AN: Just watching some Sabrina... and my favorite character of course is Salem. So I was just thinking, why the hell not?

Chapter 1: An Easy Compensation – So What are the Strings?

Far deep within England, in the south western part of Wiltshire, stood an isolated mansion. The mansion was guarded well behind wide and lengthy solid walls, even muggles couldn't come in; but not for the walls, but because of the spells that could only effect non-magical people. The mansion was owned by none other than a well known, centuries old family named the Malfoys. The people within their town knew nothing to a little about them, never leaving the grounds other than a very pale boy with platinum blond hair.

An once there were also a woman and man who use to be with that boy… their town with filled with muggles and very few 'true' wizard's families, so the Malfoy manor was surrounded by rumors that could only seem true to an outsider.

Not many would guest that the Malfoy Manor was filled with only the true and prestigious purebloods of all of wizard kind. They held exclusive parties for only those that were truly worthy and the boy who once every while would walk out of that garden was their son; Draco Malfoy. A boy who's head was filled with much presumption with the lifestyle he lived. But within the furnish living room were a couple of people gathered stood; the Parkinson's, the Crabbe, the Goyles, the Zabini and of course his family. He had already open his presents and within both of his hands he held a black cat, but a pure Short Hair black cat…

His friends were watching and so the boy put the cat down, before going to his parents "Thank you, Father… not only a beautiful hawk owl, but an American Short Hair…"

His father smiled slightly and nodded "Of course… You would of needed an owl anyway, not that I would let my son be tarnish using secondary-hand owls from the towers of Hogwarts. Happy birthday, son."

The face on the man was that of incomprehensible, he was only slightly smiling a moment ago, yet the man face his son, his important birthday host with a non-readable expression as he started to suggest "Draco… we will be in the parlor, why don't you go out and play with your friends?"

The kid didn't care, nor were they oblivious to the fact the suggestion wasn't a suggestion other than being a calm and cold command. The adults knew this, and spoke lightly… Draco, however, for this single day in the many months had pass he turned his mind and eyes away with the memo of 'Out of sight out of mind'. After thanking everybody, Draco called his friends as they began to leave for the outside garden.

Mr. Goyle laughed heartily "Children… These days they'll never learn if they keep this up!"

His wife chuckled following up with "Even so… this will be their first year at Hogwarts, despite being full of mudbloods, it is still a elite type of school. That's the place where we all met one another… It's kind of odd to see you buy two pets though, Lucius. Didn't you say you can't stand pets?"

Lucius merely shrugged "Everybody has an owl, dogs aren't allowed into Hogwarts for the First Years and yet I thought this would be a perfect present."

"Yeah… but yours and his owl are one of a kind… not many can get an eagle owl, big and as beautiful as that, at the very least."

"Hogwarts… it's just a filthy school, but it's the closest to home… Draco will surely learn to be a great leader there." Narcissa said with certainty. But her reason were rational ones as any mother would, if they could, keep their child as close as possible. But despite that, maybe one could toss those words that anyone of her status would say, there was a firm and strong belief held in her eyes. But soon was overlapped by a calm smile as they began to walk down to the parlor.

Elga Zabini however look a bit distain of those actions "Of course, the European schools are nothing short than marvelous, but your fear to keep you precious child from such far distance is laughable. If you believe Hogwarts isn't worthy, then send your child to an even more worthy school: it's simple as that."

Narcissa could only sigh as no-one truly did much, out of all their families… Zabini was the most influence one before the Malfoys.

"It's filthy for those exact problems, however it is a wonderful school and would only be best if it were in the United Kingdom, where our culture and privileges started. It's those students that I can't stand… not to mention the few of the teacher's staff… However… Draco was a born Slytherin from the moment he was born, it would e a crime to stop such a ritual of adulthood."

