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Weddings weren't meant to be like this.

The scenery was inexplicably lovely; gold and red - Griffondor colors - surrounding Hogwarts.

That's where and how he and his best man wanted to hold the wedding; those two decided that their house color and school is perfect for this day.

But for her, she can't say she felt the same.

Not when flashes of emerald and silver cloud her dreams.

Not when she experienced a life-changing event a week ago.

Peeking through the doorway that led into the great hall, she can hear the excited chatter in the air - waiting for the wedding march to start.

Oh perhaps, specifically, the bride to make her grand entrance.

Whichever the case, she slowly closed the door, and out of the corner of her eye she spotted platonic blond hair. Sharp intake of air; she wonders if her rapidly beating heart can be heard all around.

She has afterall, always thought and remembered him. Smelt his scent everytime she felt alone, heard his voice whisper softly and inaudibly into her ear...

She touched her belly absentmindily. She's been doing that for quite some time since a week ago.

Turning, slight disappointment shrouded her flawless face.

Luna, in her ravenclaw blue bridesmaid gown, spoke first:

'This isn't what you truly want.'

'The war is over.' She said quietly; disappointment has made her gloomy and less energenic.

'It's not about that, you're going to him for sheer comfort, safety, constancy. Even this is similar to first year, and some would know full well that the Sorting Hat takes your choice into account -'

The bride snorts, 'the Sorting Hat is there, sitting in the corner, fast asleep.'

'... he would've put you where you would be best, Ravenclaw. That is if you haven't spoken up about Griffondor. Fate is the same as the Sorting Hat; you have to tell her what you want by admitting to yourself what you don't want; and once you know what you want you get what you want.'

Luna sighed dreamily, and took a good look at Hermione.

She is stunning, wearing a pure white wedding dress; shoulderless and sewn with light flowy fabric (designed by Luna herself.) Her now soft and long curly brown hair is tied into a messy bun, yet leaving some stray curls to surround her face. Crowned upon her head is Aunt Muriel's tiara and a long wedding veil that has yet to cover the bride's head. With a few of Luna's charms, Hermione's eyelashes appear longer along with her eyes that look sultry and dramatic, her lips plump and ready to be kissed. What makes this youthful bride shine is the natural glow that her skin emits.

But despite this appearance, Hermione does not feel as sensual.

And Luna knows why...

Then Dr. Granger, flower girls and the rest of the crew came along, Luna looked questioningly at Hermione, to which she replied, 'go prepare everyone. We're ready.'

Luna slipped into the great hall, and through the door Hermione can hear everyone has quieted down after a while.

Her father fidgetted with his pocket watch; taking it out every five seconds. She briefly showed amusement, before her face went back to being blank. He turned towards her, with a shaky breath he asked:

'You do not feel dizzy? Would you like a glass of water?' Concern is etched all over his face.

She gave her father the skeptical look, and replied:

'Dad,' she frowns, 'I'm okay, it's only in the mornings.'

At that reassurance, Dr. Granger started to adjust and unjust his tie, a few seconds later he turned to his daughter:

'You don't have to do this. We, your mother and I, can help and support you.' Dr. Granger's worry intensified when he saw Hermione's eyes glaze over.

'No,' she said, as if she repeated it many times, 'I know this is the right decision.'

Her father looked away and she can see him fiddling with the buttons on his suit. At a different time and place she would have laughed, but for this occasion, she can't help feeling anxious.

Looking behind her, all she saw were the innocent faces of the children playing their role as flowergirls, ring bearers, etc in the wedding.

Children... a slight smile played its way onto her face as she enters the Great Halls. As quick as it came, as quick as it goes.

She doesn't see him.

Disappointment and anxiety really became evident on her lovely face.

Switching into auto-drive, her non-stop mind spun into action. She looked at Luna, her only bridesmaid and maid of honor.

Ginny couldn't make it, she's the lucky one.

Hermione felt a pair of eyes burn through the side of her head. Glancing towards her left, her brown eyes clashed with a pair of blue.

Glaring and fuming at the front, sat Lavender Brown. Jealousy pouring from her like waves, making everyone around her stiff with chill. Hermione inwardly felt superior, at least there's one benefit from this wedding.

On the other side of the front sat the groom's family. Red hair people occupied many of the seats.

She inwardly smiled, remembering Zabini's remark on his wife's family 'breeding like weasels.' During sixth and seventh year, he and his wife always wanted to best each other during the 'Slug Club' meetings; witty insults and clever comebacks were meant to hide their hidden attraction for one another.

And that is who Ginny is with - Blaise Zabini.

Years after the war ended some years ago, but many still oppose a marriage between a well known pureblood and a so called blood-traitor. After many anonymous attempts on Ginny's life, Zabini and his mom took Ginny with them to Italy; in order to hide and protect her. Ironic considering Mrs. Zabini's reputation - but Hermione remembers meeting her, and she has an impression that Mrs. Zabini adores Ginny's companionship.

'You'll always be my little girl.' Whispered Dr. Granger, before he slowly left his daughter to join his wife.

Hermione blinked twice, I've arrived.

