Okay. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this one. But, watching some of the kung-fu and sword-fighting movies seemed to help inspire me. Enjoy!

My name is Bankotsu. I am the leader of an infamous band of mercenaries.

We were unstoppable in our time, and were only beaten once.

Five lords and their armies managed to corner my brothers and me, while we were taking a break, and we were beheaded.

How I came to live again, I can't really be sure. It has something to do with the jewel shard embedded in my neck.

But, now, as my brothers and I walk among the living once more, we are given orders to attack certain people, in exchange for ever-lasting life.

Tonight is no different.

There is a castle resting on the face of the mountain before us.

The lord of this castle has a special treasure that our 'employer' wants... and we intend to take it for ourselves.

"Remember, there's no such thing as a ridiculous hiding spot." I said. "Check everywhere. Don't leave a single inch of this place un-checked."

We ran toward the building, weapons at the ready...

Inside the castle...

My name is Mori-hime. I am the daughter of a powerful war-lord.

I have never had to do anything for myself. I have servants waiting on me, night and day.

I get everything I want, when I want it. No one tells me no. No one.

I enjoy nothing more than sitting in front of my mirror, to paint my face, and do my hair, and change my kimono.

However, when there's nothing new to wear, and no one is trying to get me to read something, I like to go out to the court yard, and pester my older brother, Ryotarou.

He's the heir to this castle, which makes him very important, somehow.

He thinks that it gives him the right to show me up, and I'm quick to show him otherwise.

Tonight, I've been escorted to my room, and prepared for bed.

The servants have left me to decide whether or not I go to sleep.

I stare around at the room. The dull, boring room.

I have done everything this castle has to offer for entertainment, today... and I feel like I've slept all day.

Now I'm bored, and I want to do something.

However, the lights have been put out, and I can't see my clothes or face paints, and most everyone except for the boring guards have gone to bed.

There was nothing to do.

I closed my eyes, and listened to the sound of heavy foot-fall, and scraping metal. Same old boring noises of the castle...

Bankotsu's POV:

Ginkotsu opens the gate for us, blasting them open, and blowing away the first few guards.

Jakotsu ran ahead, running straight for the sound of running guards. Suikotsu wasn't far behind him.

Kyokotsu smashed through the remains of the gate, picked up his first hand full of guards, and began devouring them.

Mukotsu wandered deeper into the castle grounds, being careful not to release his poison on us.

Renkotsu rode through on Ginkotsu, both of them firing at guards with their guns.

I slipped past them to go find the lord.

He was pretty well-known for his cleverness, and quick wit, so, he probably didn't have the treasure on him.

However, I hadn't had a decent battle in a while. If this guy was as good as they said I wanted to fight him. If not... whatever. I'd walk away with the treasure.

I found him running out of the armory, a naginata in his hands.

I smirked at his pathetic choice of weaponry, and raised my Banryuu up to strike...

Mori-hime's POV:

Sudden shouting spooked me just as I was going to sleep.

I recognized one of the voices as my father's voice.

"Baka! What's he doing up this late?" I growled, getting up.

I went to my door, threw it open, and stomped out.

I followed the voices over to my father's room.

I could see shadows moving rapidly inside.

"URUSAAAAIIIIII!" I screamed, jerking that door open. "I'M TRYING TO SLEEP! KEEP IT DOWN!"

Both figures looked at me.

One was my father, as I'd suspected.

The other was a man I'd never seen before. He was rather handsome, with long black hair braided down to his knees, and deep blue eyes with a wild look to them.

However, his skin was incredibly dark. This man had to do a lot of work where ever he'd come from. He was probably a farmer boy.

I looked at my father. "Send him away." I said. "Such a pheasant is not worthy of my presence."

The stranger glared at me. My father shook his head, and went to strike the man with his naginata.

Without even turning away from me, the stranger blocked him.

"Mori! Nigerou!" Father snapped at me.

"What for? You're a great war lord. You can beat a petty self-taught soldier." I said.

"Mori, please don't argue with me now! Run!" Father said.

I seated myself in the door way, and set my hands gracefully upon my knees.

"No. I'm awake now, and I'm bored." I said. "I'm going to watch."

The stranger slowly turned to my father.

"She's your daughter, isn't she?" He asked. "I'm no expert on parenting, but, I know a spoiled brat when I see one!"

I felt a familiar burning in my belly, as two words echoed through my head.

"Spoiled... brat..." I growled. "How dare you..."

I jumped right back up.

Before I could do anything, the stranger pushed my father back, and grabbed hold of me, putting his blade to my neck.

Father stopped where he was.

"There we go." The stranger said. "Now, once more, where'd you-"

"HANASHITE!" I screamed.

I began yanking at his arm.

All of a sudden, he slapped his hand against my face.

I screamed against his palm, and struggled with his arm at the same time.

"Better." The stranger said. "Okay, this time: Where is the treasure?"

My father hit his knees, putting down his weapon.

"I don't have it." He said. "I gave it to someone else."

"Heh? You just gave it away?" The stranger yelled. "Do you know what you just gave up?"

He tightened his grip on me, causing me to cease all movement.

My father was silent, glaring at him, and making no move to attack.

For a moment, things were silent, but for my heavy panting from fighting the filthy creature holding me captive.

What was his problem? Why wasn't my father attacking?

Before I could ask another mental question, the stranger picked me up, and threw me over his shoulder.

I gasped in shock and began struggling to get down.

"Guess you're gonna have to go find it, then, aren't you?" My captor said. "If you want this brat back alive!"

He shook me, causing me to fall back into place on his shoulder.

"You beast! How dare you!" I yelled. "This is no way to treat a princess!"

I began beating on his back and kicking as he turned, and started out.

"Otou-sama, what are you doing? Stop him!" I yelled.

The stranger took off running with me, and made it hard for me to keep myself up.

I barely saw my father running after us, and slowly falling behind.

"I'll be back in a month!" My captor called back. "If you can't even tell me where the treasure ended up by that time, you can be sure your daughter'll be pushin' daisies that very same day!"

He carried me through a cloud of smoke, and I lost sight of my father.

I put my arm out, and slammed my elbow back into his head.

He was barely fazed and didn't even turn to look at me.

I twisted, and shook, and beat on him, doing everything I could to get free.

"This is ridiculous!" I yelled. "I will not be used like this! Release me at once! Release me, I said!"

My captor ignored me, as he continued to run blindly through the smoke.

Other strangers came through the smoke, following him.

"What's going on, Aniki?" One of them asked.

"The war lord got rid of it." My captor said. "I'm keeping this wench to ensure he remembers who he gave it to."

"How dare you speak of me that way! You filthy barbarian!" I yelled.

He laughed. "Right down to the bone, babe! Get used to it!" He said.

He carried me down the mountain, his friends constantly making jokes about me, as I screamed, and fought him all the way down...

Hime - Princess.

Naginata - Japanese spear.

Baka - Stupid / Idiot / Fool.

Urusai - Shut up / You're being noisy.

Nigerou - Run away.

Hanashite - Let go.

I don't think I've been this proud of a story in quite some time. This'll be a nice change, too. I've never worked from a bratty person's POV before. I'm gonna have lotsa fun with this one! Please review!