From the marble staircases to the yellow shaded room with pure white perimeter, couches of leather and chairs of beautiful designs made only for the rich and famous. Very soon everybody was sitting down. Crabbes and Goyles were sitting together, Lucius and Narcissa sat at the couch with the Parkinson and Elga sat the other colored blue chair that mixed with yellow and orange of the other chairs design and that of the black couch.

"…" Silence had finally filled the room, everybody knew why they were here and knew that the moment had came. The tension was slowly filling the room like a leaking sink that couldn't get through the sinkhole.

The one that could talk could only be the one who gave the invites, the feelings and the expression bore only one similarity that of heavy pressure, but they came here for a reason and couldn't back down now.

"… Then shall I begin?" Lucius said it like a question, deep down however was that of mockery to anyone who thought differently, so the silence stood in its place.

"As you all know… it has been 12 long years since our Dark Lord has vanish into nothing, by the unfortunate accident that is Harry Potter. And now 12 years have passed I've finally realize that there isn't a single proof showing out Dark Lord being either alive or completely dead. So come to my mind, if the desired day ever comes, we need a guarantee and that guarantee will be none other than our children's friend: Harry Potter."

The group began to whisper to themselves, some were worrisome, some were doubtful and some were scornful. Voices filled the room:

"Harry Potter? I thought he was left with his muggle relatives?" "My son will not be touch by such a half-blood / pureblood traitor's son!" "… So the miracle child lives…" "Be quiet, honey! Lucius isn't finish…" "I cannot allow this! And how can you be so certain?"

Lucius took a deep breath and smile sinisterly saying just as calmly as before but more confidently "Because I have some-one who will make sure of it. If my son, or yours Elga… can gain a hand of friendship that surpasses this year, we will forever have him trapped under our hands. So even if the Dark Lord were to rise again, there would be no grave punishment to await us… Only Potter will pay for the unforgivable sin of 12 years ago. But if he does not rise once more… Potter could still be a heavy influence point, nonetheless, we mustn't forget that, not even now… no matter how humiliating it will be."

Potter's last and only child was a miracle bringer, that's what everybody thought outside the realm of the Death Eaters. No matter if it were true, not that anyone could deny it, but Potter only gave them horrible memories of the end of an era. Many were force to go into debt, some didn't even get out of their punishment and some were even sentence without trial.

So the few that still thrived with both power and influence work endlessly to gain that power again and couldn't even do a single act of dishonesty without being doubted. To them Potter was nothing less than an annoying cockroach that couldn't and wouldn't die easily. But even they knew the truth of the matter, Potter was powerful without even a single need to do anything. But of course, befriending Slytherins was also a risk… and if the boy was sorted into Slytherin and became friends with Slytherins, what would the world think?

They were all proud Slytherins whom had served the Dark Lord, but if the chosen one ('Potter') became a Slytherin like them… his fame would probably turn badly infamous for the child.

What Lucius was saying that one of their children had to become a friend of Potter, but if the child was called into any other house other than Slytherin would the friendship be possible, if so, would it even last? Slytherin were a proud and ambitious kind and wouldn't be friends with anyone who didn't have their high status and no other house held such a status like theirs. It was a stupid idea and not really all that concrete, but surely since they were children it was still possible… but it was win or nothing.

"… What if the boy is a mudblood lover? We can let our precious children get mix with those… and what promises that Draco will become his friend? My dear Blaise wouldn't waste his time with some-one like that. So why would yours? I can understand the plan… and it's benefits but… there are many things we cannot even begin to predict … people admire and love that half-blood, but you know how people feel about our house, if he were to enter, fine… but even if he does… who know what people will think. We can't have our children befriending Gryffindors and god forbid Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw is perfectly fine… but we're all planning a Russian Roulette, this is no satisfying master plan, but a child's prank."

Lucius only smirked at Elga's, words his words were cold and piercing "Elga… you know the greatest plans, strategy and inventions were made by the lowest of bets… 0 white, 67 blacks…which will make the biggest price? The certain street or the one worth risking? If play a game of roulette I surely could lose practically everything but I also have a minimum chance, some would also call it a miracle, and gain not only a tenfold of my stock and interest but more power and influence… is it truly not something worth gambling on? You tell me."

Lucius was somewhat a master of gambles, many believed he cheat merely because of his house, but Lucius with bets tended to be a bit of a risk taker… sometimes even as mad as Dumbledore. But rarely was he ever wrong… that is when it came to bets, other things weren't exactly foolproof despite what Malfoys tried to pervade of their self images. But that was everything else… but bets and risks were Lucius specialty.

Elga sighed, showing no trace of hiding her doubts and fears… but other than her, no-one else was a leader than Lucius who was sitting with a smug look on his cool expression. The Goyle's and the Crabbe's were fairly useless people and were follower and not leaders, Parkinson was in-between… his life was either manipulating or following for mere whim. However at the present time, he didn't tend to do much… unless they all reject or Elga were to suggest a better plan, nothing could be done in these mere moments.

"This is a bet against fate… I hope we succeed in this year, then we never have to worry about the years to come. But should we tell the children? I don't think they'll enjoy such news." Elga began to contemplate it as her index finger ran through her chin.

"… I'm sure are children would be excited to be his friends… but the question should be a simple one: how can we make him want them to be his friends? If he lived with muggles all his life than that means he must be a mudblood lover, those muggles want nothing to do with him. But we know how persistent Dumbledore is… and the rumors of that fated day after his birthday of his appearance. He will be on that train… all we need to do is to make that day ours, if we act right then the only ones at fault will be our children. Not that we can actually punish them, just push them in the right direction. This will be a once in lifetime roulette and cannot be done twice."

"So we don't tell them, but push them to the right direction?" Elga rephrased Lucius obvious plan of fate.

"It just be better to just tell them to be Potter's friend, wouldn't that make everything easier?" Parkinson spoke brutally as he look, not that he was hiding it, bored and unsatisfying.

Lucius closed his eyes, giving a single sigh before opening them with a thin smile "I've thought of that too… but it came to me that it would all be fake. We know almost little to nothing about this boy other than that lifestyle before and after the death of the remaining Potters. If he can tell fakes from truths? Children can practically become friends with anyone… I've been changing my ways with Draco about my feelings of his newest classmate and hopefully new friend…. We still have a couple of weeks, two of them but that more than enough time … whether you believe in it or not. But then again Parkinson… it's been a long time seeing you get up and acting like a man."

Those words were like swords striking at Parkinson, the middle-age man didn't seem all that moved (by anger or sorrow), as he rolled his eyes. The man who was a proud pureblood was wearing muggle attires that of a business man without his blue/blackish jacket and on top of his white dress shirt was a colorful green shaded tie. The man was a typical brown with slight spikiness and sideburns.

"… Now, now… this isn't any time to be getting in a bloody fight. But I can't seem to help but agree with Mr. Malfoy, it almost seems genius like that of 1978s season of the election for that position who've fulfilled it perfectly, don't you think?" Angela Crabbe spoke. She laugh frilly way, despite being wife of a follower, she in her own way was something grateful… She agree to many things, but knowing for so long, Elga could have a bit more faith in this chance of a lifetime. Angela Tompson Crabbe agree to all, but her attitude was more different than one could imagine… it wasn't a lie, it held so strong emotion that could be lead to truth.

One wouldn't believe what type of person Angela was long before she married to the uselessness that was her husband Valerie Crabbe. Elga was a woman for money, but she knew Angela Zilerk longer than Crabbe… love was nothing less than an illusion.

Goyle and his wife had heartily agreed and thus began to the more or less abstract lining of the plan. Elga, Angela, the Malfoys and Parkinson already understood the plan but just to be sure of not many to no mistake were left with another two hours of discussion. However while they spoke no-one took notice of the black cat at the parlor opening, his yellow eyes gleamed before he tottered away to were the kids were flying in the garden behind.

The cat had already an cat door, as he pass the many and endless line of elves… The garden was larger than the one in front. Sitting on a stone bench was Parkinson drinking juice, while Blaise was right beside her reading a magi-magazine of a certain topic. It was a Quidditch free for all… It was a game that tended to change depending on the people and locations.

The cat was right beside the bench, the girl was moving her legs in a rhythm-like movements… it seem she was listening to music by a magical earplug as it seem the radio in the kitchen was now outside seemingly turned off. The hour had passed as the confusing game of Quidditch had finally ended with Draco taking off his equipment, which wasn't much as he spoke to Blaise who seem highly uninterested "I don't get what you don't see of what's so fun of Quidditch, it's the one and only holy sport of the magical nation!"

Blaise lifted his eyes to face Draco "Even if it's fun for you, just leave me out of it…"

Draco turned to his other friend and his only single opposite sex mate "You're using the Opticon-coning Music wear, again? They don't even have two for the listen the music like muggles do."

Despite it being slightly insulting the girl turned to Draco saying with a feisty smile and confidence "This, my dear old friend, will one day come into style. Wait and see…"

Draco scoff half a laugh before making a retort he couldn't even start as she spoke again.

"I'm serious… Anyway muggles need both ears, but you can hear the music perfectly in the head with this genius and stylist stuff… and it's looks mystical and stylist. Like a beautiful silk bow… like the one anime girls put on the side of their hair!"

Draco gave a skeptical look as the others gave even a more blanker looks. Scoffing at them and didn't even bother trying to explain. Even if Blaise gave the same blank look he replied casually indifferent "I think it's one of those things she see in her muggle's boxes…"

Moving her head like she was nauseas, she groan and mumbled to herself "This is pointless!"

"Anime… does she mean a nickname for 'Animation'? Like those Disney films you like to watch, Draco!" Vincent spoke as he finally pointed and laugh in rejoice of his discovery. To anyone else however it was like he was being pointed at and laughed at the certain discovery of muggle love.

Pansy smirked immediately "Yeahh-… I forgot about that" Blaise started to chuckle before falling to laughter, Gregory simply shrugged at it while Vincent was looking at him confused. Only Draco was slightly blushing over the fact before his face twisted to many emotions: upset, confused, anger and finally something close to a cold glare at Vincent.

"Crabbe-! You will regret this-…!" Draco began to growl… children of Death Eaters, surely beside the certain prejudice they were fairly normal kids. Draco simply began to jump at Vincent, who was now completely confused as he tried to calm down his overly emotional friend. But before it could get any further the cat began to meow.

Surprised by the unexpected sound, Draco turned to his newfound pet… "Well… look who's here. Salem, isn't it? Meet my band of colliding idiots."

While Draco crossed his arms and sighed he slowly walked to the black cat whose name was Salem, ironic seeing how it was a village famous of witch hunting, but history has proven or at least in the magical history case was that human burned themselves more than actually magical people. Without much resistance, Draco grabbed the cat from the chest and held him with both of those arms as he smiled sincerely to his new pet friend.

"Wait till the third year… we'll be seeing more magical animals then what we'll know what to do with them." Pansy spoke to Draco, it seemed he was a fellow animal lover. Pansy was smiling at Draco and the cat Salem… Very soon a new world await them and they were all probably excited. The world of highly rich and prestigious, when not in fellow customs, were completely normal to any other magical family of witches.

"God forbid, we'll have Kettleburn by the time around we get in our third year. I heard his a horror to see… it's like seeing a disfigure ghost on a living corpse…" Draco jeered the idea, but soon continue with a more nicer approach "But on the other hand, he's been studying magical animals since the eighteen-hundreds … but many of his book are out of date as of now… now that I think of it."

