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She craddled against his neck, her eyes fluttered shut as the last few seconds played in front of her eyes over and over again. And sweetly, she doth says:

'You came.'


He said nothing.

He carried her in a bride-like hold; when they were out of Hogwart's grounds, he apparated to his manor.

After a few seconds of recovery, he started striding towards the manor, still carrying her. Glancing down, he smiled slightly. She looked so peaceful and content in his arms, he noticed dark bags under her eyes and he wanted her to catch up on her sleep.

Though not yet.

Besides his feelings of concern for her well-being, he couldn't stop looking at her. She shines like a star on a cold winter night, her skin glowing and flawless, her captivating eyes, lips, and soft hair... with her beautiful and complimenting wedding gown.

Pride flushed into his chest. Lust is evident on his face. But another emotion lurked deeply in his core.

Tight jealousy has always gripped his heart.

He crashed her wedding for that exact same reason.

His hold on her tightened a bit, and he recalled the reason why he came to retrieve her.

He has always watched her from the media in the wizarding community. Her high status - ranked as a famous hero - earned her a reputation amongst journalists. Especially circulating rumors of her affair with the famous Boy-Who-Lived.

But he disregarded that aspect of her life; she feels uncomfortable when the topic is discussed.

Yet he never stopped keeping tabs on her through the gossip columns in The Daily Prophet.

He remembers their first night together so vividly; it haunted his very dreams.

They were out on a walk in the park, perhaps her carefree nature that day was due to the soft wind of the whispers of the night air; her eyes sparked and her lips had such a flirtatious smile. He never knew such attractions existed.

She has always captivated him when he bumped into her again after many years - she grew up to be so beautiful.

He wondered what possessed him to be so impulsive; maybe because he became slightly obsessed with her.

He kissed her.

And one thing always leads into another when he's with her.

Their first time, she cried out his name over and over again. Making him want to please her to the greatest extent.

The moment she said, 'I love you,' he decided to keep her as his forever.

They went on all night. And for hours the next day.

They had amazing sex for so many days. They never mentionned that on their first night together, he didn't use conception-proof charms; he never considered it, being in a hormone-induced state of attraction.

Draco's jaw clenched, he knew he should have been more responsible, but he doesn't want to upset her so he kept quiet.

It was the worst decision he ever made.


His mind woke up, but his eyes stayed shut.

The last few days have been the most magical days of his life. He's been having non-stop sex with her.


'That's right,' he thought to himself, 'I took her virginity, therfore she'll always be mine.'

Still with eyes closed, he went to reach out for her - to find the spot cold.

Sitting up and rubbing his eyes, he wondered where she ran off to. He looked to the doors to his walk-in washroom; maybe she's taking a shower. He shrugged the idea, she never took a shower without him, a fact proven from the past few days. He looked to the doors, there's a chance she's house-elf hunting. Trying to set them free or something.

He got up and pulled on some pants that was tossed into a corner from their previous nocturnal activities.

He walked around his manor, looking for her. It's so dark and gloomy with his parents in hiding. She always knew how to cheer up the place.

After a few minutes, he felt the manor was too quiet. If she has left, surely she would leave a note...?

Returning to his bedroom, he gave it a quick glance, then paused. Something was out of place.

Her clothes are gone.

Looking out of the window for only a second, he strided to his walk-in closet and threw the doors wide open.

Her side of the closet contained nothing.

Cursing, he rummaged throughout his entire manor.

It was void of any evidence of female companionship.

She left him.

Standing near the entrance, he hurled a vase at the wall - roaring with rage.


Draco reached the front entrance, Hermione looked up at him. He looked down at her and she smiled encouragingly; he advanced through the front doors.


He sat at his desk, working on a report for the company he owns.

Sitting in the corner is the Daily Prophet and an article regarding celebrity gossip is visible.

He refused to chase after her - fine by him if he gave her everything and she tossed it in the wind.

Dyllie the house-elf popped into his office to place trays of treats for an investor who is coming to discuss business. Looking at her master expectantly for a while, Dyllie gave up and popped away.

Dyllie the house-elf knew what's bothering her master. Usually he would express his gratitude for his house-elves, but lately he hasn't been in a good mood.

And it is because Hermione Granger is gone.

Dyllie knew that this muggle-born witch is the missing piece that completes the master's heart. And with her gone, he is grieving her absence.

Dyllie looked to the ceiling of the kitchen, her master is so stubborn, and he lets his pride get in the way of his life.

