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Vince walked in to a crowded, colourful room. He could hear the murmur of chatter and music.

"Just sit right there, Vince." The woman with the clipboard said, smiling. He grinned back, thinking he'd have to get her number later. "Someone should call your name in a bit," she informed him, turning round and strutting away.

Vince sat down next to an indie-looking teenage boy who was strumming chords gently on his guitar. There were several girls circled around him, blushing as he smiled and winked. Vince looked around, looking at all the people auditioning. They all looked like musical people, and Vince felt worried; Howard had once said Vince was the least musical person he'd ever met.

"Vince Noir?" called a man who was holding a door open.

Vince stood up, and walked over to the door. He smiled at the man.

"Oh, please…" Vince heard the man whisper.

"Excuse me?" Vince said

"You're not exactly a Rockstar, are you? You're a bit of a wannabe," the man sneered. Several of the people in the room sniggered.

"Say that again.." Vince said, stepping closer to the sneering man.

"You look like a slag… there's no place for you in this band."

"Who sez?"

"Me," said the man. Vince pulled a face. "I'm Kenny, the founder of the band," he said, grinning.

Vince's face fell. Shit, he thought, if he doesn't like me, then there's no chance of me getting in the band.

"You've gotta at least let me audition!" Vince protested.

"And watch you fail?" Kenny grinned, "happy to."

Vince stepped into the room, praying the others would like him. There were three people sat down behind a table; a guy with hair that covered his eyes, a girl with electric blue, layered hair and a ginger haired girl with a big fringe. They all smiled at him, looking pleased.

"Well, he's got the right look," the blue haired girl said, smiling, she had a Welsh accent.

"It's not all about the looks," the snooty man called Kenny said, sitting on a chair behind the table, "I bet this bimbo can't sing."

"I'm sure he'll prove you wrong," said the ginger girl, she had an Irish accent, "What are you singing today, hun?"

"A mash-up of My Generation by The Who and London Calling by The Clash," Vince smiled.

Ken snorted. The two girls glared at him.

"Two very different songs," said the blue haired girl, "But it could work."

"Come on," said the guy with the long fringe, he was Northern, "I wanna hear 'im sing. Go on." He nodded at the CD player.

Vince put his CD in and pressed play. He walked over to the microphone and sang with all his heart.

He finished to loud applause from everyone, apart from Kenny. However, Vince noticed that during the performance he looked impressed.

"Judge's verdict!" giggled the redhead.

"Me first!" called the blue-haired girl, "I'm Rox, and I love you!" she squealed delightedly.

Kenny rolled his eyes.

"You're a great singer, you've got great style and you'll fit in. Ooh, and also, if you get in, you can help name the band!"

"Cool!" smiled Vince, "Thank You."

"Now me!" the Irish girl said, "I'm Taz, and you're great! I love your voice, and your style, and you…" Vince smiled politely, Wow, these girls are obsessive he thought.

"I'm Carl," smiled the fringe boy, "And that was good, your vocals are good, style's cool. I didn't think the songs'd go so well together but you did a good job mixin' 'em. Do you DJ?"

"A bit, but my mate Bollo helped me with this."

"Ah, 'e should help us int the studio"

"Oi, quit chatting, it's my turn," Kenny grinned wickedly. He looked at Vince for several seconds. "Firstly, you can't for the life in you sing. Secondly, them clothes are stupid and you look like a twat…" smiling at Vince's annoyed face, he went on, "and thirdly, you're never gonna make it as a Rockstar."

"Well, I think you're wrong, Kenny," said Rox. The other two nodded in agreement.

"We'll call you if you're in," Taz said.

"So, how did it go?" Howard asked, as Vince came through the door

"Good, I guess."

"Hmm, what happened, little man?"

"Well, all of 'em liked me 'part from this real shitbag called Kenny."

At that moment, someone pushed passed Vince, it was Kenny.

"Oh no…" said Vince, looking worried, "think I've just made an enemy…"

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