A/N: I'm trying to write another chapter of Shades of Grey, but I have writer's block, so I'm doing this instead.

This is inspired by a scene in one of the movies, in which Malfoy sends Harry a paper bird depicting a charming Quidditch scene.

Malfoy made the first bird when he was eight. Carefully heeding the step-by-step instructions in one of his father's books, he ran his chubby fingers over the folds, creasing them perfectly. He set it on his desk and watched it while his tutor droned on and on about the importance of the soup spoon.

It sat there for hours, white and crisp, and he sensed its sorrow. Birds need to fly, after all. Draco mourned for the bird, and as he did, he breathed his sympathy. Suddenly, wondrously, the tiny paper wings uncurled, loosened, softened. And the little paper bird took wing.

From then on, whenever he was angry or sad or tired, Draco put his thoughts on an avian paper doll and let them go. Staring out the window after them, their creator liked to imagine that somehow, they avoided mishaps and sailed on over the clouds on an endless sea of steadily deepening blue.

There were many birds.

381 said Mother was crying again.

642 said I am not a murderer. And this was a bird of relief, for Draco had never been quite sure.

999 said He's dead.

1000 was as blank as the first one had been. Draco was finally free.

A/N: I really doubt the Malfoys would know the story of the thousand cranes, but I like it anyway. Any readers who may be ignorant of it should look it up. It's really beautiful.