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Only one song for this chapter: "White Reflection" from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.


Episode Thirty-Two: White Reflection

October 2nd, C.E. 73

We've made excellent time, thought Murrue as the high speed shuttle rushed through space, Who would've thought that the data Heero gave Erica included more than just mobile suit and weapons designs? This craft really is remarkable.

Strictly speaking the dark blue shuttle wasn't completely an After Colony design. The large craft incorporated technology from both Heero's old world and the Cosmic Era, and in fact the frame was actually based off of an OZ atmospheric mobile suit transport jet. However, when modified and upgraded with other technology found in the data Heero had given Erica along with Morgenroete equipment the result was a truly unique shuttle. Armed with two dual beam cannons and capable of transporting three mobile suits at speeds greater than any other Cosmic Era shuttle, the craft was perfect for an organization such as Terminal.

"We're five minutes out from the release point," said Andrew Waltfeld from the copilot's chair.

"That was quick," said Aisha Waltfeld, smiling as she flew the craft, "This baby's engines are really something else."

From her seat at the communications console Murrue smiled as she watched husband and wife work. Andrew and Aisha had gotten married four months ago, and Murrue fondly recalled being one of the bridesmaids at the wedding with Heero as a groomsman. The Tiger and Tigress had been doing very well since then, active in Terminal's activities just as much as she and Heero were. Waltfeld had even just completed physical therapy two months ago for his new prosthetic arm, and according to Aisha it had thrilled him to be able to do more now than just sit in a chair and give orders. He had feverishly retrained himself in piloting and had seemed to have lost none of his old skill.

Two years had passed since the Second Battle of Jachin Due, and the three of them really hadn't changed. Dressed in black flight suits not unlike that worn by Heero, they had worked very well together throughout the flight, maintaining a professional but friendly, even relaxed atmosphere. Now twenty-eight, her activities in Terminal combined with exercise and hand-to-hand training sessions with Heero had kept Murrue in shape, and in fact she felt fitter now than she had during her time in the Earth Alliance forces.

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, she thought, Heero would've wiped the floor with my old hand-to-hand trainers from the Atlantic Federation military.

"Murrue," said Andrew, "any ZAFT comm chatter?"

Turning back to her console Murrue checked the display and shook her head. "Nothing right now. It looks like they haven't changed their patrol patterns since our last recon run."

"It's kind of strange," said Aisha, "This is a new PLANT colony, one devoted primarily to armaments manufacture, and well removed from the safety of L5 to boot. You'd think it'd have a tighter patrol screen."

"You got to remember that the fleet's not as big as it was back in Zala's day thanks to the treaty limitations," said Waltfeld, "The bulk of ZAFT's space forces are concentrated at L5 and now they have to defend it with fewer ships. This new colony may be important to Durandal's new armaments program, but it's just a branch of it; the bulk of ZAFT weapons development is still at L5. The force defending this colony is a mixed bag of Laurasia-class frigates and Nazca-class destroyers, although Eric said they did recently add one of the new Hel-class cruisers to the screen. It may be a light group unable to project thorough coverage, but it's enough of a guard to make an attacker think twice."

"Still," said Murrue nervously, "something does feel off about this."

"Relax," said Aisha, smiling at her, "this baby can outrun anything short of a nuclear powered mobile suit, and that's not counting what she's got in her cargo bay."

Murrue nodded. "You have a point there."

"Speaking of the cargo bay," said Waltfeld, "you'd better give Heero a heads up, Murrue. He's got less than four minutes until launch."

"Got it," Murrue replied.

With the click of a button her boyfriend appeared on her screen. Apart from growing a little taller, almost matching her in height, Heero had hardly changed physically over the past two years. Dressed in his familiar black flight suit, the Gundam pilot looked as calm and collected as ever, though Murrue saw him smile slightly when he saw her.

"Is it time?" he asked her.

Murrue nodded and smiled. "About three minutes until the drop. Are you ready?"

Heero nodded. "I'll bring it up to full power at two."

"All right," Murrue replied, "Remember, you're just going to observe the launching and the trials today, Heero. There's no need to make yourself known."

"I know," said Heero, "Don't worry, Murrue. I'll keep a low profile."

"Be careful," said Murrue, "I love you, Heero."

"And I love you, Murrue," said Heero, "and I will come back to you."

Murrue smiled again. "I have no doubt about it. Spread your wings and fly, Heero, and know that my heart goes with you."

"Roger that," he replied.


Start "White Reflection"

As soon as the clock on the upper right corner of the screen hit the two minute marker, Heero brought his mobile suit up to full power. The monitors around him flashed gold as the ZERO System came online, along with the rest of the machine's sophisticated technology.

