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Blaine had woken up that morning feeling shattered, he hadn't slept very well the past night and it was getting harder and harder to write new songs- simply because of lack of inspiration. Blaine Anderson was a musician. He wasn't famous, but wasn't doing badly although he could see the possibilities of him becoming more successful gradually slipping away as he had nothing to write about, no story to tell.

After finishing styling his unruly hair and attempting to wash his face clear of the bags that had appeared there, Blaine finally left his large apartment shutting the door quietly behind him – after all it was around 6 in the morning (he had to leave early to catch the train to the studio) and he didn't want to wake anyone in the nearby apartments on a Saturday.


Kurt Hummel had woken up that morning feeling fine although a little tired but fine, that was until he saw the time on his alarm clock- 6:30. Shit.

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel was a fashion designer and was required to be at the design studio by around 7 o'clock and was supposed to be catching a lift from some of his fellow designers today at 6:15 sharp and Kurt of all people new that they wouldn't wait.

Stress engulfed Kurt immediately and Kurt and stress are not a good combination especially as now he was wishing he was still in bed. Feeling tired, annoyed, angry and gross (he didn't have time to shower) Kurt finally left the house at 7:00.

Looked like Kurt Hummel would be taking the train to work today seeing as his Dad has his car (he had insisted on upgrading the engine) and the station wasn't too far away from Kurt's apartment.

Although Kurt's clothing line Pavarotti was rather well known for it's obvious good quality, beautiful clothing with the little red bird laced into the material somewhere on every item, he didn't have to worry about being spotted. Let's face it, even if we saw the designer of Gucci walking down the street most of us wouldn't bat and eyelid, unaware of who on earth he/she was/is.

And So it was settled, Kurt would be taking the 7:15 train to Central New York and was to arrive there officially around 8 o'clock, an hour late. Perfect.


Blaine had finally got his ticket and was sat on the now mobile train trying his best not to doze off. He didn't really see the point in going to the studio today or any other day of the week to be honest, he had nothing new to record and would spend the day cooped up in his work place struggling once again for idea's.

The train pulled up at the next stop causing Blaine to wobble a bit before he continued his pointless contemplating and reached into his bag to pull out his copy of Vogue.

"Yes, it's just here..."

that voice... it was beautiful, almost angelic. Blaine looked up behind the magazine and there it stood, the angelic figure who's voice was almost as beautiful as the body. This man was gorgeous, pale skinned, perfectly styled brunette hair and his eyes the most beautiful shades of blue, green and grey all merged into one- Glasz.

Blaine continued to watch the man as he displayed his ticket and then scanned the carriage with those beautiful eyes for somewhere to sit, Blaine pretended to carry on reading but was really savouring every last glance at the figure- it wasn't every day you saw something so beautiful.

Kurt was now so tired and stressed out that he didn't really care about seating arrangements but upon spotting a rather handsome (Who was he kidding? He was gorgeous! Sex on legs!) man reading Vogue with a spare seat next to him he decided to park his bum.

"May I?"

Blaine looked up upon hearing the voice again but this time from directly above him and gosh this man had to be a saint? He was gesturing at the seat next to Blaine and who was he to deprive this gorgeous human being of a seat?

"Of course!"

Kurt finally got his first proper look at the young gentleman behind the magazine and god he was gorgeous, quite tanned, perfectly styled dark hair and deep brown eyes and apparently extremely dapper. Perhaps this morning wouldn't be too bad?

Blaine having finished reading Vogue offered it to Kurt and to his delight the brunette excepted it graciously (although he had one in his bag anyway) and started scanning through the pages and not after long the two men were conversing fashion news and celebrity gossip.

"So How do you know so much about this then...-"

Blaine realised he didn't know this beautiful man's name but soon enough the man's voice came to his assistance,

"It's Kurt... Kurt Hummel...-"

Blaine's breath caught,

"The Kurt Hummel? Designer of Pavarotti?"

Kurt nodded a little, normally he despised fan- attention but for some reason or another knowing that this charming man knew who he was pleased him.

"I guess that answers my question Kurt! I'm such a big fan!"

Kurt smiled despite of himself, his name sounded nice on this man's lips If only.

"I'm actually wearing Pavarotti pants right now!"

