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Is this a dream?

Please don't let me wake up.

Hermione could not stop those thoughts from crowding her mind. Seeing the traditional Slytherein color scheme unfold as she opens her eyelids; she wonders if this is another sweet nightmare.

Feeling something warm surround her, she looked at her belly. A pale well-muscled arm held her possessively.

She's laying on her side, and HE is spooning her from behind.

A warm blush creept itself from the tip of her toes to the crown of her head.

Vivid memories flooded and overwhelmed her.

Ron, the wedding, Luna, her dad, her baby, and...


Inwardly, Hermione smacked herself - doing so phsyically might alert the man behind her - she let herself be swept away by him on impulse; again!

Just like her first time; he took her away with him. He seduced her. He kept her by his side.

Hermione squeeked as Draco nuzzled her neck. Than she felt his deep chuckle as he awakens.

'Hermione,' she shivers when he says her name; especially in his morning voice - so rich and deep - he then rolls her into a position where she's lying cradled in his arms.

'Hermione,' he said again, then he kissed her forehead.

She can't stop herself staring wide-eyed and blushing like a virgin; again!

'Are you sore?' He gently asked when he pushed himself up on one elbow. She stared into his silver eyes and he stared right back- his lips twitching as if he's trying not to laugh at the sight before him.

He finds her to be the cutest and most fascinating thing that has waltz into his life, ever. She's just laying there beneath him, holding the blankets to cover her up to her chin, her hair wild in bushy and untamed curls, and she's flustered.

Hermione can only shake her head; she's at a loss for words and even if the capability to talk occured to her, her voice might be hoarse from abusing it the previous night.

Than she saw the twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

And she knows what will happen next.

He spoke before she can stop him:

'Good, you have three months of work to catch up on.' Just like that, he wordlessly accio-ed all of the secretarial paperwork into the room, and dump it all on her as he left the bed to get dressed.

Hermione sat up, clutching the covers, and looked at him in disbelief:

'You can't be serious.'

With his back towards her as he picked out his oufit for the day, he replied:

'I am.'

She chewed on the inside of her cheek, contemplating her next move. She retorted:

'I quited three months ago! Didn't you say before you hired me that there was a long line of potential candidates for the job? Surely you hired one of them to do your dirty work...'

She silenced as he continued to pick out articles of clothing for himself in his walk-in closet. He turned to her and asked while holding up two different ties:

'Green or Silver?'

'Silver.' She replied automatically. She muttered a PG rated expletive. He has always played that game with her when she worked under him.

That's right.

Draco smirked as he heard the rustling and shuffling of papers. Obviously her 'Obsessive-Compulsory Disorder' - or whatever muggles call it - is in action as she loves to tackle and get the job done.

She's the best personal assistant/secretary he's ever had.

Than he heard her make a startled noise of pain.

Reacting on reflex, he dashed to her side and saw she accidentally paper-cutted her cheek.

With an amused tone, she heard him comment, 'you're very clumsy.'

Tipping her head up by her chin, he bent down and started to lick and suck the cut on her cheek. He felt his erection grow when her breath sped up and fanned his neck, when her arms wrapped around him to pull him closer, when she angled her head and they kissed.

Relunctantly pulling himself away, he looked deep into her darkened eyes. He really wants a round two.

But business is a priority at the moment; they both have a lot of catching up to do as he has somewhat neglected a lot of aspects of his position when she left.

The papers he left on her desk accumulated.

Taking a step into the walk-in bathroom, (knowing she won't bother following him) he quietly said without looking back:

'I never replaced you.'

As he walked into the washroom and shut the door, Hermione groaned and looked at her papers while wishing she could find the strength to run after him into the shower.

He would always be sweet, gentle, and considerate one minute, become a tyranical demonic boss from the underworld the next, then he'd be the sexy and mysterious gentleman.

She has work to do.


When they met after so many years, the coincidentally bumped into each other at the ministry. He as per usual had business to attend, and she was working there establishing her already well-earned reputation.

In short, she didn't have much work to do- her job was so easy it was boring.

He was speaking to Theodore Nott - a business and financial representative in the ministry. As they were catching up on old times after a long and tedious conference, she walked by.

Her lunch break started and she didn't have anything better since she has already munched her lunch throughout the day.

