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Susan Grey was an amazing woman who seemed to be able to do everything. She could cook anything and made everything from scratch because her eldest daughter Alexandra Caroline-Catalina Grey is allergic to eggs. Yes she could do everything take care of Molly her youngest daughter , take care of her husband and still hold down a job. Susan worked for the government, she could kick ass and did it for a living. She worked for the FBI, she was a profiler who worked in the field for a special unit which was more hands on. Her husband never knew it was a secret she kept, to protect him to protect her children.

Thatcher her husband never asked questions. He never really loved her he was in love with his ex-wife Elise and it didn't take a profiler to tell her he would never truly love her and Susan was okay with that. She took comfort in knowing he at least loved Molly and was there for her the way a father should be. Susan knew it would never be enough but at least it was something after all Molly and Thatcher were a lot a like.

Molly was a lot like her father she did not forgive easily if she thought she was wronged, she did not pay attention to what was going on around her, she was a daddies girl through and through. Molly got decent grades and had tons of friends, she cared more for her social life then her grades. Susan knew Molly would be the child who got married out of high school and had a baby right a way, that just seemed like a Molly thing to do. Thatcher thought that it was best for his baby girl to do that and Susan knew she would.

Alexandra or Lexie was different though. She was not really like her father or her sister. She paid attention to everything, she forgave quickly but never forgot, she was quite but could speak her mind, she had a photographic memory and was so smart. Lexie had skipped grades and took tons of extra classes. Yes Susan thought Lexie was special.

Susan saw how much it hurt Lexie when Thatcher would ignore her and walk away from her. So Susan started teacher Lexie things, she taught Lexie how to cook which was helpful because of her allergy. She enrolled her in dance classes and language classes. Lexie could speak Greek, French, English, Russian, Italian, and Spanish by the time she was 18. Susan also taught Lexie how to read people like a profile, she began training her daughter and so did her colleagues. Susan was so proud of her daughter. Lexie was her baby, and she helped her become the woman she knew she could be.

As Lexie grew up she saw what her sister and father neglected to, she saw how broken up her mom was after cases and how important her mother thought self defence classes were. So she took them with out fighting about where as Molly refused and Thatcher did not believe it was necessary. To say Lexie could kick as was an understatement she was trained in kick ass and getting out of tight situations by the best, her mom and the people her mom worked with.

That is why it came as a shock to Susan when Lexie decided to become a surgeon. Lexie wanted to help people not hurt them and she saw what the job did to her mother so it was not what she wanted, and Susan respected that. But Susan knew something Lexie didn't which was when push came to shove Lexie would always be a daughter of a FBI agent and like her best friends do what ever it takes to protect people.

Lexie's best friends are Natalie Potter who married Cole Potter both of whom had FBI parents. Lexie grew up around them and learned the same things the only difference was they chose to become agents where as Lexie chose to become a surgeon.

Lexie talked to Cole and Natalie at least once a week and helped them out if she secretly is she could. No matter what they were best friends and knew everything about each other. When Susan died Lexie moved back to Seattle to take care of her father so that Molly could remain where she was and take care of her family.

As time went by in Seattle no one in Lexie's life asked about her past so she never talked about it.