Part 2: Memories

I remember my first encounter with Orihara. He had been teasing this kid in my class, and I decided to stand up for the kid. However, I only ended up becoming the victim instead.

I didn't understand yet, but Shinichi came to my rescue and managed to make them go away.

I spent the rest of my life after that being constantly bullied by him and tortured. Then, I met a certain blond in high school who then experienced how I felt. That blond's name was Heiwajima Shizuo.


I marched through the crowds of teenagers my age or older as I approached Raira High School. My long black hair flowed after me, and I stopped in my tracks.

Slowly, I looked up to the windows and my heart stopped. There Orihara Izaya jeered down at me. MY heart rate quickened, and I rushed through the crowds without thinking. I rammed into a blond-haired boy.

He was taller than me, so I fell backwards. I looked fearfully at him, and I squeaked at how he towered over me.

"Are you alright?" He asked softly, scowling however.

I let out a small scream, and promptly ignored his question. I shot up and ran off with a lingering feeling of people's stares on my back, his strongest.


She opened my eyes slowly, and immediately flipped when she found myself in an unknown place before last night replayed itself in her head. Tsubaki groaned at her words.

"Ah, good morning, Tsu-chan!" A voice chirped.

She screamed, frightened, and glared warningly at Orihara who grinned at her in joy.

"Wh-what the hell do you want now," Tsubaki asked crankily.

Suddenly, Tsubaki was pushed down farther into my blankets, and her doe brown eyes stared into michevious reddish-brown eyes. On automatic, Tsubaki opened her mouth to yell at him, but his hand slipped under her neck and the other grasped her hand. His lips smashed down on hers mercilessly.

Then, in a second, Orihara pulled away, smirking haughtily.

With a wink, he said," A good morning kiss, Tsu-chan." and exited the room, leaving Tsubaki to realize what had just happened.

Orihara Izaya was a selfish, cold-blooded, and heartless bastard, but that doesn't mean he didn't know how to feel love.

Yes, whether he knew it or not, Orihara Izaya the infamous informant was falling for Housho Tsubaki. He could see she was in love with him though she intensely denied it, but he couldn't see his own feelings. Simon knew this.

He knew from experience that from the beginning Izaya had loved Tsubaki and Tsubaki loved him, but the two were too blind to see it. Plus, Tsubaki's anger for Izaya was still there but wasn't as strong as she thought it was.

The big Russian also knew that Shizuo could also see it, but he didn't want to admit it. It made Simon chuckle. Those three were full of surprises, that's for sure.

However, no one, not even Simon, was prepared for the big color gang war Ikebukuro was about to have, and it's for one girl and one head.

Never underestimate Housho Tsubaki and Simon.

Tsubaki bit her lower lip as she walked with Orihara until two young boys in Raira Academy's uniform appeared, and Tsubaki immediately recognized one of them. Apparently, Mikado didn't notice her.

"Trying to stop bullying, eh?" Orihara stated, and the two boys whirled around to stare at him.

Masaomi Kida tensed visibly, and he stared nervously at Orihara. No one noticed her yet.

"Hello, Kida-kun," Orihara greeted deeply.

"Y-yeah," Kida mumbled.

"So, you got into Raira Academy. Congratulations."

"But not without your help."

"Before I forget, allow me to introduce my childhood sweetheart, Housho Tsubaki!"

Cue Orihara grabbing Tsubaki's upper arm and throwing her in front of him.

Kida blanched in shock, and Mikado's eyes widened in recognition.

"H-hey, Mikado," Tsubaki said, waving sheepishly with a small smile. "And hello to you too, Kida." Then, she rounded furiously on Orihara. "And I'm not your childhood sweetheart! You asshole, get your facts straight!" She added, seething.

Orihara laughed.

Tsubaki couldn't process what had happened. She was yelling at Orihara, and the next thing she knew, Orihara was on top of her and a convenience store trash can was rolling around to their left.

"This is bad," she heard Kida mumbled under his breath, and her senses began to tingle.

Slowly, Orihara rose and Tsubaki rose after him.

"IZAYAAAAAAAA-KUUUUUN~" A familiar, blood-lusting voice sang, and Orihara tensed.

"S-Shizu-chan," the black-haired male breathed out.

Said male stood at least several feet away from them, and a wide, blood-thirsty grin was decorating his face. The blue shades gleamed in the sunlight.

Then, everything went too fast again for Tsubaki: Orihara and Shizuo began to fight until a crowd of Dollars gangsters appeared, Orihara escaped through the crowd without her, Simon jumped down from a rooftop and caught a flying vending machine thrown by Shizuo, Mikado and his girlfriend maybe took off leaving poor Kida alone, and then a loose bench went flying towards Kida. Simon was too occupied with Shizuo, so he wouldn't make it in time.

So, Tsubaki automatically took the situation into her own hands.

In a flash of black, white, and navy blue blur, Tsubaki appeared in front of Kida and caught the bench calmly. Her brown eyes are turned into a darker color as they glinted dangerously. Silence claimed them all as people watched Tsubaki thrust the bench onto the ground before her.

Her eyes flickered over to Shizuo as he pushed Simon backwards. The blond-haired male version of violence itself sent the black-haired woman glowers, and Tsubaki only glared dangerously back. Slowly, she inched closer to Kida.

The dyed blond-haired teenager caught onto the situation: Shizuo was about to fight Tsubaki.

Kida rushed off to catch up with his friends, hoping to get out of there safely.

It was only then he heard a loud 'CRASH' and 'BOOM', did he shudder violently at the bloody images.

Tsubaki threw a fist forward at Shizuo at the same time he did, and their fists met with a shatter.

Things weren't looking good for Tsubaki. She wasn't as strong as Shizuo and Simon or as clever as Orihara, but no one compared to her flexibility and speed. Tsubaki threw a high kick at him which he blocked, then again, Shizuo threw another fist.

Tsubaki ducked and swiped Shizuo to the ground before popping up quickly and drop-kicking him to the ground. Simon hoisted her into the air before continuing to fight with Shizuo. Tsubaki took some hit for Simon, earning her with a dislocated shoulder and black eye and et cereta.

Tsubaki grinded her teeth together as she flew past people in her search to find Orihara because she didn't, she was going to blow a casket.

Swiftly, she brought her phone and quickly dialed his number.

"Yes, my dear Tsu-chan?" Orihara inquired playfully.

"Where are you?" Tsubaki hissed lividly.

Orihara laughed. "Where do you think I'm at?"

"Stalking some poor kid named Ryuugaime Mikado. Yes, Orihara, I'm on to you."

"You got smarter and sharper than when we were kids, Tsu-chan."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment?"

He only chuckled, and Tsubaki sighed tiredly.

"Look," she said before he cut her off.

"I can't look at you, Tsu-chan, because I'm not there, remember? Maybe you didn't get smarter..." He remarked rudely.


"Ma, ma, Tsu-chan," he laughed. "I'm at my office with Namie-san the housewife."

Tsubaki grumbled incoherent words, and hung up on him.

Then, she made her way to Orihara's office in Ikebukuro.