This takes place during the intersecting portions of Sonic and Silver's stories. Just a one shot little fluff bit between Sonic and Blaze.

"So… how'd you end up in the future of all places?" I asked the cat beside me. I didn't know where that Silver kid had ended up.

She shrugged "I don't know, I was checking on the Sol emeralds one day when they lit up. Next thing I know I'm in a totaled city and Silver is dragging me away from a group of those fire lizard things."

I winced at mention of Silver, I didn't know why but he just drove me nuts. "Well at least you had someone to watch your back."

"Well, I guess. He has a lot to learn though…" she replied surprising me. He seemed to be doing good to me.

"Seriously? He's got the basics pretty well."

She shrugged "To you maybe… but he makes rookie mistakes. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've had to pull his quills out of the fire. Literally I might add, considering what we fought…"

I grinned "Well it's a good thing he had you around I guess. He's a good kid, has plenty of potential." I squelched the rush of anger at the idea of Silver making her do all the work. She was good but he should pull his own weight…

"Maybe, but it still got to me. At least if I had teamed up with you again I would have had an actually good fighter helping." She countered with a smirk.

"Heh, well we can work together now can't we?" I asked half serious.

She nodded "Yeah, I'm hoping he'll pick up a few things from you. And that I can go home after this…"

"Well hopefully Tails will finish that teleporter soon. That way we can go back and forth a bit easier. But besides time travel and that, how've you been?"

Looking surprised she looked askance at me for a minute before answering "Not bad… Nega's been quiet thankfully. I think he's afraid of me actually, or honestly us."

I double taked "What?"

Raising an eyebrow she explained "You and me. I think he has some irrational fear that if he causes trouble you'll show up and we'll kick his butt. I don't expect it to last too long but I'm grateful for the break."

"He should be afraid of you. But not cause I might show up. You'd kick his butt all on your own. The only reason you needed my help is cause the eggheads teamed up."

She smiled, a small one, but still a smile. "Hey, you helped more than that. And now Eggman has to watch out for both of us."

I answered her smile with one of my own. "Yeah, and we both know he's doomed huh?"

"Yes he is…" we both had stopped by this point. And were standing within a foot of each other, looking into each other's eyes. Maybe now is when I should tell her…

Before I could work up the courage to say anything Silver's voice interrupted the moment. The both of us jumped apart blushing slightly. "Hey guys, any luck with the egg carrier yet?"

"Nah, not yet Silver." I answered trying to sound nonchalant. Maybe someday I'll tell ya Blaze. I promise, one day I'll get the courage to say 'I love you'

Author's Note:

Here it is, just pointless fluff and a currently one-sided Sonaze. It's just meant to be an interlude bit during the team up between Sonic and Silver's stories.