Never had Hotch felt such an immense amount of dread as he and his team walked toward the conference room. Hours had passed since Seaver's brutal homicide. He had spent the better part of three hours briefing and reviewing the case with Strauss as well as local law enforcement who had been first called on the scene. Hotch wanted to keep this case within their jurisdiction. With a quick internal investigation, Strauss would learn of Penelope's horrific reality as well as reveal the shaky truths of the BAU. Hotch did not want to play politics, but acted with honesy and need as he pleaded the service of the BAU. He would be receiving a call from Strauss later that day to determine the team's standing with Penelope's case.

They had lost another member of their team to a psychotic killer. Seaver may have been young, but she was a promising young woman who had infinite amounts of knowledge and experience to contribute to the Bureau. Others in the Bureau had questioned her place on the team after Emily's death and JJ's absence, viewing her as an under qualified replacement of sorts. However, he and Dave saw the potential within his agent. Her experience laced with detached compassion made her a valuable asset to their team. Though that no longer mattered now, as she was lost to their cruel enemy.

As his team analyzed the photographic and physical evidence, he admitted that each of his team members were plagued with exhaustion and distress. He looked at his most recent return to the Bureau and questioned her strength and control. Though it was clear that she and Ashley would never be close friends, JJ possessed a maternal compassion that was now damaged with the loss of Seaver's life. He could see the feelings of guilt and disappointment radiating off the blonde mother as she glanced at her phone often to see if Will would call her.

Aaron moved his gaze to Derek. This man had been strung out within the most recent months. From what he could gather, Morgan had turned to Penelope for physical release and comfort after Emily's death. Though each of the team members suffered their own demons when they related to Emily's death, Derek's guilt and feelings of failure were some of the most challenging terrors for their team to face. Penelope had been his constant throughout his years with the BAU, and Emily's death only strengthened their bond. Her being away from him has made Derek's behavior paused and slightly reckless. Aaron took in the fact that Derek appeared saddened and disappointed at the loss of Seaver's life, however his detachment was his only coping mechanism since Penelope's indefinite departure.

A cough interrupted Aaron's thought pattern as he glanced at his now youngest agent. Spencer had changed and developed throughout his years in the Bureau. No longer was he the scrawny intimidated young doctor with frightening knowledge of obscure statistics and no hand-eye coordination. Instead, he had transformed into a man of many talents that is one of his most valued resources and friends on his team. He knew of the minor interest he had in Seaver. His gazes and concern for her coping with the cases could be viewed as kind and beyond necessary. Though Emily's death turned him away from getting attached romantically, there was no doubt in his mind that Ashley's death would be haunting Spencer long after this stalker was apprehended.

Finally he turned his attention to the man who was burdened by Seaver's death the most. Dave had been Ashley primary advocate and mentor through her experience and encounters in the Bureau. He watched her grow from the emotionally scared child who had a serial killer for a father to a brave and daunting young woman who was ready to take on the darkest of evils. While Hotch could not always identify if their bond was always platonic or teased the lines of romance, Ashley had relied on David Rossi as a source of consistency and kindness. Her death would haunt him much like Zoe's. She would be another person he couldn't save.

Aaron didn't want to think about Penelope. He wondered if she disobeyed his warnings and looked at the most recent acts of Longing Eyes. Though the majority of his mind wanted her to stay away from this darkness, a sliver of his conscious hoped she continued to keep her eyes upon them. Now more than ever did they need her light and compassionate strength. As he surveyed the room, he couldn't deny his heavy heart and his own feelings of incompetence.

He took a seat and released a heavy sigh, an act uncharacteristic of the unit chief. His action produced looks of surprise and alertness to fall upon his agents. Each were ready for what instructions he had for them. They longed for his leadership to guide them in their next steps against this bastard.

Looking up to the prodding eyes of his agents, Hotch began, "Ashley Seaver's life was one filled with tragic beauty. From a childhood that was filled with darkness, she persevered and made a life for herself that was surrounding with incredible good and promise. Her past kept her detached from others, however, she forged relationships that none of us will forget. Her death is tragedy on it's own accord, however, we can use this to help our case. She would not want us wallowing in suffering and despair now that she is no longer with us. She would want us to continue hunting this man until Penelope can return to us."

"Our lives are in more jeopardy now," JJ interrupted. "His first death was Lynch, now Ashley. He won't stop hurting those who Penelope loves until she is back."

Turning to her sharply, Derek stated, "She is better off away if this psycho is doing this much harm."

"Derek, we have families. If this man is willing to take Seaver and Lynch's life, who is to say he won't go after our families? Us?" JJ asked.

"We will find him," Derek responded with conviction.

"We didn't find him in time to save her!" JJ yelled, her emotions rising.

"Enough!" Dave interrupted, slamming his fist into the table. Spencer jumped from the startling act and it caused JJ and Derek to silence their angry words. "Ashley and Penelope would not want you two fighting. They would want you to fight for them. They would want you to review the actions of this son of a bitch and finally catch him."

"JJ is right to a certain extent," Spencer said, breaking his silence. "This UNSUB most likely knows where we live and could potentially harm our families to get to Penelope."

"What do you suggest we do?" Derek asked.

"We use a decoy," Reid answered. "If we lure the UNSUB with communication, such as notes and tokens of hers, we may be able to bring him out of hiding."

"How do you want to do this?" JJ asked.

"Let's start with letters and objects that we can gather from Morgan's apartment," Hotch advised. "If we learn what will lure him out, we can identify him."

Derek, though apprehensive, couldn't deny that this plan might work. He was saddened by Seaver's death, but knew he would do what was necessary to bring his Penelope home. "What do you need from us?"

