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10 Years latter

It had been ten years since Sophia found out about Aiden and Ginvera. It took sometime but they were now back to what they were before the incident. Sophia realized that her sister didn't do anything wrong, she was even her maid of honour when they got married. Ginvera was only 18 when they got married she was now 25 and still blissfully happy. They had what their parents had but luckily thy found it sooner.

It was now Sophia's turn. She was getting married to a man she met 5 years ago and her family was all there for her. Callie and Arizona even came in to see her get married. Thing between them weren't the best. Callie had adopted two children with Arizona that lived with them in Africa, which hurt Sophia. She was never there for the big things in her life nor was she there for the small things. Callie called on birthdays and Christmas and visited randomly once a year sometimes she didn't even do that. To Sophia Lexie was her mother and that's the woman who helped her plan her wedding and was crying as she was getting ready to watch her eldest daughter marry the man she loved.

Nathan had met someone but had no plans on getting married any time soon. Lexie, Mark, Nathan, Ginvera, and Sophia were all in there childhood home getting ready to go to the church. They were reminiscing thinking about how far they had come. ho they were now, and how thy become who they are now. They were a family and they always would be.

"I have some news" Sophia said suddenly breaking the silence.

"Soph your getting married we know, you've remind us a million times" Nathan said and his father hit him up side the head playfully.

"Let your sister tell you a million and one times if she'd like to. Its her wedding day." Mark said

"Children play nicely" Lexie sang

"Oh come on mom they are all children mom you know that." Ginvera said

"okay okay yes I am getting married we all know that but did you know I'm going to have a baby?" Sophia asked.

The woman jumped up and down in excitement they couldn't believe it. Recently Ginvera found out she was pregnant with a little boy and now Sophia too. Nathan and Mark looked like they wanted to kill Sophia's soon to be husband.

"I was hoping maybe you wouldn't mind, if I had a little girl and named her after you mom?" Sophia asked

"I would be honoured." Lexie replied with tears in her eyes.

"Okay" Ginvera said wiped her tears, "we need to leave for the church or we will be late people".

As their children walked out in front of them laughing and talking Mark and Lexie looked into each others eyes. They had a knowing look, they both knew they had done an amazing job raising their children. And they were damn proud parents.

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