Okay, so I know this is not a chapter update. Keep reading.

The song that I put in the upcoming chapter is an Alexz Johnson (better known as Jude) original song.

The name of the song is called "Wings Of A Dove".

The song was supposed to be on her studio album, but it got shelved. (sad face)

I believe that this song is one of the most amazing, beautifully-written, and soul-captivating songs I've ever heard, Seriously! It's that deep!

In think this song captures Jude's feelings toward Tommy and David in my fictional story "Set Me Free Leave Me Be". At one part in the song, she could be talking about David. Then at another part, she could be talking about Tommy. Who knows?

The next chapter is already written, but before I post it, I want you all to do something.

Disclaimer: No Copyright Infringement is intended! I am just a fan.

Go to YouTube and search 'Alexz Johnson - Wings of a Dove'

There are 2 videos that I need you to watch. I know this sound like a lot of work, but the way I finish this story will be worth it.

Names of videos:

1) Alexz Johnson - Wings Of A Dove - 3:35 uploaded by ASJohnsonMusic

(This is the complete song.)

2) Alexz Johnson - "Wings of a Dove" with Toby Gad - 7:06 uploaded by felineofaveb

(This is the making of the song. It kind of reminded me of Instant Star, when Jude records in the studio.

-You can watch the 2 videos in any order you would like to. Also, if you want to, listen to more of Alexz's songs. They're really good.

If you have any problems with doing this, Go to my profile page and copy and paste the link in your web browser.

*Hearing the song will help to understand Jude's feelings

Before I post the next chapter, I want you all to watch those videos.

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I will probably post the next chapter after at least 20 comments/reviews. (I accept anonymous comments/reviews, but I DON'T want 1 person to comment/review 20 times anonymously. I want to see some comments/reviews from your accounts.