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Chapter 3

"Is everyone here?" Hermione asked Harry as he came into the kitchen, where she was putting the finishing touches on dinner. The couple had been engaged for a little over a week. They had decided, instead of telling their family's individually, they would have a dinner at Harry's house and tell them all together.

"Yes, they are. Ginny and Mrs. Weasley keeps trying to get in here to help, but Kreacher is doing a good job keeping them out," he informed her, grinning. The mean old house elf had become quite attached to Harry and even Hermione, when he had found out that they defeated the Dark Lord. He was constantly going on about the 'brilliant Mudblood and blood traitor taking care of the scum that made Master Regulas die.' Even though he called the pair those names, they knew he cared.

"I suppose I should bring these in then. Would you be a dear and get the wine and pumpkin juice out of the refrigerator, please," Hermione replied as she levitated the covered dishes into the newly redecorated dining room.

"Coming right up," Harry said, happily doing as he was asked.

"Hermione, dear, are you sure I can't help you with something?" Mrs. Weasley fretted as soon as she made it through the door.

"I'm positive," she smiled at the women as she lowered the dishes onto the table. "You are always feeding and waiting on others. It's my turn to feed and wait on you."

Mrs. Weasley smiled at the young witch. "You know I don't mind feeding you lot."

"We do know that," Hermione replied, taking her seat next to the head of the table where Harry would be sitting. The man of the house filled all of the glasses and took his seat.

The rather large group of people passed the dishes around, talking animatedly, like only the Weaselys could. Hermione couldn't help but smile as she took a look at the group of people that she considered family. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were there, as were her own parents, who were watching with amusement at the different conversations that were going on around the table. The twins were there, as was Bill and Fleur, with Victoria in a high chair between them. The newlyweds, Ron and Lavender were there, sitting next to Blaise and a very pregnant Ginny, who was due at the beginning of February. Andromeda was there, Teddy sitting on her lap, laughing as Charlie made a toy dragon fly in front of them. Percy was in a deep conversation with Kingsley, Hermione's boss and the newly appointed Minister of Magic.

"This is fabulous, Hermione," Mr. Weasley complemented the witch, enthusiastically taking another big bite of spaghetti.

"You must give me the recipe, dear," Mrs. Weasley insisted, smiling at the young witch.

Hermione beamed, happy that the best cook she knew wanted one of her own recipes. "Of course," she replied.

Harry grinned at his fiancée, grabbing her hand and squeezing it affectionately. He then raised an eyebrow at her, silently asking if she thought it was an appropriate time to make their big announcement. Hermione looked around the table to see that most of their guests were finished.

"What about dessert?" she mouthed.

"Kreacher?" Harry replied quietly. He knew she didn't like having the house elf do things for them, but if they let him do a few things once in awhile, he was a lot easier to deal with.

Hermione nodded, grinning at his tangible excitement to share their exciting news.

Harry stood, holding out his hand to help Hermione up.

"We want to thank you all for coming this evening" Harry started, grinning at the group that sat in front of them.

"You already kicking us out?" George asked.

"Before dessert?" Ron wondered, grinning.

"Can't get enough of that gorgeous bird you have on your arm, ah?" Fred stated mischievously.

Harry grinned at their antics, calling Kreacher in and asking him if he minded to gather the plates and bringing back in the cheese cakes that Hermione had prepared for dessert. Kreacher happily did as he was asked and the Weasley boys were too busy eating to interrupt Harry.

"Like I was saying before I was interrupted," Harry started once more, grinning as he glanced toward the twins and their little brother."We want to thank you all for coming here this evening. We consider you all family and we decided to have you all here because we have an announcement." Harry grinned down at Hermione, who was beaming up at him. She took her left arm from around him and pointed her wand at her left ring finger, taking the disillusionment spell off of it, revealing her gorgeous engagement ring.

"We're getting married!" Hermione exclaimed happily, holding her hand out for all to see.

The reaction was immediate and dessert was completely forgotten.

"Congratulations!" Blaise replied happily, shaking Harry's hand enthusiastically.

"I'm so happy for you," Ginny cried, hugging Hermione as tightly as she could with her ever growing belly in the way.

"Oh I'm so happy!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed, tears of joy rolling down her face as she hugged the pair.

"It's about bloody time," Ron told Harry as he hugged his best friend, grinning. Lavender congratulated Hermione, admiring the ring.

"Hermione, if you need any help at all, just let me know," Fleur told her in broken English, smiling at the couple they had grown closer to in the last few years.

The twins each took their turns picking Hermione up and twirling her around, causing her to laugh loudly. Mr. Weasley patted the pair on the back as he did his best to calm the emotional Mrs. Weasley down.

"Our babies getting married," Mrs. Granger said, gathering Hermione in her arms, squeezing her tightly. Mr. Granger shook Harry's hand; winking at the young man he had had a rather lengthy conversation with a month earlier. Harry had been so nervous when he had asked the dentist to lunch, but as soon as Harry asked for Mr. Granger's permission to marry his daughter, he knew his worrying was for nothing. Hermione's father had grinned widely and informed Harry that he didn't know of a better man to love his daughter for the rest of their lives.

"So proud for you, pumpkin," Mr. Granger said, hugging his baby girl tightly.

"Thank you, daddy," Hermione said, smiling up at him through her tears.

"I believe this calls for champagne," Fred announced as he and George walked back into the dining room with glasses and several bottles of alcohol.