She didn't notice him, working in a dull environment has dulled her senses a tad bit.

He definely noticed her; she was stunning with her lucious figure and quiet beauty. She walked with more confidence and as she walked past him without sparing him a glance, he had the desire to call out to her.


She stopped at the sound of her name, recongnizing a voice that she can't place. Turning around, she looked midly surprise - no hint or dread or distaste.


'How are you?' Such an innocent question.

'I'm...' she paused, 'okay. How are things going in your entreprises?'

He took this as an opening.

'I know you'd like to know in detail. Are you on your lunch break?'

She raised an eyebrow, and replied, 'yes, I am.'

He smirked, 'would you care to join me for coffee? Catch up for old times sake?'

'Okay,' she looked bemused; why does it appear that she and Malfoy get along like old friends?

They chatted at a wizarding London café; his work, Blaise and Ginny, old times, etc. Before she knew it she was almost late for work.

As she rushed and mumbled a quick apology, Draco took his hand from the table and reached into his pocket, telling her he has business calls to make.

When she was rushing back to her department, she reflected that she really enjoyed herself in the company of Draco Malfoy.

She panicked that she was ten minutes late; yet no one noticed or cared. She frowned, the ministry is too loose and flexible; no wonder Death Eaters were able to infultrate so easily.

When she walked into her office and dropped her bag onto her desk, everything fell out. As she cleaned up the mess (with nothing better to do), she remarked something odd.

Her wand was missing.

She wasn't alarmed; using magic gets the job done, but it's so quick and efficient that she's stuck in her shift with nothing else to do.

So with sudden eagerness, she decided to do her ministry work manually.

In the back of her mind, she knew something was wrong...

How can Malfoy make business calls when he shows no indication that he has a cellphone?


After a few days of being unable to locate her wand, she owled the people she noted on the day her wand went missing.

They all owled back that they haven't seen it, and if they do they will owl her back.

Malfoy replied that he has it in his possession.

And he offered to return it over a diner date.



Time went from formal meetings to casual meetings to just plain surprise meetings.

Eventually she opened up and admitted she's bored with her job at the ministry.

So he offers a job for her to work beside him.

She didn't know he made up the position for a secretary/personal assistant. Before, he and his advisors divided up the paperwork- it kept them busy and it gave him more access to the ins and outs of business world (when he first inherited the company).

She took the bait.


She really enjoyed her job.

Draco is a stern and strict and extremely expectant boss.

And she's always smug everytime she exceeds his expectations.

She didn't know that he was secretly pleased with her pace and ability to handle huge workloads.

She never thought he had secret agendas. All the work he showers on her is enough to keep her constantly busy.

And she's loving it.

Despite liking her job, eventually, after many months of slave-like labour, she was fed up.

She was at Harry's place for a mini get-together with old and new friends. During diner time with everyone seated and chatter in session, she receives a patronus from Malfoy telling her of urgant news and she must arrive as soon as possible.

She grumbles, but refuses to budge.

Everytime it's her holiday or day-off, he calls her to attend to important business.

Blimey; she always shows up half-showered and dress, in a panic and worried mode, and he is always calm, cool, collected..

'Please fill this out' or 'which interview should be a priority?' Those are the types of demands he has for her...

Then he makes her do hour-long clerk work. The same type of work she does almost everyday for his company.

She loves her job, but she can't stand her boss.

Everyone at the dinertable looked at the stubborn look on her face, then continued on what they were discussing. Only Luna commented, 'he's persistant isn't he?' her eyes brightened up, 'like attracts like!'

This greatly confused Hermione.

When the second course was served, she received another message.

She ignored it and tried having fun cracking jokes with Ron and George.

An owl arrived- his owl. Without bothering to open the note, she just sent told the owl to go back to his master.

When Harry declared that it's muggle movie time- everyone whooped and cheered.

Hermione laughed a little haf-heartedly while the Weasleys debated on what movies they want to watch- Ron, comedy, Charlie, adventure, Bill, horror, etc.

Only Luna perceived what is going on underneath the surface:

'You want to go to him.'

Hermione snapped her head towards Luna, and she ardourly denied it.

Luna smile a little too knowingly and replied, 'you don't want to give him the satisfaction that you'll always be there for him to boss and push around.'

