The unit swarmed the house. Hotch took his team through the front while Derek took his through the back. They knew he was in there. He needed to be taken into custody. He was too much of a threat to their team, their family.

Hotch had his team enter through the front entry way. Rossi took half his team through the left side of the house while Hotch's team took the right. Both men kept from shuddering as they observed all the photos of her on the walls. There were pictures of her driving, laughing, showering, eating, smiling, sleeping, having sex. Every movement she made, this stalker had a photo of. "Hotch," Dave said motioning for his presence. As Hotch ordered his men to continue on their search of the house, he moved next to his friend and stiffened in concern. Before them was a shrine dedicated to her. Her face was the center of his work. Photos and items were individually placed in this shrine. Some of the objects dated as old as her childhood, while some were as recent as what she wore that day. They weren't dealing with their typical fanatic. This man was after her. He fantasized about her. He desired her. He was obsessed with her. Both men looked at each other with sadness as the seriousness of their case became more apparent.

Derek's team entered through the back. He felt as if his body was lit in flames. She was in danger and it was this crazed person's fault. He motioned to Reid as they entered the back entrance. Derek kicked in the door as he yelled, "FBI" throughout the house. He knew that Hotch advised him against it. But she was at risk. She was his priority. "Come out you son of a bitch," Derek growled as he moved through the rooms, hunting him down with purpose.

He could see her face everywhere. Photos of them covered this man's walls. Derek felt violated as he watched photos of them in their most intimate moments unfolded upon the walls that now resembled collages. This man watched her for years and Derek sensed nothing. He never fully understood failure until his gaze fell upon her eyes that faced him in the photograph before him. It was a photo of her sitting in Ester. Tears were falling from her eyes as she ran a hand through her hair. Derek recognized that she was parked in front of his apartment. He remembered that evening well. The man after her was so close to them and Derek hadn't noticed. Derek couldn't erase the blame he felt.

He lost sight of Reid. He knew he shouldn't have done that. Derek's emotions were driving him as he hunted this man down. "Come out," Derek said kicking in the doors. However, he didn't expect someone from behind him. He felt the pressure of a gun against the side of his neck. "Easy," Derek hissed.

"I've got you now," the man barked shoving him through the doorway.

Garcia sat in the back of the suburban fiddling her fingers as she watched all of her super heroes swarm the house. Her heart raced as she thought of the dangers they were putting themselves in. She couldn't help but blame herself as they risked their lives hunting him down. She listened to the radios for indications of what was happening inside the house. Penelope stared at the execution plans that laid before her. She knew the manner that Hotch and Derek were going to extract the suspect. Penelope knew what codes to listen for through the radio. However it was too quiet for too long.

She was not a woman who liked guns. She feared and loathed them. It was quite ironic that she ended up working for the Bureau, where weaponry and violence surrounded her constantly. However, she knew she would do anything to save her team. To save him. Penelope removed the gun from underneath her seat and exhaled quickly before she made her way into the house.

Everyone held their guns up in alarm when they saw Derek being held at gunpoint. The entire scenario felt surreal. None of this seemed to make sense to them. "FBI! Put your weapon down!" Hotch ordered staring down the man who had his best agent in a deathly hold.

"Not until she comes to me," he said, pressing the gun further into Agent Morgan's neck.

"You'll never have her, you son of a bitch," Derek taunted, his passion getting the best of him instead of strategy.

"Morgan, stand down," Rossi yelled, wanting to silence his agent before he lost his life.

"It's over! Release Agent Morgan," Hotch ordered, his gun trained on the suspect.

"Isn't she beautiful?" the suspect commented looking at his walls fanatically. "She is my vision, my muse. Agent Morgan, don't you call her..."

"Don't you speak her name," Derek growled, his possessive side wanting nothing more than to take this man down.

"Now, I had a feeling you would say that," the man said looking around the room. "What does it feel like? Hmmm? To feel her warmth and life beneath your hands and body, the way she looks up at you with wanting eyes. The way her body moistens at the sight of you in the room."

"Shut up!" Derek was having a difficult time keeping his cool.

"How about when you thrust into her? Is she as tight as I have imagined her to be, Derek?"

"Bastard," Derek growled, growing anxious with every word spoken.

"Morgan," Reid warned, attempting to get a shot. The suspect was too restless in his movements. Derek was at too much risk.

"You don't deserve her," the man said in his ear, his worn breath making Derek nauseate with ever word. "You don't deserve her passion and loyalty. She should be with me."

"I am not telling you again. Put the weapon down," Hotch ordered.