"To Harry and Hermione," George started after everyone had a glass of the bubbly, except for Ginny and the toddlers, who all got sparkling cider.

"May you always be happy," Fred continued.

"May you always be healthy," George said.

"May you always be sappy," Fred grinned.

"May you always be wealthy," George smirked.

"And may your nights always be long and steamy," they finished together, causing everyone to laugh, Hermione blushing slightly.

"Here, here!" They all exclaimed, raising their glasses to the newly engaged couple.

Hermione and Harry grinned happily as they looked around the room of the people they loved, looking forward to their lives together.


"I can't believe my little girl is getting married today," Mr. Granger said as he gently hugged his only child.

Hermione beamed up at her father, tears of pure happiness threatening to escape.

The last few months had been a whorl wide of emotions and planning, but with the help of Mrs. Weasley, Mrs. Granger and Ginny, Hermione had managed to pull together her dream wedding. Harry and Hermione had decided on a June wedding, so they could have the summer to get to know one another, in a way they had yet to explore. They started their new jobs in late August at Hogwarts, where they would be able to spend more time together then if they kept the jobs they previously had. Harry was the new DADA teacher, while Hermione was taking over for Professor McGonagall as the Transfigurations professor.

"Do you think I look okay?"She asked her father, smoothing down wrinkles that were not there.

"You look more then okay, dear," her father assured her, leaning down and kissing her forehead. "You look beautiful."

"It's time," Ginny informed the pair as she walked back in the room from checking on things. The red head looked as beautiful as always, in the periwinkle gown she had on, the baby bump long gone. Ginny was the Matron of Honour, while Lavender, Luna Lovegood and Dawn, Hermione's childhood best friend and cousin, were her maids of honour. Hermione had told her cousin about the Wizarding world before the war, so that Dawn could figure out how to get her parents and brother out if the country. Being as smart as her cousin, it had been no problem at all. Little Victoria was the flower girl.

"Are you ready?" Mr. Granger asked his baby girl.

"Yes," she replied, beaming. Ginny helped Hermione with the train of her dress as they made their way out to the tent in the back yard of the Burrow. Hermione's bridal party was waiting in front of the closed tent flaps and when they saw her, they rushed over.

"You look beautiful!" Lavender exclaimed, hugging her gently.

"Gorgeous," Dawn agreed.

"You look radiant, Hermione," Luna declared dreamily, smiling sweetly at her friend.

Even little Victoria toddled over to the bride and gentle touched the hem of her dress. "Pretty," she said, smiling up at her 'Mi'.

"Thank you," she said, smiling at all of them.

"Yes, she gorgeous, but we have a wedding to start," a voice in broken English declared, walking up to the small group. "Get in line, just like we practiced," Fleur ordered, leading the ladies to the white carpet at the now opened tent. Lavender started the party, quickly followed by Luna, Dawn, and then Ginny. Fleur shooed Victoria down the aisle, little Teddy walking beside her, holding a pillow with the rings tide tightly to it, both the muggle way and with a bit of magic. Harry met the kids at the end of their walk with a sucker for both of them, which they gladly took. Teddy actually threw the pillow over his shoulder as he took the candy from his uncle Harry, causing everyone to chuckle.

The flaps shut to the back of the tent for a moment, while the music changed.

"Please rise," Kingsley announced as the flaps opened once again revealing the bride.

Harry's mouth dropped when he saw the beautiful woman that was talking towards him. How did he get so lucky? What did he do right to deserve such a breathtaking angel?

"You're drooling mate," Ron told his best friend from beside him. Naturally, the youngest Weasley was his best man. Blaise, George and Fred made up the rest of the grooms party.

"I don't care," Harry declared, his grin growing wider the closer she came.

Hermione smiled up at the handsome man that was waiting for her at the end of the isle. To Hermione, it felt like all the years of drama and sadness, had been leading them to this very moment. To Harry, it was as if everyone he had lost over his life, had placed this women in his life as a gift.

Thank you, he thought, looking up towards the sky.

"Who gives this bride?" Kingsley asked, using a Muggle ceremony question. The bride and groom had decided to have aspects of magical and muggle weddings.

"Her mother and I," Mr, Granger announced clearly, grinning over at Harry as he placed his daughters hand in his.

"Thank you," Harry said. The father of the bride nodded his head and took the seat next to his wife, who was already crying.

"Friends and family," Kingsley stated, greeting the guest ad he began the ceremony. Everything went smoothly with everything they had planned going off without a hitch. Candles were lite and bonds were made. It was wedding like none of them had ever seen before. Although, with the couple who was getting married, who could expect anything else.

"By the power given to me by the Ministry, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride."

Harry turned to Hermione and lifted her veil away from her face. She looked into his gorgeous green eyes, temporarily getting lost. She could hardly believe the man that stood in front of her was now her husband. Her husband! She had been dreaming of this day since she was a little girl and finally, it had happened and with her best friend. She couldn't believe her luck!

"Love?" Harry said, pulling her out of her musing. She looked up to see him smirking at her.


"Are you going to kiss me, or not?" he asked, grinning widely.

Hermione's laughter rang throughout the tent as she threw her arms around her new husband.

"Oops. I guess I deserved that, huh?"

"Just a little bit," he agreed.

She stood on her tip toes and pulled his lips down to meet hers.

Cheers and laughing reminded Hermione that everyone had just witnesses their little moment, but honestly she didn't care. She had finally gotten her man. And her kiss.

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