Raising her brow, she laugh lightly like a whisper "You're a such a huge geek. If you weren't as hot as you are now… you'd be the king of all geeks." She moved her head and pointed at him as she look at him seriously "Act more dumber when we get to Hogwarts… You don't need to be nerder than the Ravenclaws, but smarter than a Gryffindors. I can't be flawing all over a nerd, I won't allow it!"

Looking more snobbish as the minute passed, Draco shook his head and gave a smug look of a stuck-off saying in a cool and mighty way of superiority "Come now… I am the king of all Slytherin and style isn't what I miss, haven't you've seen me, Pansy?"

Pansy merely laugh "Style? Without my help… You who read Quibber, loves Muggle technology and is a shame to all purebloods around? HAH! Like hell you'd get around being famous, if it weren't thanks to the super-awesomeness me that made you into the man you are today!"

"… Yeah… She has style, I have common sense and you… you're kind of our puppet we play with time to time when we're bored." Blaise said lightly… it was something between joking and commenting a single fact.

"… Yeah and who would believe it?" Draco said with a smile as he laugh. The evening slowly turned into the deep twilight that would soon cover the pasture with the falling sun and the mixing of endless colors. They continue to joke with one another before finally heading back to the mansion where one of the house elves called for them from the back door.

Their relaxed appearance turn cold as they began to act with prior attitude of their status. Each of the children went to their parents slowly one by one disappeared with nothing else but the gift of the reminder the day had, of course, happened. The cat had already left deep inside the mansion and could be anywhere, his parents had told him to get ready for the night as the day was finally ending and so he as well disappeared somewhere within the huge mansion. Lucius slowly walked around as he went pass the stairway and far from the southeast of the building entered a magical lock door, that open by his own magic like a key.

Passing the large and vast amount of bookcases, went direct before the last several other he headed to the right and there was a table hidden within the many bookcases which of themselves was a cat from the birthday. Salem swayed his tail right and left as he look at the master of the mansion.

"So… what did you think, do they suspect it's going to be me? Salem Saberhagen. The long forgotten formal dictator?" The voice didn't come from Lucius but from the cat that could actually talk. For being in the magical world it was surely a rare things indeed. Not even professional trained animgus could talk in their animal forms other than their animal language. Lucius simple scoffed at the cat's idea like it was something easily forgotten and much to the cat's dismay: it was.

"I don't think our society of wizards even know of your kind, your people are myth among myths with our people. I doubt even the Dark Lord knew of your people… but working at the Ministry of Magica does have its perks. Your Magic Council surely will keep its promise… as long as you watch over Potter."

"… It's about succeeding in protecting him, was it not? Lucius… if your plan comes to light when Tom's arrival, what the hell am I suppose to do? I don't think they'll turn me back once they find I've double trick them." The cat lamented as his shook his head in a 'no' sense… It seem the cat lack faith in Lucius.

"Well… I re-read your contract with the Magical Council to that of Ministry of Magic… there's a loophole I made sure was for you. Only few know of your existence; me, Fudge and his advisor… not even Dumbledore could suspect you."

"Ohohoho—Dumbledore is now the Headmaster? He was a complete fool back in the day, but man I've heard he's change drastically from 300 years ago. A Muggle-hater is now a Muggle Lover … strange however seeing the type of wizards you guys are, respecting to us, True Witches, ya know?" Salem spoke casually but he seem to hold some sense of superiority towards the pureblood.

"… To be expected from you, however… I cannot help but feel nothing less but gratitude. Within the next week… You must gain trust from my son and not let my wife know nothing… this only between me and you, my son is somewhat lost between reality and fantasy but with in compensation of being something short of a very smart child. But if Severus taught me anything… no matter how smart you think your child to be, there's no proof they're the genius of the school. But even so… help him and Harry to become friends."

"Got it… and after that all smooth sailing from there!"

"Hopefully… But until that day come, we must patiently wait."

"… Still… It's a bit odd you'd chose me… I've haven't seen you in 34 years—and yet you remember me… I've never been a fan of Hogwarts, but then again Hogwarts is the safest place on earth, until Tom came. It won't be safe anymore if he returns, he tends to do that… Do you think Tom will be Harry?" The cat shook his head in thought, his words didn't make much sense… but he said them with deep meaning.

"His wand… it's exactly the same as the Dark Lord's…" Lucius gasp as he slowly spoke those worrisome words.

The cat crooked its head "So… he's a lot like Tom, more than I thought really. Boy… If he gets to be a Slytherin, he will acknowledge not as 'The-Boy-Who-Lived' but worse 'The-Recarnation-of-the-Dark-One'… or something similar. And if your information is right, like you said, the boy can easily be influence by anyone he meets… meaning he knows absolutely nothing about magic or its culture. Not that I know much more than him of 'this' certain culture. Frightening, Lucius… truly frightening… you want to bet everything on this one and single year from the first three months?"

"The sooner, the better… I can't preview the future but still… It's worth a try."

"Geez… and here I thought the vet was bad, you're giving an impossible request! I'm suppose to convince your son, fool your wife and everybody but you, while your son is convince he's the only one who knows. And what if he doesn't trust me?"

Lucius had pace for a while as he walked down, passing the table and look at a colorful window of a drawing of a saint. The light was nonexistent but Lucius was touch my multitude of colores as his expression could not be seen.

"… Do not worry. My son is a fool, he's been a fool for a certain amount of time. Maybe it's Parkinson's girl's fault, however… you could also say, as much as it distains me to say so, he's a failure. His friends know his highly active imagination… We know it, but Narcissa has faith he will overcome it and become a leader. But god forbid if anyone else were to acknowledge it."

"Yeah and you're Joan D'ark… You know, you weren't exactly perfect yourself. Arrogance was your Achilles' heel, though, maybe you haven't surpass that, Lucius. Besides he's a 12 year old, he's going to be an adult at twenty at minimum… if a twelve year old boy can't dream at twelve, I think the world has something wrong with itself." Salem spoke without restraint as he look at the back of his old friend.

"… He's part of the Malfoy family and he should succeed to become the next heir of everything me and my father work for years…"

Cold words continue to fill the empty library and the cat only looked at Lucius "And let's say I convince Potter, what do I do then? Can I reveal the 'truth'? I was sent to protect him-… from the Ministry of Magic."

"… Yeah, of course… Children do love such adventures… but children hate being watched over by adults as well."

"… Well, I do hate killing unnecessary people. Let's hope after 7 years I will be a free man… much more better than awaiting 67 years more. If Tom comes back, don't tell him about me. Haahaa-haha… He would kill me in this wrenched form." Salem voice his cried as he shook his head in despair of that single thought.

"Our Lord… he is no different from that half-blood, is he not? And yet we serve him… the last descendent of Slytherin. It seems half-bloods tend to surpass us than any pure or mudblood. Why is that?" The man voice out his wonders but did not turn, maybe he had even forgotten his partner in crime who continue to sit at the table of private studies.

"… They do say in the far hundreds of the past 'To gain and to break apart… there is a sea filled with ambition like the waves to the far away moon. Those who understand that can truly shoot the arrow to the faraway moon that cannot be reach by any mortal', and stuff like that… I think it's in one of your old poet books… or something about famous quotes… Think about what those half-bloods gain and lost… talent does not come without any hardship, the hardship in itself is kind of a test one have to pass many times. So even in the end Tom the half-blood, became Voldemort… A man who accept only purebloods… well, it seem he sold his soul a long time ago." Salem spoke in a serious tone before becoming casual once more.

"…" Lucius stood silently as there wasn't much to say. So Salem titled his head from one side to another after a couple of moments before turning and began to leave.

"Alright… see you the next time everyday till September 1! Plan Catnap! Whahahahaha-!"

-….-….-….-…-… -…-…-….-….-…-….—

Salem had left to go to the kitchen, where he found his food… Moments after a hand started to run through his fur as a womanly voice spoke "So Salem… It is time for you to get ready for your flu shots, so sleep well… Dobby! Ricchi! Come, we must start the annual feast of my dear Dragon-poo… I will not accept anything less than perfect! Come now."

It was none other than Narcissa, wearing a one-of-a-kind dress robe with a Chinese design that of the four ancient mythical gods. The main basic was deep ocean blue, while the right was covered in flaming red the bottom scaly green and pure white and black stripes. The house elves began to run throughout the kitchen preparing a meal that seem to be that of a king. After finishing his cat food, Salem followed the woman to the dinner room, where was already sat her son and Lucius… even deep in the long night they still wore formal clothing but different than the morning clothes.

"So did my birthday boy enjoy his birthday?" Narcissa said in a babying way, making Draco a bit tense with embarrassment and nodded with a thin smile, it was obvious he was trying his best.

"Yes, I did mother. Thank you for my Magical Composer… not that I'll be needing it much at school…"

Lucius began to eat the appetizers before speaking with a tone he wasn't much heard with often, that of a nonchalant man "… So begins a new year… Not only is school starting but soon your path of adulthood will begin in soon as well. I know I don't have to say it, but you must be diligent in your studies, if you one day want to take over headship of the Malfoy family. I won't accept anything less than perfect."

Even with such a tone there was no hiding the fact it veil a scent of disappointment, so with those words Draco didn't seem at all phase as he nodded with a determine look in his eyes.

"Of course, father."

Draco held a very cold but obedient voice as he also took a bite of the food laying around. Narcissa who sat by her husband's right and across from her son, her face was monotone but dignified as well. It was actor taking their roles, odd seeing how this was their home… but there was no lacking in parental love or vice-versa, but one couldn't deny that there was coldness in those actions. A burden was already made and was yet to be fulfilled. It wasn't something odd however. If one lived in a house with a great success for many years, then it was always natural to train children from the very beginning to the very end of successor of that very family.

"So… Draco… your godfather will be watching you, so please don't fail."

"Lucius! Honey… I'm sure you will do just perfectly fine. Just as long as you act like a true heir." Narcissa tried to make things lighter but even so, Salem could easily see that it was tactless, considering if he took very seriously what Lucius had said a couple hours ago. The cold expression was different before turning a bit more kinder….

"Of course… But I'll do fine mother. I have my friends and I'll be making even more friends and allies and not to mention strong connection for the family to be proud of." The expression of the boy became somber as he spoke broadly. Whatever he spoke of wasn't seemingly truly that interesting for him, but soon the dull-like face turn back to the prideful boy's show.

"… Let's enjoy this meal for now." Lucius said when the newest dish came for the first meal.

They ate in silence until the end of the second meal, but there were mix feelings involved and it seem everybody held a heavy thought in mind.

"Father… Do you really want me to befriend, Harry Potter? Not that I mind, but… it seems kind of strange. If anything, I want him to be in my same house. Why do I have to convince him Ravenclaw is better? I thought the Slytherin's were the best house…"

"… Draco, right when you were born… not long after Potter, who was the one who defeated our Dark Lord? Think about it, the world comes first before that boy's thoughts. If we were careless, and if you are careless; who will pay for the suffering that the… 'Chosen-One' had to go through? The Dark Lord was from our house, Dumbledore is that of Gyffindor… Hufflepuff is truly useless and the only secondary best would be Ravenclaw. Think about it as taking care of your future friend, if you are to ever become his friend. You need to learn to make the best connections… so you must also learn to control the world around you. Until you learn that you will always be a puppet on strings."

"… And if I were to go to any other house then Slytherin, would still accept me as your son?"

"Don't be stupid, my dragon! You will always be our son! Nothing will ever change that. Nothing in the entire world could ever change that."

"Even if…" The boy mumbled… nobody heard him however, but Salem did. "Even if… I become a-… Huff-."