"She is everything. She is worth everything." The man was delusional and unstable. Everyone held their breath as they attempted to find an angle to take him out. Hotch and Rossi were worried with his shakiness and his finger tempting Derek's fate with the trigger.

"Put your weapon down," she said, making her presence known in the room. Penelope held her gun firmly, the weapon trained on the man holding her man's life hostage.

Derek's eyes shot toward her voice and he felt a sense of devastation as he saw her. She was supposed to stay in the suburban, away from the dangers and this maniac. "Baby Girl," Derek groaned, hissing as the man behind him pressed the gun further into his neck.

"Penelope!" he yelled happily. "You are finally here."

"I am," she said void of emotion. No one on their team had ever seen her so detached and robotic. "Let Agent Morgan go," she ordered.

"He's a distraction. A distraction from us. He is responsible for keeping us apart!" the man exclaimed pleading with her with his eyes.

"If you do not release him, I will walk out this door and you will be locked up, knowing I loath you and wish you the worst in this life," Penelope said.

The man grew panicked and felt he needed to back pedal. "Penelope, my angel. You know you don't feel that way. Let's run away. We can be together."

"Never, you sick freak. You hear me?" Derek snapped. "She would never go with you."

Penelope kept her gaze from Derek's prodding eyes. She knew he would be angry with her for disobeying orders. But he was her priority. She had to save him, even if it meant giving herself to the worst of men. "You need to release Agent Morgan. Give him to Agent Hotchner's custody and we can step outside and talk."

The man grew angry. Hotch, Rossi and Reid grew concerned as he stiffened and gripped Derek tighter. "Why does he need to be safe? Why Agent Morgan?" the man questioned.

"You have been watching me. You know the answer to that," Penelope said, finding it difficult to remain detached.

Reid looked toward Hotch for a signal for his actions. He found it aggravating that he couldn't get an angle to shoot this guy. All the men found it difficult keeping themselves detached as her life surrounded them upon the walls of the house.

"Do you have feelings for Agent Morgan?" the man questioned, his anger elevating with each passing second.

Penelope couldn't meet Derek's eyes. She wouldn't. Not for this. "I do," she said, keeping her voice level.

Derek knew what this was doing to her. Forcing her vulnerability was tearing apart her control. "Don't talk," Derek said attempting to comfort her. "It's okay."

"Are you in love with Agent Morgan?" The man felt his jealousy consume him, the thoughts of Penelope loving another man than him fueling his disgust and hatred.

Penelope didn't want to do this here. She didn't want him to find out this way. She had plans, a different way than this. Instead, she kept her eyes trained with the green eye of their criminal instead of the onyx orbs she found her home in. "Yes, yes I do love Agent Morgan."

Derek felt his heart soar and shatter in the same moment. He believed that she loved him. He could feel it with each kiss they shared, each time she looked at him with her sweet brown eyes. He knew she had trouble saying those words aloud, especially to him. However, he watched as she tried to maintain control over the situation and this mad man was about to lose it now that she confessed her love for him.

The man stood angrily and found himself shaking in hatred and despair. "No! You love me! You love me, Penelope! Look at how you look at me. You love me!" He moved the gun quickly from Derek's neck to motion toward the photos on the walls. It made Penelope nervous. She could feel her hands start to shake at the growing fear of losing Derek to this mad man.

Hotch and Rossi felt less confident in the situation with each passing second. The men nodded to one another, knowing that the second either could get a shot they would take it.

"Why don't you just put the gun down and we will run away. Just like you said," Penelope said, hoping to return them to their rapport.

The man looked at her with exhausted and crazed eyes. "We'll really run?" he asked.

"Together. It will be us. We'll go anywhere you want."


Penelope's heart shuttered at the thought of returning to the state that haunted her most. But she would say what was necessary to get Derek out of danger. "Yes. We can run to California, but you need to let Agent Morgan go," she replied.

The man shook his head frenzied and continued to apply pressure to Derek's neck. "I can't do that," he said, his only confidence in the situation slipping with the passing seconds.

Penelope could see Hotch, Reid and Rossi finding the perfect angle to take this man down. However, they were taking too long. She was aware of that fact. She knew Derek understood that. She took this moment to look into his onyx eyes. She prayed that he knew how much she loved him. She had difficulties saying the words aloud, however, it was his love that kept her living. His love for her was what motivated her. Now he was in danger and it was her fault. She hoped he could see how much she loved him, even if he hated her for what she was about to do.

"Fine, then you will lose me." In an instant, Penelope flipped the gun and pressed it to her right shoulder. Looking straight at the mad man, she pulled the trigger, feeling nothing, seeing nothing, hearing everything.

"Penelope!" Derek yelled, his heart breaking as he watched her fall.