But she knew he can't completely rid himself of his former lover. He still reads about her daily. And after a few weeks, Dyllie notices a drastic change in her master's behaviour.

His outbursts of violence became more frequent, and he declared the house-elves must rid the manor of anything that is red.

And one day he just walked outside: He burnt all the roses in the garden.

What frightens Dyllie is that her master is still able to keep himself in check when others are present.

Such as today; he is in his professional mode. And he casted a glamour spell to hide the ashes in the garden.

Hearing the doorbell ring, Dyllie popped towards the front entrance, where she watched her beloved master greet his guest.

The investor is a newly aquired one; whom Draco does not trust completely and vise versa. But that is a personal judgement, and in Draco's professionalism he can not afford to be assuming.

When they reached the grandour of Draco's home office, the investor seated himself in a couch, and the young president sat himself in its opposite.

Dyllie easdropped - her master commanded her to act if he cracks - Draco Malfoy is aware of the state of his mentality.

Near the end of the appointment, the investor stood up and shaked Draco's hand. Dyllie knows that this is a good sign. Making herself invisible, she followed the Master and his guest to the front entrance.

Taking a look around himself, the investor finally settled on Draco. He felt relaxed after a few glasses of wine, smiling to the young president, he said, 'Have you heard? I wasn't supposed to mention this to anyone, but my daughter Lavendar told me that Hermione Granger is getting married to her ex-boyfriend, Ron Weasley. I'm so happy, honestly I want my daughter to get over him...'

Dyllie panicked as the oblivious Mr. Brown continues to ramble about his daughter. Dyllie paled as Master Draco stiffened at the sound of Hermione's name, and that his fists clenched when the words 'getting married to her ex-boyfriend, Ron Weasley' were uttered. Dyllie knew her master might lose self-control if this man said anything more. But before she can rid of the man, her master asked:


Mr. Brown paused, 'Excuse me?'

'The marriage.'

'Of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley?'

Draco curtley nodded. Mr. Brown gleefully told Draco the date, and as Draco continued asking, Mr. Brown laid out the facts; time and occasion. But what he said next made Dyllie's stomach clench in panic.

'Don't tell anyone, my daughter claims she overheard Miss Granger talking with that Loony girl; Miss Granger is pregnant! I assume she's having a shotgun marriage with Ron Weasley. Lavendar was deeply upset over that, but I assure you Mr. Malfoy, I believe Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley would make a lovely couple. And the hair! The child will surely make a lovable Weasley. Hermione Weasley sounds nice -'

Mr. Brown stopped dead at the look he saw from Draco's eyes. He instantly pales and sobbers up. Being dismissed long ago, Mr. Brown hastedly walked out the door. Dyllie can't see her master's face, but she is scared... if her master does anything extreme, it would be over for him.

As she served him faithfully, a few days later she knew he decided to take action.

Malfoy men are possessive of their valuables.


Ascending the grand staircase, Draco closed his eyes, willing his rapidly beating heart to calm down.

The whole situation is absured; she's in a wedding dress, and he's carrying her like a princess.

She looks like his bride.

'No,' he corrected himself, 'she is my bride.'


Draco cursed, today is the day.

She will be wedded to another man in a few minutes.

She is pregnant with his child.

On the outside, Draco appears calm, but inwardly he wants to rip his advisors' heads off. They dare summon him to discuss a frivolous matter that they could have executed themselves. Instead of simply asking for permission, they want to present their ideas through an hour long slide show and hear his detailed opinion on the subject at hand.

He had to sit there patiently, for an hour, so he can keep their trust and his reputation.

Dismissing them, he told them he'll give his final decision in the following days; he excused himself by saying that he wants to think about this 'serious concern.'

As quick as possible, he attempted to apparate to Hogwarts. After a few tries of nothing happening, he remembers that the wards prevent apparation to and in Hogwarts.

So he has to settle for Hogsmeade which means he'll lose time getting to Hogwarts.

His journey there was a blur; he remembered running the whole way, and imagining flahing images of her standing on the altar, rehearsing her vows to the Weasel. Somehow this motivated him to run faster. Luckily he has high phsyical endurance from Quiddich, and he has become beastly through fury.

He finally reached his destination and he slammed the doors wide open.

Letting his eyes adjust to indoor lighting, his eyes clashed with hers the moment she turned to him.

He saw her teary eyes and a tear rolling down her cheek.

