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"The Fairly Oddparents R: The King of the Anti-Fairies"

Chapter VII

Xion, Elizabeth, Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Foop, and Anti-Iris were traveling through the Lanes Between. "So, where's this Leon?" asked Anti-Iris. Xion pointed to a world with a huge castle. "There's Radiant Garden," she explained. "Let's go."

When they reached the city, they were surrounded by a group of guards pointing spears at them. "If you so much as flinch, you're dead!" a guard said. "Xion?" asked a tall brunet man with a diagonal scar on his face wearing a lion's head chain around his neck. The guards all lowered their weapons. "Thanks, Leon," asked Xion. "Everyone, this is Squall Leonhart. Squall? This is Elizabeth Tang, the Queen of Anti-Fairy World and our friends: Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Foop, and Anti-Iris." "Please call me 'Leon,' only one person is allowed to call me by that name." replied Leon.

"Okay," said the anti-fairy group. "Anyway, welcome to Radiant Garden, new visitors." "Leon, we came here because Sora, Kairi, and the King of Anti-Fairy World, Michael were in a school when it exploded; we can't seem to find them," explained Xion. "I see, and you need a place to stay?" asked Leon. "If that's okay with you," said Xion. "Not at all; I'll take you to the hotel," replied Leon.

At the hotel, Elizabeth, Anti-Iris, and Xion took one room while Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, and Foop took another. Elizabeth sat down on the bed and sighed. "This is not how I wanted everything to go; why did they have to kill them?" she asked. Elizabeth looked at Xion and added, "What am I saying? You have it worse than me; you lost both your parents!" Xion nodded and tears began falling down from her face. She laid down on Elizabeth's lap and cried. "It's going to be alright," Elizabeth said, trying her best to calm Xion.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. "Xion?" said a voice. Xion raised her head up. "Riku?" The door opened and a 15-year-old boy with short silver hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a sleeveless vest that was white on the front and yellow on the back with black trimming, blue jeans, and white shoes*. "Riku!" Xion shouted and tackled him into a hug while still crying. Elizabeth got off the bed and went to the boy. "Who are you?" she asked.

"My name's Riku," he said while still holding the crying Xion. "I'm one of Xion's friends, along with Roxas and Naminé." "How'd you know Xion was in trouble?" asked Elizabeth. Riku materialized his "Way to Dawn" Keyblade and said, "I'm also a Keyblade weilder." "I see," said Elizabeth. "Leon told us when we got here," added Riku. Elizabeth's looked at the clock. "Dinner's probably waiting; let's go," she said.

Riku led Xion into the dining room where there was a huge table of food. "I'm not hungry," said Xion. A boy and a girl came up to them. The boy was the same age as Sora, except he had blond hair and wore a X-shaped medaillion on his neck. The girl was also the same age; she had blonde hair, and wore a white dress. "Xion, you have to eat something," she said. "I said no Naminé," Xion said again. The boy held out a light blue popsicle. "Please Xion?" he said. "Sorry, Roxas. Not even ice cream will help," Xion said. "But it's sea-salt; your favorite!" Roxas pleaded. "NO, ROXAS!" Xion yelled. "Can't you something, Riku?" asked Roxas. "What do you want me to do about it?" asked Riku. Roxas gave the ice cream to Riku. "Just try," he said. "Xion, please eat something for me?" asked Riku. "Fine." Xion said and took the ice cream from Riku's hand. As she was biting on her popsicle, Xion and Elizabeth gasped. "What's up?" asked Riku, Roxas, and Naminé. "The Kings and Queens of the Mushroom Kingdom are in well as their dinosaur friend." Elizabeth said.

Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and Yoshi were in the Mushroom Forest, being chased by Bowser's gang of Hammer-throwing Koopas. These Koopas walk upright, throw hammers, and attack in pairs, which is why they're often called the "Hammer Brothers." "Don't look back; it'll only slow you down!" shouted Daisy. "This isn't working; I'm running out of thunderbolts!" yelled Luigi. " what?" Daisy said dripping with sarcasm. "Calm down, Daisy," said Peach.

Suddenly, Luigi tripped on a root and fell down. "Mama Luigi!" Yoshi cried out and ran back for the green plumber. As the dinosaur helped Luigi back to his feet, the Koopas surrounded them. "Well, it looks like those pesky plumbers and their friends are trapped!" said one of the Koopas. "Don't be so sure of that!" said a voice followed by a blast of fire, which sent the Koopa flying. The quintet turned and saw five people: Elizabeth, Xion, Riku, Roxas, and Naminé. Suddenly a blast of energy was coming towards Mario and his friends. Riku casted a Reflega spell, which created a barrier that bounced off the energy blast.

"Are you guys alright?" asked Riku. "Yes, I'm-a fine. Who are you guys?" asked Mario. "I'm Riku, a friend of Kingdom Hearts' princess, and you are...?" "I'm-a Mario! Thank you so much for saving us!" replied the red plumber. "I'm Luigi, and these are our other friends: Peach, Daisy, and Yoshi!" said the green plumber. "I'm Elizabeth, and these guys are Xion, Roxas, and Naminé." said Elizabeth. "There's no time to waste; we have to take you with us to Radiant Garden where you'll be safe!" said Xion. "Quickly, before those turtles start to attack again!" Elizabeth said and then used her magic to teleport everyone out the woods.

-To Be Continued-

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*The clothes Riku is wearing are the same clothes he will wear in "Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance."