull up in the driveway, Simon froze. Then he ran for all he was worth. Shouting, he gave his father a quick hug and ran to the passenger side door. His dad stopped him and whispered, "He's worn out and I don't think I can drag him up those stairs." Casting a levitation spell, he carried Derek from the car, with Simon following behind.

Seeing his brother's wounds made his blood boil, but he ran to get the med kit from the bathroom. He'd cleaned up the best he could and had found most of the house untouched. Bringing it back downstairs, he asked nonchalantly, "So, where's Kayla?" Kit stopped and for several moments stayed quiet. Finally, he took out a bottle of antiseptic and whispered brokenly, "She's gone."

Simon knew what his father meant, and didn't ask him to elaborate. Instead, he kneeled beside his father and helped bandage up Derek. Cleaning up his shoulder wound, he frowned and felt along the muscle. Wincing in sympathy, he started working on the knots in Derek's abused muscles. Finally, around an hour later, they gave up and went to bed.

Derek wasn't going to move for a while, anyways.

So that concludes Derek's first attempt at Changing. We'll see more of his Avenging Angel blood in the sequel, Wolf Pack. That's right, I'm making a sequel! The Edison Group has no idea who the father of the pups was, they just tranqued a werewolf they'd been hunting for a while after they saw she was pregnant. Also, only the people Niall's about to kill can see him. If you want Niall to show up again, REVIEW!