And he growled.

Sheer delight rippled through him when the Weasel let go of her hands and she dashed towards him. She ran into his arms, and he knows he'll never let her go.


Reaching the floor he intended to go to, Draco looked into Hermione's eyes. She lifted her head and he bent his down to kiss her.

She opens her mouth and licks his bottom lip to gain entrance. He feels himself hardening. She was exploring his mouth, he heard her whimper when he lightly bit her tongue. Their fight for dominance commenced.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he had to put her down for balance. He ripped the clips out of her hair; ignoring her cry of pain, he kissed her deeply while inhaling the scent her hair released. Pulling her further into him- body to body, chest to chest, face to face- he lifted her up.

Kicking the door down, Draco tumbled on his bed with Hermione beneath him. He enjoyed the feel of her silky wedding gown, and freely let his hands start unclothing her; she already managed to pull his shirt off.

Hermione closed her eyes in ecstasy, warm sensations flooded to her groin and she can feel herself grow wet. Draco's lips trailed to her neck and he sucked where her heartbeats lay. She moaned. Somehow he took his wand and used it to make her wedding gown vanish.

Lifting himself up, Draco had a full view of Hermione's body. His lips went dry when he saw how beautiful she really is. She's completely naked except for the lacey black panties that he knows are wet to the core. He can see a small bump where her stomach is and he fondly placed his hand there.

'Mine,' he said.

She stared into his eyes and smiled sincerely, and he can see how aroused she is. He licks his lips, and leant foward to trail kisses on her.

Hermione layed on the soft velvety bed and her heart raced. Draco had such diluted pupils it is making her hold her breath. She feels exposed underneath him, and yet she feels sexy.

'Draco...' She said his name and suddenly felt embarrased. When he lifted himself to look into her eyes, she quickly rolled onto her belly to hide her face.

He chuckled, she's acting like a shy virgin again. He can see her blushing furiously, he wants to see more of her.

'Hermione...' he said seductivly into her ear, and his hands went from her shoulders, down her back, and he managed to cup her breasts - one in each hand. She whimpered as he growled animalistically. His started biting and sucking her neck while harshily thrusting into her bum. She went on her knees, which allowed him to gain more access towards her female area. She felt his hands caress her and trailed down her stomach as his kisses lightly trailed her back. His fingers went into her panties.

She moaned and tried to escape - his fingers are inside her.

'You're so wet,' he said and started to explore and play with her private area. She grabbed a pillow and clutched it beneath her body, trying to wiggle free, trying to resist temptation. He was on top of her in an instant, trapping her.

Her panties were pulled down. She gasp when his lips made contact with her feminin entrance and she whimpered when she felt his teeth press against her. Importantly, she cried out in pleasure when she felt his tongue slip in.

Draco continued to laugh and tease and torture Hermione. After she hit her orgasm, he took off his pants.

He needs to enter her now.

Pulling her leg, he forced her to roll on her back. He can see she really is exausted, but he's not letting her off easily.

Her eyes found his as he pulled her legs open.

'Draco, please' she begged and he went into her. Before he went the whole way, he pulled out. He doesn't want to hurt her.

She cried out in protest and tried to meet him. He let her thrust onto his erection and he groaned when her muscles clenched to hold him in; her wetness consumed him once more. Then he pulled out slightly, only to push back in more forcefully.

He groaned as she met his thrusts, and he demanded, 'look at me, say my name.'

'D-draco.' She stuttered all flustered. He shoved into her. Then he drew out and commanded, 'don't close your eyes.'

'Draco,' he drove into her harshly, and she moaned in pleasure. His sweat rolled onto her heated and sweaty body. He can taste salt on the tip of his tongue. Her nails dug into his back and he gripped her thighs even harder - he wants to bruise her and leave a mark of pleasure.

His eyes still locked with hers, he rammed into her and she cried out his name while closing her eyes. He went forward and bit her cruelly on her shoulder blade; her back arced upwards as she cried out his name over and over again, just like her first time.

Her hands clawed his back as he continued thrusting in and out of her, he told her breathlessly, 'I want you to see me.'

'Draco,' she looked up into his darken and lustfilled eyes, a small smile brightening up her face, she moaned, 'I love you.' He groaned and watch as she succumbered to another orgasm.

'Hermione,' her name rolled off his tongue, and he collapse onto her - letting waves of pleasure swallow him.

He held her hand.


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