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"'Oward, this is great!" Vince exclaimed.

Howard forced a smile, looking unsure.

"I just don't want you getting your hopes up, little man."

Vince grinned. "You're messin' around, right? This'll be genius!"

"Wait, Vince!" But Vince had already skipped off to his room, happy as a child at a fair, to care about Howard's negative views on exciting things.

Vince had been deciding what he would wear for a week.

"I HAVE to look perfect, H'ward, it's all about the look!" Vince told him.

"That's not what music's about, Vince. You've got to appreciate the lyrics and the sound and the feel… not how shiny the lead singer's boots are," Howard said, sighing.

Vince sighed, "Don't go getting' deep with me! I like the music too, but none of you jazz freaks have style, that's one of the reasons it's so uncool!"

"Just gonna ignore that insult Vince," Howard said, frowning a little.

Vince chuckled, hugging Howard. Howard winced and pulled back.

"You're completely unprepared, Vince."

"I'm not; I've pretty much decided what I'm going to wear!"

Howard looked at him, "Not like that…Musically! Have you deciding what you're going to sing?"

Vince looked at him blankly.

Howard sighed, "Talking to you is like talking to… skittles!"

Vince grinned, "Hey, I like that! Shows I'm full of energy and pretty and sweet!"

"Oh don't go getting hyper now! Don't think I can handle it…" said Howard putting his head in his hands.

"Do you think I should get purple streaks?" Vince asked, away with the fairies as usual. He ruffled his hair as he looked at it in the mirror.

"No. But whatever I'll say you'll do it anyway."

Vince smiled, "Sounds about right… I'm going to Camden… need some new Chelsea boots… maybe some blue ones… with silver sparkles…"

Howard didn't understand any of this. It was all pointless to him.

It only took Vince two hours to get ready. He was dressed in skinny zebra striped jeans, a silky purple shirt, sparkly blue Chelsea boots and a pink scarf with black stripes on it. He had put purple streaks in his hair and had backcombed it more than usual, was wearing lots of eyeliner and had glittery blue and purple eye shimmer on. The overall look was quite extraordinary.

"So, what do you think?" asked Vince to Naboo, Bollo and Howard, smiling his winning smile.

Howard looked at him closely. Naboo grinned.

"Bollo like Vince's clothes," Bollo grunted.

"Cheers, Bollo," Vince grinned.

"We better be off, little man," Howard said to Vince.

Vince grinned, "I'm gonna be a rock 'n' roll star!"

Vince and Howard walked up the stairs of the studio, Vince stopping every so often to point out shiny bits on the floor and the little stars that were painted on the wall. Eventually though they reached the top and it opened up into a big, bright room. It was covered with modern paintings, posters of rock bands and everything Vince loved. He squealed with excitement.

"Hey, you must be Vincent Noir," a stylish girl came up to them and smiled enthusiastically.

"I prefer Vince, but yeah," Vince smiled at the girl. She was very pretty.

"Just come through here, please."

Howard and Vince began to follow her, she stopped Howard.

"You must wait here," she said coldly.

"Er, okay…" Howard was a little disappointed. "Good luck, little man."

Vince grinned and walked into another room.

They grow up so fast, Howard thought fondly.

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