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"The Fairly Oddparents R: The King of the Anti-Fairies"

Chapter II

A few months after Anti-Cosmo took Michael Turner to Anti-Fairy World, the four delinquents were 'happy' living in Anti-Fairy world. Michael lived in Anti-Cosmo's castle while the other three lived with other anti-fairies; Elizabeth with Anti-Iris, Patrick with Anti-Roger, and Alan with Anti-Lionel. At the same time, Anti-Wanda's condition began to get worse. Her stomach began expanding violently and kept vomiting rainbows. Michael witnessed what was happening to the anti-fairy and sought out Anti-Cosmo, who was upset about Poof's popularity and why an "Anti-Poof" hasn't appeared yet.

"Yo, Cosma! Something's wrong with your wife!" Michael said. "What? Fine, let's go!" Anti-Cosmo said and followed Michael to the Organ Room, where his wife was held. Inside, Anti-Wanda was busy eating furniture. Anti-Cosmo gasped and shouted, "Anti-Wanda! Stop that right now!" Just then Anti-Wanda felt something moving inside her. "What's going on?" asked Micheal. "I should have guessed this was coming: Anti-Wanda is pregnant!" Anti-Cosmo said. "Does this mean?" Micheal asked. "Yes; the Anti-Poof is coming!" Anti-Cosmo said.

At that moment, something came out of Anti-Wanda. It looked like a baby fairy, but it was shaped like a cube, had blue skin, and had a black crown and bat wings. The baby anti-fairy had the same color of eyes as Poof, but there was a mustache and a goatee on it's face. It too had a single strand of hair like Poof, but it was shaped like a lowercase "f." "Hello, Clarice...I mean, 'mother.'" the baby said...in full, proper English! "What should we name it?" Anti-Wanda asked. "How about Stewie?" Michael joked. "No: Foop!" Anti-Cosmo said. Foop floated to the large pipe organ, and played a menacing chord. The pipes let out a huge puff of smoke with the name "Foop" on it!

Foop turned around and gave everyone an annoyed look. "You know when you think about it, Foop didn't sound so evil as it did when I thought about it..." said Anti-Cosmo. Foop just looked at his father when he saw a picture of Poof on the wall. "Who is this?" he asked in a rage. "That is Poof, your good counterpart!" explained Anti-Cosmo. "He's the most popular fairy baby in Fairy World!" added Anti-Wanda. "Not to mention the only fairy baby in Fairy World..." Michael muttered.

This made Foop cross. "What? I'm not the only fairy baby? Well, I'll fix that...BY MYSELF!" Foop shouted. "You won't do anything unless we are there with you, understand?" Anti-Cosmo commanded. "Sorry father, but I don't play with others!" Foop said before firing his bottle at Anti-Cosmo. Michael prepared to attack Foop, but Anti-Cosmo stopped him. "Now, now...there's no need for that! Besides, 'Mr. Grumpypants' is in desperate need for a nap!" he said. "I'll do whatever I want, and I don't...yawn!...nap!" Foop said before ruining Anti-Fairy World and headed towards Fairy World.

"Aww, his first threat!" said the now Care Bear-esqued Anti Wanda. "They grow up so fast!" she continued. Michael grew furious. He turned to the green Care Bear that was Anti-Cosmo as said, "I don't care if he's your son, Anti-Cosmo! He will pay for turning my kingdom colorful and cuddly!" With that, Michael snapped his fingers and anti-poofed out of Anti-Fairy World.

Meanwhile in Fairy World; Timmy, his godfamily, and Trixie were walking around. Along with them was Trixie's new godparent, Iris. All of a sudden, a familiar voice rang out to Timmy: "Hello, Turner!" Timmy turned around to find his archrival Remy Buxaplenty, a 12-year-old blonde-haired rich boy wearing a fancy ice-cream suit with a red bow. Along with him was his godparent and Wanda's ex, Juandissimo. Timmy's godfamily went in front of him with their wands drawn. "Wait! I'm not here to pick a fight!" Remy said. "Well, what are you here for? Trying to ask me to be your girlfriend? Timmy told me all about you, you know!" Trixie said. "I'm not here for you either, Trixie; I've changed!" Remy said. "Say what?" everyone shouted. "I know everything I did was wrong, but you've got to trust me! Please!" exclaimed Remy. "Fine, but if you do anything to hurt Timmy, I'll make sure you'll never get Juandissimo back!" Wanda said.

"So what's with the sudden change of heart?" asked Timmy. "Juandissimo told me everything you did to save the world, which gave me newfound respect for you. So...are we cool?" asked Remy. "Yeah; we're cool." Timmy said and shook Remy's hand. Just then, Wanda's maternal instincts began acting up as the sky began turning dark. "Incoming!" Iris shouted as a dark pulse hit the three kids and five fairies. "What was that?" asked Wanda as Jorgen appeared. "It's just as I suspected; the Anti-Poof is born!" Jorgen said. "Hah! He doesn't sound dangerous!" Remy boasted. Just then Poof appeared in a ship similar to Darth Vader's personal TIE figher, and blasted the Fairy World sign to dust! "You were saying?" said Trixie.