"We need to relocate," Hotch advised. "If we stay at hotels surrounding Quantico, it will force the UNSUB to leave his comfort zone. By doing that, we may be able to narrow it down."

"Has Michelle's team begun analyzing the security footage from the grocery lot?" Rossi asked.

"I was going to check on that once this meeting was over," Hotch replied. "For now, I suggest we separate and get hotels. The Bureau will be able to reimburse you once the case is over. Only text me your decided locations once you are settled." Aaron turned his attention back to his tense and broken agent. "Morgan, I need to you pack some of Penelope's trinkets and personal belongings that we can use as decoys. If she has any diaries or journals, please bring those and we can use her own words to lure him out."

Morgan nodded as the team began to depart. Aaron kept his gaze firm as he collected the physical evidence for this box. He looked at Rossi with compassionate eyes, understanding everyone's exhausted actions.



Michelle was analyzing the video evidence. Through the television screen and her computer systems, she was focusing her settings to polish the footage and enhance the imaging. Her team had gone home at her insistence, each exhausted from their countless cases the Bureau asked them to assist with. While she would normally be home resting with a glass of red wine enjoying a sweet romantic comedy, Penelope's case had haunted her since her disappearance. She missed her friend and confidant dearly and was quick to act when there was news of her case.

She was shocked when Hotch had called notifying her of Seaver's death. The young woman possessed potential and spunk that would have been a great resource for the BAU. Michelle wondered what Penelope's reaction would be like of the young agent's death. Though they were not as close, Penelope had a way of keeping everyone under her wing. Michelle only hoped that news of Ashley's death wouldn't haunt the technical analyst.

A flash across her computer screen caused Michelle to review the tape once again. As she watched Ashley's brutal death, she couldn't help but cringe at the sight. She had needed to record each event from each detailed slide of the 9 minute chase and murder.

However, in this most recent viewing, Michelle decided to watch the actions of the killer. Though the brightness of the truck's high beams as well as the outdated technology made enhancing the driver's image almost impossible, she analyzed his pixelated facial and body reactions as he killed their agent.

What she wasn't prepared for was the images toward the end of the reel. The UNSUB had driven slowly beside her body, his head hooded under a grey zipper sweatshirt. In a flash of a slide, Michelle was able to gather enough of his face to enhance the photo.

As the technology quickly enhanced the image of the driver, Michelle felt the blood drain from her face. "My God," she whispered as she recognized the driver of the truck. With shaking hands, she grabbed her cell phone and began dialing Hotch's number.

The phone approached the third ring as her pulse raced in fear. Michelle caught a glimpse of his green eyes in the mirror as she screamed. She felt an intense pain from the back of her head, the force behind her pain she recognized as being from a blunt object. As her body crumpled to the floor, she caught sight of his shoes and his unauthorized gun secure upon his pant leg while her body gave into unconsciousness.



As Derek drove home, he couldn't help but be concerned with their team's newest plan to catch this son of a bitch. He wanted to be confident in the team and their plans. They had years of experience supporting their effectiveness in these types of cases. However, days have turned into weeks without his Goddess. Another life had been viciously taken from the team. They were still no where close to catching this guy.

He wondered what Penelope would want if she were here with them. He thought of her distress at the thought of Seaver's death. He could see her mystical eyes shining with tears and guilt at another sighting of lost life. Grinding his teeth, Derek turned the corner and allowed the cool rain from the outside to sooth his heated soul.

When he pulled up to his home, he placed his truck in park and allowed his head to recline against the seat. Derek exhaled sharply as he rubbed the back of his neck to ease his tension.

His mind drifted to images of his Goddess before these nightmares. He thought of their countless hours of bedroom rendevous and movie night adventures. He could picture every detail of her dazzling smile and heart stopping eyes. Derek shook his head in defeat as he came to the realization that she was no where near him, his heart had been taken captive by this mad man.

The thunder interrupted his thoughts. Derek quickly remembered that he needed to gather his belongings fast to ensure the teams as well as his own safety. Rolling up the window, Derek gathered his keys into his hand, placing them in his inside jacket pocket, and dashed across the street to flee from the cold rain.

As he stepped up the stairs, the creaking of wood caused him to stiffen. He wasn't alone. He stood silently, assessing the situation without looking away from the door. His hand moved within his leather jacket, reaching for his gun. His breathing, as well as the strangers, increased with each second. The tension was almost unbearable.

After a count of three, Derek gripped his gun tightly and pivoted toward the direction of the presence and called out firmly, "FBI!"

"Derek, don't shoot!" the voice yelped, their hands raising in a movement of self defense.

Her voice broke his resolve as he took in her wet black wig and frightened eyes. Her contacts made her eyes a vibrant blue, the darkness of her wig made her skin glow with haunting light. However, there was no doubt in his mind who was standing before him.

"Derek, please," she pleaded, taking a timid step toward him, her hands still raised to defend herself.

Derek quickly slid the gun back into his jacket, now holding his keys, as he opened the house door. He ushered her into the house quickly, checking the surroundings for any signs of them being seen. He kept the lights off as he locked the doors and closed the windows.

He finally turned and saw her shaking in the dark, her gaze haunted and heartbroken. He leapt forward and stole her lips in a passionate kiss, his hold on her tight and unrelenting. She responded eagerly, her shaking and wet hands moving up and down his warm torso and thermal henley. Pushing her against the door, their actions turned close to animalistic as their grips and pets turned desperate. Separating to gaze into her false blue eyes, he rubbed his thumb against her cheek as he leaned his head against hers. "Penelope," he moaned, her lips capturing his being her only response.