Taking her place beside him, like many times during their rehearsals, Hermione blocked out the long sermon by the preacher; she let her mind drain away to the past.

During Ginny and Blaise's on-and-off dating relationship around the time near the end of the war and a year or two afterwards, Hermione did her best to pry Him off the couple's business.

Her plans always backfired and she would end up learning things about him that she has never seen before.

When she first saw Ginny and Blaise snogging senseless a few seconds before war broke out, she pushed an on-coming Draco into an empty classroom and locked the door.

Dueling until they were exausted, Draco accused her of attempting to separating Blaise and the 'red-haired witch.' Shocked, she shouted her accusation on him.

After a few exchanges of sniding remarks on the irony of the situation, opinions changed. She learnt he has a considerate and loyal heart to his friends, he discovered she wasn't stuck up and narrow like she appeared to be.

After the war, they haven't seen each other. They have no reason to communicate.

Until one day they happen to bump into one another, coffee lead to lunch and lunch lead to dinner; they saw more of each other, yet the rendez-vous stayed discreet. They didn't want other people to interfere with their friendship - they never admitted this fact towards each other.

As seasons flew by, winter, spring, summer, autumn, friendship evolved into more.

Everything flew out of control.

She told him she loves him when he took her virginity, it was the night they kissed for the first time. It was the night they conceived a baby, her baby.

A warm feeling flooded into her heart, and she found herself staring at anything except her husband-to-be.

Draco's kiss was nothing like Ron's. While Ron's was nice and soft, Draco made her insides burn, made her feel so right.

Ron's kiss was pleasant, Draco's addictive.

But a new emotion crashed into her heart; the feeling that ruined everything; triggered by one memory.

Her heart shooked violently. And she quietly took a sharp breath, willing it to calm down.

Draco never told her he loves her.

She left him days after their first love making and her unintentional confession.

He didn't come after her.

He never called for her.

'He hasn't made any effort to show any drop of love for me.'

She hadn't known she was pregnant. Weeks went by and she assumed her morning sickness was due to stress and grief. Until a week ago when Luna, the mediwitch, confirmed the pregnancy.

And she opened her eyes, to why she is joining in holy patrimony with Ronald Weasley.

In her time of need and comfort, like a steady boat he sailed to her and rescued her.

He always was a rescue boat. Its a habit of his to aid a damsel in distress. Or someone like her, who has been lost at sea.

And after a some time of stable recovery, he proposed with reason that since they won't be getting any younger, they should marry. He reasoned that they are agreeable, and being wedded would be nice and comforting; not one of them would be alone and they would have a wonderful companionship. He even added that her child will have a father.

She, being in the spur of the moment, said yes.

Hermione scowled at herself, Draco always said its a bad habit to jump before consideration. She always went along with the spur of the moment, and sometimes she would regret her decision.

But countering that, she never regretted giving her innocence to Draco. She knows giving her heart to him was the most liberating feeling she has ever felt in her existence.

She does not regret carrying his unborn child.

And she knows she'll never get over the memory of him.

That's why she is unable to look at Ron in the eyes; she yearns for someone else to be there by her side.

'... Hermione Jean Granger, do you, promise to be Ronald Weasley's loving wife?'


To Hermione, it seemed everyone was holding their breaths. 'Loving? Loving? I can't ever be Ron's loving wife...

'I love another man.

'But that Man isn't standing in front of me, he isn't holding his breath, awaiting my answer...'

Hermione lifted her eyes to Ron, and she removed her veil.

Ron saw one tear slid down Hermione's cheek. He saw the battle unfold in her eyes. He saw conflicting emotions killing one another.

And Ron knew that his side lost. He has always known she'll never be his and he accepted that a long time ago.

'Ron, I love you...' She whispered so softly, only he heard. And at that instance, he knew things between them will never be the same. All the same, he took her hands and gave them a gentle squeeze.

Then the doors to the great hall open so loudly, it disturbed the tension in the air.

Everyone turned and gasped.

Everyone except the main couple, who were communicating with unspoken words.

And they both knew who stood at the door.

Hermione was the first to break eye contact, and her teary gaze turned to the door.

There he is, in his usual expensive business suits. But instead of standing in his usual relaxed way, his posture resembles that of a primal male.

A predatory stance.

His eyes met hers, and he growled.

Hermione knew she didn't have to struggle to free her hands from Ron. He dropped his own hands in resignation after slight hesitation. She looked at him, and he gave her the saddest yet most encouraging smile in the world, and he mouth the words:


And she ran, like she never ran before. Harry watched her turn and bolt to Draco's arms. Confusion is evident on his face, and Luna knew she has some explaining to do to her one-track minded husband. Especially since only a selected few know about Hermione's pregnancy.

Everyone saw Hermione tear off the veil, along with the tiara to which Aunt Muriel scowled (no one paid her attention).

Hermione felt she was running the longest marathon in her life. Everything blurred, yet her vision focused on Draco. And she flew into his arms.

He effortlessly caught her and held her tightly. Daring anyone to object, he lifted Hermione in his arms. He turned and walked out with his prize possession.

Ron broke down in tears.


To be continued...

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