"… Soon will begin the school term, so if you still need something tell before the weeks pass. I'm sad to say that I cannot stay much longer. I must go back to work, Narcissa keep sure you buy the rest of the equipment I spoke of." Lucius said with a final goodbye before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

As soon the older man left, silence had once again filled the room. Nracissa try to speak on his father's behalf "You know he's only do this to help you grow into a fine man."

"Even so… he seems to be oddly strange lately. He's too nice to be my father and your husband, mother. I don't like it."

'Well if that is nice, I'd hate to see mad.' Salem thought as he ponder the boy's words.

"You don't seem to understand… Your father has always been like this. He's always watch where you step and help you… it's just he's nervous as much as I am. That what it is like for your mother and father. To let go is the hardest thing in the world and hopefully you'll always come back on the holidays…"


"…" Narcissa awaited a reply, maybe of any kind. But the boy closed his eyes in silence. It didn't seem like he didn't want to respond, though his acts seem to be withholding making any response at all as his face tensed.


"Forgive me, I'm going back to my room. I'll see you tomorrow." The boy got up a bit forcefully as he pushed himself off as he began to walk away. Not waiting to see more Salem follow the boy for a long walk, it seem his room was in the far eastern corners of the second floor of the house. Before the boy almost closed the door onto the cat, he somehow must of seen him as he stopped the door halfway.

"Salem.. you followed me all the way here? Well.. aren't you getting comfortable? So-… what brings you here?" The boy spoke as Salem walked till finally jumping onto Draco's bed for both being close and being comfortable. The boy walked to his bed to sit down to pet his Short Hair cat.

As the boy ran his fingers through Salem's fur, pampering him in all ways possible. That was the only wonderful thing about being a new household pet: utmost attention in love and care. Humans, witches and other things just tend to forgot after half a year if not the first week at all. So Salem purred as he was petted while Draco merely talk to himself. Talking to animals was another thing that was only going to be helpful for Salem… But he wonder how Draco would take it that his pet was a man who was once a wizard?

"Father, Father, Father! All he talks about is how I have to do that and this! Mother always siding with him and not a single person holds faith in me in this family! I'm smarter than anyone else's child! I-!—I-! I'm trying my hardest! I know, I know… but still… it's not fair. The only real friends I have are my friends from before up till now. I don't want anything to do with the other families. … … … … It's just so annoying. I wish someone would just understand."

The boy was an emotional one, he didn't seem much like a dreamer to Salem, but Lucius had warned him the only way to make the child not to get angry was to make a convincing story of being spy. It wasn't odd about a child wanting to be a hero of some sort… but these Wizards weren't exactly film watchers, not to mention they didn't have even TV in their day of age! Not telephones… The only thing important to Salem were three things: to enjoy life, to become human and to always eat.

So Salem meowed happily as the boy continued "… Harry Potter though… he really is coming to our school? It would be a amazing to be a hero's friend, wouldn't it, Salem? It be the greatest thing in the world. However Pansy thinks he's an ass, Blaise just doesn't care either way and Crabbe and Goyle are just not interested either. Why am I the only one who's interested in becoming the boy's friend? There's not a single thing wrong in desiring to be that boy friend is it? So both of his parents are Gryffindor… that doesn't make it faith he'll be a Gryffindor, does it?"

The boy continue to talk to himself, on and off was his petting mode, but it was okay for Salem as he laid on the bed swaying his tail listening intently. The boy soon stop talking after two hours of endless and somewhat pointless ranting.

The boy went back to his bed and started to read the magazine 'Quibbler' with two other magazines right beside his bedside table cabinet. All they had were books, magazines, newspapers and moving photos… Salem was not use to this… hopefully there were actually good books, probably there would be unknown books but good ones were always so hard to find. A couple hours passed before the boy even went to bed, so not much tended to happen. So he decided to sleep next to the boy's chest. These weeks would be long. He just hope he wouldn't die of boredom.

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