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Dancing queen played softly In the background. Blaine's hands tightened around my waist and that was the moment I truly understood why Quinn and Santana wanted to be Prom Queen so much. All the eyes of our classmates on us, I felt a rush of confidence. Eventually Blaine and I would live in a world where all this hate would be gone, and soon we could be in a accepting world, where we could be ourselves. But for now I was happy with Blaine and I dancing together, in front of this homophobic school-showing them that even though we were gay our love was still real.

"I'll see you tomorrow right" Blaine asked as he walked me to the door of my house later that night. Our hands were intertwined and his lips were so close to me I could feel his warm breath against my cheek. We haven't kissed much since Regional's, sure- we had quick goodbye pecks before we left each other, but we haven't had a real kiss since Regional's.

"Of course, pick me up from school and we could get so-." I began, bur was cut off by his soft lips against mine, I gasp in surprised and I felt something wet and soft enter my mouth. I moaned and pulled him closer. His hand that was on my cheek dropped and went to my lower back. The porch light came on and we pulled apart quickly. My father opened the door and pulled me in, I turned to look at Blaine before the door closed on us leaving my boyfriend alone with swollen lips and no goodbye kiss. I went to sleep with a big smile on my face and I knew tomorrow was going to be a great day.

The Next day, Blaine picked me up from McKinley. After a heated make out session in the backseat of his car we headed to my house. I knew my father wasn't going to be home, so this was perfect. After making popcorn and picking a movie (Rent), we sat cuddling on my couch. We were about 25 minutes into the movie when Blaine lifted my chin and brought our lips crashing together. I flipped him so that I was saddling him and pressed our hips together, softly he moaned my name against my lips in a husky voice.

I lifted my hips so I wouldn't be to obviously pressing against him. Softly he started tracing circles on my lower back and we pulled apart gasping for air. He attached his lips to my neck and pressed soft butterfly like kisses to my neck before sucking. I pulled at the hem of his shirt, trying to feel some of his heated skin against my fingertips. His lips detached from my neck and he softly licked my earlobe. "Blaine" I moaned his name in a husky tone. "You are so hot" he whispered softly into my ear. We kissed again, but before it could escalate any further there was a cough and a sound that was like someone clearing there throat. We looked up and there was Finn, Sam And-oh god- Puck. Finn And Sam looked freaked out and uncomfortable. But Puck looked smug. We just stared at each other for a while, None of us were sure how we could break the silence, but Puck looked at Blaine and then Me and said. "Dudes,- get some."

Finn looked at Puck and said "Dude, that's my brother" he grumbled something about "not cool, and gay love" but was interrupted by Puck saying "Exactly, your brother not mine." he raised his hand to give me a fist punch.

"No, Noah -Just no, what are you guys doing here anyway don't you have football practice or something" I said taking my attention from Puck and bringing it back to Finn. "Cancelled" he said simply. "Were gonna go play video games in my room." and then they were gone. I looked at Blaine and he looked like he wished that the floor could swallow him whole.

"Blaine I'll call you later, why don't you go, I probably should make them something to eat or something" I said giving him the escape I knew he wanted. He looked at me gave me a quick peak before he left.

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