"Our only chance is for Poof to take care of this guy!" Jorgen said. "There is no way I'm letting my baby fight Anti-Poof!" Wanda told Jorgen. "That's 'Foop'!" Foop shouted. Everyone began laughing at the mention of his name when Foop began attacking them. The kids and the fairies got out of the way of Foop's attack just in time. "We better get outta here!" said Juandissimo. "I agree!" added Iris. "You guys protect Poof while I take care of Foop!" Jorgen said. Timmy, Trixie, and Remy each turned to their fairies and wished they were back in Dimmsdale.

After the wish was granted, Jorgen was all alone with Foop when he attacked him. "Where is Poof?" he demanded. Jorgen stood his ground. "I'll never tell!" he said. Fairy Hart, who saw everything that happened let the cat out of the bag. "Poof's in Dimmsdale with his godbrother and his family." she told Foop. He let out an evil grin as he absorbed all the magic and color in Fairy World and left all the fairies in a depressed state. "I've got to stop him, but how?" Jorgen said as Michael appeared following Foop's trail. "Perhaps I could be of assistance." Michael said as he snapped his fingers and anti-poofed him and Jorgen away.

As Timmy and the others were busy protecting Poof, Foop had just destroyed Burger World. "I can't believe they place Poof toys in their meals!" he said holding a Poof bobblehead figure. "Now, onto Earth to...yawn!...find Poof and destroy him!" Inside Timmy's house Iris said, "I'm telling you if Foop tries to come here and hurt Poof, he'll have to go through me!" "And me!" added Juandissimo. "Don't worry, they aren't going to mess with us, mi amor!" he continued as he held someone's hand. Before he began to kiss it, thinking that it was Wanda's, Wanda said, "That's very sweet of you, Juandissimo, but..." "But that's my hand!" Cosmo said and snatch his hand away from Juandissimo.

Timmy let out an annoyed sigh. "Look, the only ones stopping Foop from hurting Poof is us!" he said. "Us!" shouted Trixie and Remy. "But the only ones that have any experience in fighting anti-fairies is you!" Remy added. "Wait! If the anti-fairies are the opposite of fairies, wouldn't they have opposite weaknesses?" asked Trixie. "Of course, why didn't I think of that before! I'll just wish up a butterfly net!" Timmy said. Using his personal magic, he made a butterfly net appear.

Then Timmy realized his mistake and shouted, "Uh-oh...I just poofed up a butterfly net with fairies nearby!" The net sucked in Cosmo, Wanda, Iris, and Juandissimo. "Well, at least things can't get any worse!" Remy said. Timmy turned on the television and saw Chet Ubetcha reporting. "This is Chet Ubetcha reporting. In what could only be described as three kids' wishes gone awry, plagues have hit Dimmsdale by storm; paper cuts, spiders, pink-eye, crazy cow disease; it's mayhem!" Before Timmy could ask what should they do, Foop blasted through the wall! "Okay from now on, only I'm allowed to tempt fate like that!" Timmy said to Trixie and Remy.

Foop charged towards Poof, but Poof blasted him away and then gave him a wedgie before flying off in a ship similar to a X-wing Fighter with Foop behind him. "We've got to save Poof!" cried Wanda. "Hold on, did anyone see how tired Foop was?" asked Timmy. "I did," said Iris. "What's does sleep have to do with anything?" asked Remy. "Ooh, I know; we can sing Foop to sleep!" Cosmo answered. "Great idea, but how are we supposed to sing to that little bunde of misery?" asked Trixie. Timmy felt something as Michael appeared with Jorgen. "I've got it! We'll ask the anti-fairies to help us!"

"Who's this guy? I've never met him before!" Remy said. "This is Nega-Timmy; he's my counterpart and the King of Anti-Fairy World." Timmy said. Micheal scoffed, "Even you, the King of Fairy World, would best address me as Michael! However, the anti-fairies and I will help you."

Foop and Poof were having a playdate of doom together. First they played in the ballpit of doom, then on the teeter-totter of terror, and finally the merry-go-round of mayhem. By this time, all the fairies and their counterparts and the nine kids (with the inclusion of Alan, A.J. Chester, Elizabeth, and Patrick) were right below them. "Now everyone!" Michael and Timmy shouted as they all sung a lullaby loud enough for Foop to hear. Both Foop and Poof fell asleep and Micheal and Timmy caught the two babies.

"Nice work, Timmy!" Trixie said. "Now how are we going to reverse all of Foop's damage?" asked Iris. Micheal thought about that instantly by taking Foop's bottle away from him. "That's for wrecking Anti-Fairy World!" he shouted, which woke Foop up and caused him to start crying! Just then, the sound of Foop's crying reversed all the damage and more! "Of course! Since Poof's crying causes bad things to happen; Foop's crying causes good things to happen!" Trixie said. "POOF! (HEY!)" Poof shouted. "We'll be taking this one back to Anti-Fairy World to give him proper punishment," Michael said. "I'll see to that, Michael," Timmy said. "Oh, and Timmy...next time Friday the Thirteenth comes around, you and the rest of Fairy World won't be so lucky!" Michael said before he and the rest of the anti-fairies anti-poofed out of Dimmsdale. "Don't worry, Michael. I'll be waiting." Timmy said before heading back home.

-To Be Continued...-

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