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"The Fairly Oddparents R(Royals): The King of the Anti-Fairies"

Chapter I

11-year old Timmy Tiberius Turner had just defeated the Darkness when the lion Aslan told him of an even bigger prophecy. It was revealed that Timmy was one of two rulers of Fairy World, making him the "King of the Fairies." "Me? King of the Fairies? But, I'm only 11!" Timmy exclaimed in shock. "You are young, but your heart is right where it belongs. You also have a queen, who'll have the same powers as you, and will be the one you'll marry one day," Aslan said. "Great, I'm already being told who to marry at 11," Timmy muttered. "Don't fret. Everything will come naturally for you and your queen," Aslan said before disappearing.

Timmy grew weak and fell to his knees. "Timmy!" everyone cried out. "It's okay; I'm just shocked," Timmy said. "Poof-poof? (Really?)" asked Poof. "Really Poof, I'm fine," said Timmy. "Poof-poof-poof-poof... (If you say so...)" said Poof. "Ugh, just when I thought my life would go back to normal..." said Timmy as he slowly stood up. "Are you still gonna wipe our memories, Jorgen?" asked A.J. "Normally, I would...but after what happened, I'd say that Turner would need all the comfort he can get right now," replied Jorgen. "Can I go home now?" asked Timmy. "Sure, sweetie; everyone gather around and we'll take you home," Wanda said.

Everyone surrounded Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof and they poofed them all home. Little did everyone know that two blue figures; one male, the other female; were watching them all from afar. "So, Timothy is now the King of the Fairies. Interesting!" said the male with a British accent. "Gwarsh! What could this mean?" said the female with a Southern Appalachian accent. "This means, my dear, that we Anti-Fairies are going to have a King!" the male said as he began raising his black wand. "Where'ya goin'?" asked the female anti-fairy. "I can't risk you going out in your present condition, Anti-Wanda; go back to Anti-Fairy World while I, Anti-Cosmo, will go to the Negaverse to pick up our new King!" he said and anti-poofed himself to the negaverse. "A-hyuck! Sure thing, shugah!" Anti-Wanda said as she anti-poofed herself back to Anti-Fairy World.

Anti-Cosmo arrived in the negaverse. He found himself in the city of Bitterburg, which was located in the same place as Dimmsdale. "This must be Nega-Dimmsdale. Now to find the Nega-Timmy," Anti-Cosmo said to himself. He floated around to find a huge structure with a neon sign:

"Michael's Evil Lair!"

"Hmm...I wonder." Anti-Cosmo said before anti-poofing inside.

Inside, 11-year-old Michael Tiberius Turner and his three "friends"; Elizabeth Tang, Patrick McBadbat, and Alan Ibrahim; were making evil plots. Michael Turner looked like Timmy, except he had black hair and red eyes wearing a purple tophat with a red band and a purple cloak which covered the length of his body. Elizabeth Tang looked like Trixie, only she had a purple bow on her messy rusty red, almost brown hair and wore an all-black getup. Patrick looked like Chester, only he had a black beret on his head and carried a metal bat. Alan looked like A.J., but he had a full head of hair on his head and wore a red suit.

All of a sudden, a blue skinned fairy appeared in front of the four delinquents. The four of them pointed their weapons at the anti-fairy. "Greetings! I am looking for the Nega-Timmy; is he here?" he asked. Michael stood up and said, "Unless you want to be vaporized, you will address me as 'Michael,' got it?" "Okay, Micheal. I need to speak to you." "I'm listening..." said Michael. "I'm here to tell you that your counterpart, Timmy Turner, is now the King of the Fairies." Anti-Cosmo said. "What does THAT have to do with me?" asked Micheal. "It means since you're his counterpart, you are the King of the Anti-Fairies. You'll be given the same powers as us, and you'll rule in Anti-Fairy World with your queen by your side! That is why you are coming with me!" replied Anti-Cosmo as he grabbed Michael's hand and the two of them anti-poofed back into Anti-Fairy World.

Little did Anti-Cosmo know was that Michael's three 'friends' hitched a ride into Anti-Fairy World. He also didn't expect that a few months later, he was expecting a little bundle of terror...

-To Be Continued...-

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