Title: Meant to be

Author name: Ren Tamiya

Christmas Bonus: Another Encounter

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Main pairings: Aizen X Orihime


Early morning, we can hear the chirping birds and laughing children playing in the snow. Ichigo was still hot headed though because he was woken up by his sister very early.

"Ichi-nii, wake up already. I prepared some desserts for you." Orihime slowly shook his brother. Ichigo was grumbling. Something about dessert food poisoning and whatnot.

"I don't wanna." Ichigo said as he grab a pillow and covered his face.

"Hurry up, it's Christmas already. You should know better that we are not going to stay at home. We are going to celebrate." Orihime excitedly shook his brother. Orihime is pretty excited. She will be playing lots of Christmas pieces in the plaza.

She was actually invited by the Mayor to play in the plaza so that the people especially the children could enjoy listening while going out with their families. It was a great honor for Orihime. One of the biggest reason why she wanted to perform in big crowds is to make other people happy while listening to her music.

She will be starting at around 5 P.M. so she has to go there by 4 to prepare. She already memorized all the pieces that she is going to play until 9pm.

Ichigo groggily stood up and face her sister. He then grabbed his towel and went inside the comfort room to take a bath. Orihime just shook her head at the antics of her brother. She had always knew that he brother hates morning.

Orihime moved down stairs to prepare the plates for breakfast together with Karin. Their father, Isshin, went down shouting things about Christmas and how he wanted to be whole again and some things like that. Ichigo followed down muttering about goat-face making noises again. Orihime just smiled at their antics. It was never boring in their home.

"Onee-san, are you going to play today?" Karin nonchalantly ask as she ate one of the desserts Orihime made.

Orihime wasn't exactly the best cook but being one of the few female in the family, she has to learn.

"Mhmm. I am really excited though. I am pretty sure the kids will be there again. I can't wait to play with them again." Orihime excitedly answered as she added more rice to Ichigo's plate.

"Well, can we watch?" Ichigo asked. I think the answer is obvious.

"Of course, Ichi-nii. You don't have to ask. You can bring the others as well. I think the Mayor's going to give some presents." Orihime mentioned.

Their day was full of fun. As what Orihime said, they were outside of the house the whole day. Going to the amusement parks, to the malls and eating all sorts of food. It was a simple way to celebrate Christmas but as long as they are happy, I guess that's the best thing that could ever happen to them.

It was three pm when Orihime travelled to the Plaze. She arrived there a few minutes after 4. She was pointed into the dressing room. She wore a Christmas Santa girl outfit. It was fitting but thick enough to make her warm. It was cold outside because of the winter air.

Quarter to 5 and she was already in the middle of the plaza in front of a white grand piano. It was gorgeous and the mayor said it was owned by the owner of the Aizen Corporation. She hasn't met the man before or saw him but that does not matter.

She obviously loved that grand piano albeit she wished she can have it.

She started with the piece O Holy Night. People certainly enjoyed it because they stopped walking and started to listen to her music. Next piece was Hark the Herald angels sing.

Sosuke was a person who loves music. He can appreciate it and came to love it. That's why for every music concert he went, he can't help but criticize if there is a single note that is incorrect or a simple failure that normal people cannot pin point.

Well, certainly not him.

He was the sponsor of the Plaza event tonight. They were giving out gifts to the people and of course they hired a musician to play the piano. He also lends them one of his greatest collections, the white piano he called Yuuki.

He didn't know who the pianist that the Mayor hired. He was skeptical because he wanted a famous one to play. Money is not a problem of course. But the Mayor proudly said that this pianist is one of the best that he had encountered before. Yes she was not well known but she sure as hell can play like an angel.

Aizen Sosuke was intrigued. So he decided to go and find out the myster pianist. When he came at the area, he was assaulted with chills as he heard the music. And this chills means that his body can recognize a professional.

Sosuke moved closer to look at the face of the female pianist and that's when-

Their eyes collided.

It seems time have stopped. It feels like a déjà vu for both of them. Sosuke seemed to be familiar with those eyes. Orihime felt the same. She could not take her eyes away from him. She had seen those eyes before. Cold, fierce and serious but deep inside she could see loneliness, pain and the only connection they have: MUSIC.

Sosuke was amazed and amused at the same time. Yes the music was certainly of a professional caliber but sometime the girl's hand would slip up but it doesn't destroy the music at all. He smiled to himself as he walked away.

Orihime was thrilled and sad at the same time. The guy with those tantalizing eyes went away. It was already her last piece and she has to go off the platform and away from the wonderful white grand piano.

Ending the night, she was very happy. It was a successful day. She was sad that she can't see him anymore. But I guess they weren't meant to meet again.

After all, the city's big. He was most likely rich or not from the city.

Inside her dressing room ,someone knocked on the door. It was her makeup artist.

"Hime-chan, package for you. It was given by a man with brown hair wearing a glasses." The makeup artist exclaimed excitedly.

"Package? What package?" Orihime was confused. She was thinking of persons who wear glasses. Ishida can be, but it doesn't make sense and he does not have a brown hair.

The makeup artist brought a big bouquet of blue roses. Those were really rear and expensive along with a box. Orihime hurriedly opened it and saw a thick piano book.

It was one of the limited edition in the country. Inside were pieces from famous pianist all over the world. Orihime was shocked beyond relief. Outside the package it says: MERRY CHRISTMAS

Orihime just smiled softly.

Aizen walked away after giving the gift to her. She was really good but their worlds are not really the same. He might not be able to meet with her again.

At least he has given her a gift.

That she will treasure forever.


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