This Prompt was from Xx-Lou-xX AND I LOVE READING THESE STORIES! i decided to try and write one...It came out like crap in my opioion but the first chapter was too short...heres another chapter..

A week later Blaine and I were in my living room Phantom of the Opera was playing faintly in the background. This time we were absolutely alone. I warned Finn that Blaine would be visiting so he was staying over at Puck. Which gave us more time to-be together. We were kissing. Both of our tongues were fighting for dominance. And of course like always-Blaine won. His hand went to my back pocket, and pulled me closer to him. "Kurt" he moaned as my tongue brushed against his teeth. I kissed his neck and kept going down, I trailed soft kisses down his collarbone, occasionally stopping to suck on patches of skin. He opened my white button down shirt and his hand softly ran up my bare stomach and then down my bare stomach.

I pulled away and smiled at him before he pulled me back and devoured my lips. 'So impatient.' I said laughingly when we finally pulled away to get some air. I pushed him down so he was laying down on the couch and I was on top of him. I smiled before I leaned in closer and brought or lips back together, he moaned audibly loud and I laughed into the kiss. He pulled back, so his head was pushed deeply into the couch. "What's so funny." he said, his voice sounded more throaty than normal.

"You, soooo want me" I said tauntingly. He stared back wordlessly, before he shook his head "Really, you choose this moment to state the obvious. You can feel it poking you, right" Blaine asked smugly, before he kissed me again. I unbuttoned the bottom of his shirt and ran my fingernails up his stomach, he groaned loudly, closed his eyes and arched his back. Effectively pushing his hip into mine. I ran my hand down, until they were a few inches away from his zipper. I slid my fingers lower down until they were at his belt buckle, his eyes flew open and he grabbed my hand.

"Kurt…to fast, I don't think I'm ready for that" he said his eyes opened in a panic. I smiled evilly down at him "Come on Blaine" I said slowly, "Live a little" I kissed down his neck, down his collarbone, down his stomach and opened his belt buckle. His hand made a fist in my hair and pulled me away gently. "Kurt seriously, I'm not ready- and I really thought you would respect that."

"Fine-Fine, I understand no touchy below the waist" I said quickly while moving so I wasn't eye to eye with his pants zipper, he smiled and looked over my head. I saw his body tense and he started to push me off of him. I clung to him so he couldn't push me off. "Blaine, Seriously, I won't pressure you but I still want to kiss you."

"Do you now" a gruff voice asked from behind me. I got off of Blaine so fast that I almost fell off the chair. His hands reached out to catch me and I flinched away from his touch. "Um…Dad what are you doing here." my voce was shaking and my heart was shaking.

"Other than the fact that I live here" his father said with a sarcastic sound in his voice. "I thought that since you and I were going to be alone this evening we could go and get some dinner-it hasn't been just you and me for a while, so imagine my surprise when I come home to see my son and another boy who I've only met twice making out on my couch- even more surprised when I realize that its my son pressuring the other kid. Maybe we should have a little talk?"

"Okay. I guess" I said reluctantly. "Blaine, I guess you have to go, apparently my father wants to talk." I saw from the corner of my eye, my father get up and run a hand over his bald head. Blaine got up to leave, looking down the entire time. "No" my father said slowly. "Blaine can stay, I think both of you need to hear this."

He sat down hesitantly and waited for us to sit. After we looked at each other for a while, we both sat down.

"I admit that this conversation is going to be very awkward…For all of us but I think in our current predicament that this would be appropriate. I don't think I need to talk about sex. I spoke with Kurt about it and I hope that your informed to. But I do think that I need to talk about pressuring."

I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat. Damn, the one time I pressure Blaine I have to get caught. This is unfair. I don't pressure Blaine.

"It seems that my son is the one pressuring in this relationship. I already had the speech for Blaine, I was going to be as threatening as possible. Now I have no idea what I'm suppose to do" my father said begrudgingly. He looked at me and said, "Kurt, even though I would love to pretend like what I saw never happened I feel like we need to talk about it, if you truly love and respect Blaine. Then you have to respect his boundaries, if he's not ready for you to go further then what you obviously have already done, then you shouldn't." I was sure by now my face was beat red and feverish. He looked away from me and looked at Blaine. "And Blaine, you should stop being so uptight and open those legs or whatever you guys want to do" my jaw fell open and Blaine gasped. My father seem to realize what he said "I'm sorry that was inappropriate so I'm going to say something else. Don't let Kurt persuade you to go beyond what you think you're ready for, Kurt's very persuasive. Okay, you guys understand what I'm saying right?" we both nodded quickly, both wishing that this conversation was over.

"Great now ,Blaine" My father said turning his attention straight to Blaine.

"Y-Yes, Sir" Blaine said a little bit to quickly. His voice stuttered.

"Get out of my house" he said slowly.

"Of course" Blaine said and we both watched him scurry to get up and shake dads' hands before he gave me a quick peak and left once again.

"Dad, that was really rude, why'd you do that"

"I always wanted to do that, I've only done it with Finn"

After, leaving claiming to go and take a shower my father finally left me alone. I realized that Blaine has never left on his own account. Whenever he comes here he's always forced to leave due to awkwardness. There has to be something wrong with my family.

So by this point you understand my humor is sick and not funny.

I still don't won glee