Hermione widened her eyes, then a loud pop was heard by all the attendants in the room.

Draco Malfoy casually strolled in, towards Hermione he said:

'My office. Now.'

He just stood and waited. Everyone held their breaths; Malfoy isn't the same prat he was in Hogwarts- he emits authority, power and control.

Hermione refuses to budge her head and she stared in front of her:

'I'm on holiday.'

'Is that all you have to say?'

She stayed silent, she knows Malfoy is now playing mind games with her.

'Fine by me.'

In an instance, he picked her up and slunged her over his shoulder. She was too stun to react. All of a sudden, Harry sputtered out:

'How did you get through my wards!'

Malfoy gave Harry a isn't-it-obvious look.

'By Magic.'

And he apparated away with Hermione.


'Darn you, Draco! What am I? You're darn slave!' Hermione yelled as Draco proceeded to carry her to their lounge on the highest floor.

She didn't see him smirking in satisfaction. Malfoys always get what they want.

And Hermione doesn't have a habit of using inappropriate language.

Hotly, Hermione exaggerated, 'do you need to keep me on such a short leash!'

'As a matter of fact, I do.'

Shouting, Hermione replied fiercely, 'well then I should be living with you. That way you can keep me in check and at your personal disposal!'

She crossed her arms as best as she could, but regretted her choice of words when he smoothly said:

'That's the best idea coming from my personal assistant. I'll have my elfs move your personal items and other accomadations into a spare bedroom in my manor today. The other less important things will be there by tomorrow. Tonight you can settle in.'

With that, he summonded Dyllie and gave her detailed instructions on what he expects to be there for 'Miss Granger's needs.'

The person in question is groaning loudly and refusing to step one foot into the manor; so she accepts the fact that she's moving in.

His smirk became an all out grin that Hermione couldn't see.

And he playfully sets up a few unncessary tasks for her to do in the office; while he distracts her with his presence.

So she settled on a scheme to damage the place.


Draco is amused by the cheerful atmosphere his manor has adapted.

Hermione painted the walls, and his house elves wear high quality clothing. There are muggle picture frames here and there, and other girly touches.

She left an ugly vase near the front entrance.

And when he walked out to the gardens he found her planting rose bushes- everywhere.

She looked up at him expectantly; she wants him to display displeasure and kick her out.

He just chuckled and offered her home furnishing advice!

She just gave him a bewilderd look; he's going with the flow and being helpful?


When she left to go do somemore revenge-of-the-home-makeover, he charmed the roses to grow to a stage before they bloom.

The same night he took her out on midnight- magically the roses opened and bloomed under the moonlight.

Her breath was taken away, and wordlessly he took her hand.

She turned towards him, 'I've always dreamt of this- really absurd, aren't I?'

'You're lovely.' In the dark, he can see her blush. She looked away; she can feel the coolness of his hand contrasting to the warmth of her own. It's phenomenal.

'You know I've always,' she paused, quite embarrassed. He waited for her to continue, 'I've always wanted to name my daughter "Rose."'

'Malfoy first-borns are always male, complete with a set of platonic white hair and silver eyes.'

She smiled at this, 'I'm not implying anything, and that explains why you, your father, and that portrait of your grandfather bear a distinctive resemblance.'

'Although children born after the firstborn son often have characteristics that vary, but most ancient pureblood families do not have more than one child.'

Hermione scrunted her face in thoughtfulness, and her curiosity got the better of her:

'That's strange. Why?'

Hermione saw the mischievious glint in his mercurial eyes, 'Why would you fuck someone you don't like? Back in the day, the firstborn son inherits all the accessments,or the daughter's husband will. The rest of the children gain nothing from the start.'

Draco can feel Hermione's body temperature rise several degrees; it started increasing ever since he held her hand. Not from anger, she became more temperamental after Hogwarts, she's warm from embarrassment. He knew his foul language made her uncomfortable, but he can't stop teasing or pestering her.

'That's... true, I suppose with an arrange marriage and all; come to think of it, why aren't you married?'

With a deadpan expression, he replied, 'my parents hated it, they don't want me to go through with it.' With that, he let go of her hand and headed back into the manor.

She took one last look at the roses, then she headed for bed.

There's nothing left to say.


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