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She was tired if it, so fucking tired of it. She was tired of hear how her parents screamed at each other, how the food was never enough, how her father usually killed Kenny throwing him a glass bottle. She was tired of her fucking life.

But this has been always like this. The routine was always the same: When they started to fight she would hide in her closet until she believed it was safe enough to go out, and that usually took a few hours. Her brothers had told her to never go out of her room while her parents were fighting, they had never wanted her to get hurt.

"Karen, Karen" She could hear her brother's whispers through the closet's doors. "Karen" He knocked three times. "Karen, is safe now. Stop hiding at the closet, you're gonna catch an allergy"

She opened the doors to see Kenny smiling at her. He had some bruises in his cheeks, probably product of his last death.

"What were they fighting for this time?" She said, taking some dust out of her hair "It sounded like something bad"

"I dunno, something about dad's beers. You know, the same old shit." He helped her to incorporate and immediately put her close to him, examining her face. Once he ended, she felt a strong need to say something.

"They'll never stop arguing, are they?" She felt her eyes wet, and saw how Kenny's face changed into a soft expression. He had never liked to watch her cry. "It'll always be the same. It'll never change. I mean, in all this fucking years they haven't changed, why should they do it now?" She felt a few tears slipping, leaving a wet road through her cheeks. She clenched her fists, ashamed to show such weakness.

"I dunno if they're gonna change their fucking behavior or not, Karen. But they don't deserve your tears. You're too pretty to be crying about the shitty parents we have, you know?" He shook her in a comfortable embrace. "You don't have to worry about them, 'cause you're the little family's treasure. My little treasure"

In moments like that she realized how much her brother cared about her, and how much she loved him. In moments like that she couldn't worry about their poorness, neither their lack of food. She knew she could trust in his brother to protect her, she knew he would be always there. She just stayed there, enjoying the comfortability of the hug. It was a bittersweet feeling, though, because when he protected her she believed that everything was going to be alright.

And then, in the middle of the night, she would hear her parents screaming again, and that fake hope would fall down.

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