This is more than just a recon run, thought Heero as the mobile suit came to life, This is the first mission for your new form, Zero. Let's make it a good one.

On the main monitor an alphanumeric sequence flashed in front of him, followed by a name and an inscription.


Wing Gundam Zero Albion.

On the wings of your convictions, soar forward unto dawn.

The flight trials last month went well, he thought, but there's nothing like an actual mission to put an upgraded machine through its paces. Combat may not be on the agenda this time, but I don't need a fight to push the envelope with a mobile suit.

He closed his eyes for a moment, turning inward to reflect on just how far he had come in two years, and what was at stake here. He truly had succeeded in turning a new page in his life, in building a new life with Murrue in the Cosmic Era, but now that was under threat. Tensions between the Earth Alliance and the PLANTs had been steadily rising over the past year, and with both sides' forces now at the treaty limits they were now focusing on upgrading their weapons, pushing the envelope of what was allowed by the peace agreement in the drive to develop new technologies and gain superiority over their rivals. The focus of today's mission would be to study some of ZAFT's new weapons and then place them into a larger context, determining just how close the two major powers might be to a new war.

This was more than just an observation mission. The intelligence he gathered here could well prove crucial to their efforts to prevent or at least contain a potential conflict. No matter what happened, he had to accomplish his mission.

And stay out of sight, he thought, Cagalli's on that colony today. A Wing Zero sighting by ZAFT today would put her in a… awkward position. Fortunately with the upgrades this Gundam should be harder than before for ZAFT's sensors to detect.

Above all else, survive…

…and return to Murrue.

Opening his eyes, he saw the launch timer enter its final countdown. Taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out, Heero's eyes narrowed as he braced for the take off. The shuttle's rear doors began to open, and when the bay was full exposed a nearby light turned green and the countdown hit zero.

"Heero," said Murrue, "you're clear to launch!"

Heero nodded. "Roger that. Wing Zero Albion, launching."


"Launch confirmed!" said Andrew, "He's clear! Closing the bay door now. Aisha, reduce speed. We'll turn around once he's outbound."

As the shuttle slowed Murrue looked out the cockpit window, waiting anxiously for what she knew was coming. A second later she saw it… an image that still did not fail to take her breath away even though she had seen it several times now.

"Beautiful…" she whispered.

Any veteran of the last war would've recognized the mobile suit that rushed out in front of the shuttle, but at the same time they would not deny that it had undergone a considerable metamorphosis. The main body had maintained its distinctive shape, although the paint job was now almost entirely blue and white, save for a bit of red beneath the cockpit and two red fins, one sticking out of each arm. The shoulder armor had been refined, and it now had sleek blue and white curves rather than the prior angular design. New green sensors had been built into the blue forearms to supplement the chest mounted Search Eye and improve the accuracy of its now legendary rifle. Its already fearsome arsenal had been supplemented by two new railguns mounted at the mobile suit's hips.

However, the most striking new feature by far was the four white wings flowing out from its back. They were split into an outer and an inner pair. The inner pair's wings were smaller, and out of them flowed the familiar blue and white thruster fire that served as the Gundam's primary means of propulsion. Between the inner wings was stored the famous Twin Buster Rifle, read to be drawn the moment it was needed. The outer pair was larger, and those two wings were capable of wrapping around the front of the mobile suit to act as shields. Rather than thruster fire coming out of their edges though, the two larger wings emitted a steady, brilliant stream of azure light waves.

"Now there's something you don't see every day," said Andrew, smirking.

"Unbelievable…" said Aisha softly.

All that work's finally come to fruition, Murrue thought, I never imagined the end result would be so splendid. It's as much a work of art as it is a weapon. Heero, Erica… you two really have outdone yourselves.

She smiled as she saw the Gundam turn to face the shuttle, spreading its four white wings. Thruster fire and azure light flowed from its wings and gave the mobile suit a majestic, almost angelic aura. No other machine could match such an awe-inspiring display. The emerald Search Eye gleamed brilliantly on its chest, and Murrue felt like Heero was giving her one more farewell before embarking on his mission.

Farewell, my love, she thought, Fly like I know you can, and come back to me!

As if sensing her silent farewell Wing Zero Albion turned around. The blue and white fire and azure light flowing from the wings increased in a brilliant burst, and the Gundam shot forward at incredible speed. As the shuttle fell back and began to turn around Murrue watched as her boyfriend's mobile suit swiftly became a pinprick on the horizon.

A point of light heading towards a tiny speck of a colony in the distance.

A colony…

…called Armory One.

End Part One

To be continued in Part Two…

Gundam Wing: Destiny's Call

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