Addison's POV

Addison ran outside when she heard the crash. Pete Wilder, her friend who was a specialist in the ER and an alternative medicine specialist, was running in front of her. When they both exited the back doors to ocean side wellness Cooper Freedman, the pediatrician of the group, was right behind them.

What Addison saw shocked her. A car had driven into one of the supports of the overhang. Without the support some of the overhang had collapsed.

Pete ran to the vehicle where a woman was screaming. Most of the support had fallen on her already smashed up car. A child could be heard in the back seat.

Cooper had ran to a woman who was laying in the grass not too far from a wheel chair. She was rolling her head and gripping the grass like she was about to be sick.

Addison saw a man lying near the edge of the sidewalk under the overhang. She ran as fast as she could to him in her heels. She dropped to her knees and assessed his injuries. He had a small cut on his head and his right foot had a pile of rubble on it. There was tons more of the broken stones laying around him so it was clear he was lucky obtaining the injuries he had.

The man groaned and seemed to be gaining consciousness. Addison heard the wails of an ambulance coming from the nearby hospital of St. Ambrose.

"Where's my wife?" The man said groggily as he tried to sit up. He stopped suddenly and screamed.

"Sir my name is Addison. Can you tell me what is wrong." Addison said

"My leg. Aaagh I think my ankle. Its killing me." He said sitting up and gritting his teeth.

Addison started to lift the rubble off of his leg. By the time she had finished the paramedics had arrived and took over assessing the man. Cooper had walked over to Addison, the woman had already been loaded into the ambulance and was being taken away.

"She fell unconscious. I couldn't find anything physically wrong with her but I think she's had major surgery recently. There's a fresh scar over her chest and abdomen. There was one on the back of her head too. She didn't have an ID on her." Cooper said putting his hands in his pockets.

"Did you get her name before she lost consciousness?" Addison asked watching the paramedics take away the man she had tried to help.

"Yeah, she said Emily Ann Wheeler. I don't know what she was doing here with obvious recent surgeries." Cooper said

"Oh my god. She was here to see me. It's a colleague of my ex-husband. She was coming here for a consult." Addison said piecing it all together.

"Yeesh, what happened to her?" Cooper asked

"Remember that bombing at that one hospital in Seattle the other week?" Addison said walking back into the practice.

"Yeah, Charlotte told me about it. Crazy stuff goes on up in those Seattle hospitals. Shootings and Bomb threats. You know I heard once that there was a guy who came in with a bomb in his chest. Crazy stuff, the guy actual lived. They got the bomb out without it exploding inside him." Copper said walking with Addison.

"Yeah, compared to St. Ambrose, Seattle Grace is a pretty crazy place." Addison said grabbing her purse from her office. She kept quiet about the fact that the guy was operated on in Seattle grace and that she was there when it happened. She didn't have time to tell Cooper all the real stuff that happened. She looked at Cooper who was standing outside her door.

"I'll give you a ride." Cooper said "I was going to see Charlotte anyway."