The words were out of Blaine's mouth before he had realised what he was saying... but had he actually said that. Judging by the blush rising on Kurt's cheeks (aww... he's cute when he blushes) and the awkward silence apparently he had... face-palm.

Blaine was blushing too now and Kurt smirked,

"Well.. that's lovely! I'm glad to hear that my merchandise comes of some use to you."

Kurt giggled a little nervously and Blaine soon giggled back his eyes meeting Kurt's,

"I'm Blaine Anderson by the way."

Blaine smiled and was a little concerned when Kurt's just gasped at stared at him open mouthed, and before Blaine knew it he was being pulled into a tight embrace. Blaine hugged back a little although very confused but who was he to deny a hug from an angel? Blaine had never felt so right in some ones arms, maybe Kurt could feel it to?

"What was that for Kurt?"

Blaine asked smiling a little when they pulled back,

"Your songs... are beautiful, I-"

Is this really happening? I've just met the angelic figure that is Kurt Hummel designer of the Pavarotti clothing line on a train, shared my copy of Vogue with him, told him what pants I'm wearing, told him my name, been hugged by him and now your telling me he knows my songs? This is crazy!

"- You put so much emotion into them..."

Kurt continued as Blaine smiled widely at him,

"Your song... 'Always There' [1] helped me cope with my mothers death and it still brings comfort to me now... Thank you."

Kurt's eyes had been all over the place until he had finished with the two words that he said with so much meaning, 'Thank you', Kurt Hummel was truly grateful for something he Blaine Anderson had written, Blaine felt honoured.

Your eyes swimming with every colour,

meet with mine as you say those two words,

Is it ungrateful for me to wish you'd be saying three?

We just met and I'm already picturing you and me.

Is it foolish to consider you see it too?

Is it stupid that I think I love you?[2]

The lyrics came to him at that moment,Kurt Hummel was his inspiration and now he too had something to be grateful for as well as the fact that this beautiful man had brightened his morning.

Kurt had been on the train for around 20 minutes by now and could feel his eyelids getting heavier and heavier, his conversation with Blaine had ended around 5 minutes ago and now he could feel sleep washing over him.

Blaine was quickly jotting down his new lyrics on his pad that he carried around for moments exactly like these when he felt a weight drop onto his shoulder. Blaine looked down. Was he imagining it or had Kurt Elizabeth Hummel just fallen asleep on him?

They had reached Blaine's stop not 5 minutes later and upon looking down Blaine observed that Kurt was still fast asleep and looking adorable, Blaine just couldn't wake him that would be cruel and so Blaine didn't turn up at the studio that day and instead decided to have a little nap as well. Since Blaine was so tired he just had to think about it before finding himself dozing off leaning on the side of the train.

Kurt awoke 10 minutes later upon hearing the voice announcing his stop, he blushed when he noticed he had dozed off on Blaine's shoulder... wait a minute! Blaine was still there, he had missed his stop. Kurt debated waking him and decided there wasn't much point if Blaine had missed work anyway and was reluctantly going to leave the man of his dreams when a voice interrupted his doing so.

"He was awake you know, when you fell asleep on him, said something about not wanting to wake you and missed a day at the studio recording or something so he didn't have to wake you up,"

said an apparently wise woman from across the other side of the train, Kurt then made up his mind that he wouldn't let this be the end although they had only just met.


Blaine woke up a good half an hour later and found himself still on the train with no idea as to where he was and so upon deciding that getting off at the next stop and going from there would be a wise move, found himself at the small café on platform 4.

Blaine was now sat at the table feeling rather miserable, he had missed a day at the studio and now would be in trouble with his manager (who had apparently wanted to re-record 'Dont you' for about the 18th time, today) but worse the stunning brunette Kurt was gone.

Blaine sipped at his coffee and turned the page of the newspaper he was flicking through when he spotted something on the back of his hand. Blaine was sure there was nothing there before he got on the train and upon reading the black ink he realised why,



Blaine smiled so wide his jaw ached a little, he so had Kurt's number. Blaine must be a really heavy sleeper.


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[1] There isn't a song called this by Darren Criss or anyone as far as I know but it just sounded like something that would help someone through a time like this. :)

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